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Chapter 2300

There is no hope at all!


Tylera collapsed directly to the ground.

His eyes were hollow, like walking dead.

Owen and Ron still wanted to intercede, but Marshal refused directly: “This matter is not discussed! I won’t save Levi! Let’s not let you use any resources of Kunlun Industry!”

“Come here, you keep me staring at them all the time! Keep me informed of any whereabouts!”

Marshal Tiance left angrily.

In fact, Levi is optional for him.

It doesn’t matter if Tylera uses the resources of Kunlun Industry to rescue them.

But they were so courageous to use this laboratory to save Levi at all costs.

Come to rescue a dead person!

Moreover, in their minds, Levi was always the boss, even if his strength was destroyed.

They have never admitted their identity as the head of Kunlun Industry…

This is the reason why Tiance Young Marshal is angry.

Following the flow of the boat, he agreed to Salen’s request.

Things that k!ll two birds with one stone!

The Commander Tiance gave the order, which basically blocked the possibility of the medicine being produced in a short time.

For at least one month, or even three months, there will be no medicine…

On Wesley’s side, they had just sent Levi into the dormant cabin, and they were happy.

Suddenly received this bad news!

They were all dumbfounded.

The medicine is gone?

Doesn’t this mean that Levi’s hope of life is gone?

They were shocked.

Is this someone specifically targeted?

They all locked the news, how did the Marshal know?

But now is not the time to think about it.

How to remedy the problem next!

Wesley deserves to be the backbone of the group.

For the first time, he didn’t collapse like the others, but he was extremely calm.

“Now the resources of Kunlun Industry are not available, even domestic ones. We have to find a way to go abroad! Use all the connections to let Tylera start to develop medicine as quickly as possible!”

“And we have heard that many forces are developing solutions to the Mayan industrial weapons? I think they may have inhibitors, we can ask them to buy…”

“Next I will arrange tasks…”

Wesley immediately arranged everyone’s task to try to remedy it.

Alton is arranged in a protective dormant cabin.

Alton felt very aggrieved and thought it was the most useless.

Now Levi’s dormant cabin is freezing, it’s okay at all.

He temporarily brought in his men to watch.

He ran abroad to find a potion for suppression…

They immediately got busy again.

The other side.

Salen laughed loudly after knowing the command of the young marshal Tiance.

“But Wesley and the others have begun to remedy… they have already sought medicine abroad…”

Lawrence said.

He stared at Wesley and their movements all the time.

Salen sneered: “Velador is no longer possible. I used means to lock up all of Velador’s resources! They don’t want to produce a shred of medicine in Velador! If you are abroad, you can keep an eye on it and destroy it more! “

“Understood! Anyway, they can’t get or produce potions anyway!”

Lawrence and others nodded.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“By the way, we just got news that Levi has been frozen by Wesley and the others in the dormant cabin! This is to ensure that the situation does not occur…”

Someone said.

Salen and Lawrence were both taken aback.

“This is indeed a good way! Wesley has a set! They actually used this technique…”

Salen sighed.

“By the way, where’s the address? Did you find it?”

Salen asked.

“I have found… the address is…”

The subordinates will tell everything.

Salen smiled: “Levi, I won’t give you any way out! This time I will shut down his dormant cabin by myself! Let him perish completely!”

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