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Chapter 2307

Wesley and the others also found out what happened that year.

Levi, who fought off the blood ancestor, was called a hero by the Kangaroo Kingdom.

There will also be a celebration.

But Levi refused.

The Kangaroo Kingdom promised Levi a condition-owing him a kindness, as long as Levi opened his mouth, the whole Kangaroo Kingdom would help him without hesitation.

Compared with all the efforts of a country to complete a kindness, the matter of taking out new substances is too simple.

Although the value is precious.

But it’s easy to complete.

And according to Levi’s situation, only less than half of the new substance is needed.

For Kangaroo Nation, it kills two birds with one stone.

Not only has it returned Levi’s kindness, but also can continue to keep the new substance in the seed doomsday library.

Very simple thing.

Therefore, Wesley and others looked so relaxed.

Come to Kangaroo Country in no hurry.

Compared to Salen’s speed, Levi came to the Kangaroo Country where a group of people arrived six hours later.

“Unexpectedly, this kangaroo country in the past has changed so much! Especially in the past, there was no strong man who was bullied by a blood ancestor to almost annihilated. But now you look at this powerful aura!”

“I just got the news that the Kangaroo Doomsday Seed Bank is guarding more than a dozen powerhouses in the forefront of the god list! I’m afraid it is stronger than the strongest unicorn, the evil sword god, and Bellard among us!”

Everyone began to discuss the top powerhouses in Kangaroo Country.

Levi smiled.

When he came out of the dark prison, the first place to set foot in the inhabited place was Kangaroo Country.

At that time, as soon as he felt it, he discovered that there are indeed many strong people in Kangaroo Country.

There are dozens of them with aura stronger than Alton.

Levi guessed that the emergence of these powerhouses should have something to do with the Doomsday Seed Bank.

Because he felt the power of the doomsday seed bank.

There are many unknowns in it.

It is not surprising that there are so many strong players.

“You are finally here!”

At this moment, a joking voice sounded.

Salen, Lawrence and his party appeared.

“It’s much slower than we thought! You don’t seem to be anxious at all!”

Lawrence smiled.

Salen said directly: “How can the trash I arranged have the strength to stop you for so long? Are you deliberately slowing down?”

Salen’s eyes fell on Levi’s body: “Do you mean you want Levi to die? Deliberately delaying time? Don’t want him to get new substances to save his life? Hahaha…”


Lawrence and the others laughed.

But everyone glanced at him contemptuously: “What do you know? We are not in a hurry at all.”

Owen smiled and said, “Salen is not afraid to tell you! Three years ago, the boss k!lled the blood ancestor and solved the danger of Kangaroo country! They owed the boss a kindness, no matter what conditions, as long as the boss opens his mouth, Kangaroo country will Do everything to fulfill his request!”


When Salen and others heard the news, they were shocked.

This is something they never expected.

Levi is so kind to Kangaroo!

The Kangaroo country owes Levi a condition!

Now as long as Levi speaks, isn’t that new substance in his hands?

No wonder the representatives of Kangaroo Country just showed a weird smile…

Thousands of calculations, I didn’t expect this to happen.

Seeing Levi and his party leave.

Salen ordered: “Go, let’s follow. Once they get the new substance, we will grab it or destroy it!”

They have been following in the dark, following Levi’s group.

Levi came to the agreed place with them.

The representatives Bogut and Nelson in front of them were the two who made the promise.

Levi said: “Three years ago, I solved the crisis of the Kangaroo country and smashed the blood ancestors! Your Kangaroo country owes me a kindness, and I have come to honor it!”

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