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Chapter 2299

Marshal suddenly raised his tone.

Ron and Owen were taken aback.

The two dared to speak more and more, cold sweat kept dripping…

problem occurs!

This time it was a big deal!

Mainly they opened this laboratory privately.

It is indeed a violation of the rules of Kunlun Industry!

“The marshal is not our intention! It was the leader of the Vermilion Bird, the leader of Wesley, and the others forcibly using the laboratory! They also warned us to keep it secret and not tell anyone!”

“Yes, young commander, I don’t dare to tell you! I’m really afraid of them!”

Several people in charge of this laboratory immediately filed a complaint.

“Unreasonable!!! Kunlun Industry belongs to Velador! Kunlun Industry belongs to everyone! It is not your private industry!”

“Open the door to me!!!”

Marshal Tiance shouted.


Several people in charge of the laboratory hesitated.

Because Ron and Owen stopped at the door.

They dare not.

“Get away!!!”

Marshal Tiance pushed the two white tigers away.



He stepped forward and kicked the door open.

In an instant, everyone in the laboratory was stunned.

Their experiment was abruptly interrupted.

Tylera also turned her head blankly and looked at it.

When everyone saw Marshal, they were all in a cold sweat.

“Who gave Tylera the courage to use this laboratory? Has it been approved by me?”

Marshal looked straight at Tylera.


Tylera was startled at once.

His body was trembling, his face was pale, and his cold sweat broke out.

She almost fell directly to the ground.

“I, I…”

She didn’t know what to explain.

She was caught by Marshal of Tiance on the spot, and she didn’t know what to do.

Don’t dare to look up!

“Who let you use it???”

Marshal said furiously.

“Master, listen to us! We have no choice but to inform you!”

“The medicine we developed for the boss was destroyed. If there is no medicine to take, the boss will be in danger!”

“So we must be in a hurry to produce new medicines in the shortest time. So we used the laboratory privately…”

Owen immediately began to explain.

“Boss? Who?”

Marshal frowned.

“It’s Levi!”

The others answered.

“So you used this laboratory for Levi and for personal matters???”

Marshal was completely angry.

“Have you forgotten what this laboratory is for?”

“This is the highest-level laboratory. It should be used only when there is a major crisis or the highest-level experiment in Velador!”

“Now you have to activate this laboratory for your own selfish desires? Just for one person, someone who is of no value to Velador to activate this laboratory?”

“You are too selfish!”

Marshal was completely angry and shouted at everyone.

Tylera lowered their heads and did not dare to speak at all.

They are all wrong…

“Get out! Get out of it all! From this moment on, this laboratory cannot be used! Kunlun Industry and the laboratories and teams affiliated to the major forces, neither can you use it!”

“You can no longer use any resources to develop medicine for Levi! His life and death have nothing to do with us!”

“If anyone breaks the rules, I will k!ll someone!!!”

As soon as these words came out, the Marshal was equivalent to sentenced Levi to death.

No way to survive!

This is a dead end, and Tylera can’t produce medicine for a while.

To find the right laboratory and team, there are resources and so on.

I’m afraid it won’t last a month.

But at that time Levi was afraid that he would have rotted to death long ago…


At this moment, for them, the sky is falling.

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