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Chapter 2271

Everyone ran away, and no one would care about Levi’s life and death.

One by one, they were afraid that Levi would follow them and hurt them.

Soon, the huge group of mutant monsters drowned Levi.

“Ha ha ha ha……”

Everyone in Orion Group laughed.

Levi was overwhelmed by the monster group, that would definitely die.

It is estimated that not even a corpse will be left behind.

In the end they just wanted to see Levi’s torn apart body…

No one pays attention to him anymore…

Of course, once the gate of this metal fortress was closed, they could only determine their position based on the chip marks left on the mutant monsters.

After the experienced powerhouse enters, there will be corresponding chips and live devices on his body.

Can know the situation inside in real time.

Originally, Levi had such a device on his body, but he threw it away early.

So no one knows what is happening to Levi now.

But before everyone knew that he had been submerged by a group of monsters, and he would definitely die forever.

The strong like Logan Dazhong began to experience…

Time passed by every minute.

The fourth hour is here!

This time the gate to the south opened, and the powerhouses who lasted for four hours rushed here one after another.


At this time, someone saw a figure not far away-Levi.

He was covered in blood, he didn’t know whether it was his own or a mutant monster.


Everyone looked incredible.

Levi actually used his own strength to hold on for an hour before coming to the south gate.

“We still underestimated Levi’s strength, even if he is not the top strength! He is still medium! And he has rich combat experience and deep scheming! It is not a problem to hold on for an hour!”

“What’s more, these mutant monsters are not very intelligent, and Levi has a great chance of surviving!”

“But how will he support it next?”

“Stop him! Never let him out! Close the door!”

After Mebel and the others found out, her parents asked, “Did you give Levi all the medicine we secretly gave you?”

Mebel knew that he couldn’t hide it, so he could only tell the truth: “There are a total of six tubes of medicine, and I only used one tube! The rest is for Levi.”

“No wonder! I said that Levi can’t last an hour! It must have taken the medicine we gave before his strength soared, and he made a bloody path among the monsters!”

Everyone was relieved.

Moreover, this kind of medicine is made by Maya Industry, which can greatly improve the strength in a short time.

It’s horrible to terrible!

“Hmph, when he runs out of potion, what else will I do if I see him?”

Everyone does not believe in evil.

Five hours.

Very few people can survive this time.

Six hours.

The rest are basically the strongest of the gods.

But everyone found that Levi was still alive.

The whole audience was stunned.

Even the eyeballs of a few strong people in the gods list are about to fly out.

What strength is this Levi?

Is it the same as them?

But after hearing the explanation of the medicine, everyone was relieved.

After all, the potion is so overbearing, everyone has experienced it.

Levi can sustain it normally!

What’s more, Levi’s words started from the fourth hour.

After all, Logan Dazhong protected them for the first three hours.

Levi lasted for three hours on his own.

“Well, you Levi, do whatever you want with the potion? Let me see how much you have left?”

Everyone outside does not believe in evil anymore.

Seven hours.

It lasted for seven hours.

At the last moment, there were only seven people left, Jiaye Levi.

These six powerhouses in the god list want to continue to attack higher levels and last more time.

“Levi’s potion should also be used up? Why is he still alive?”

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