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Chapter 2308

Salen secretly began to get nervous.

I’m afraid no one thought of this scene.

Levi actually begs the kangaroo.

Then they are about to get the new substance.

Salen was already arranging how to snatch or destroy the new substance.

It was mainly Levi’s masters like Alton who were all there.

It’s also a bit difficult to snatch.


Levi looked at these representatives of Bogut and said: “This kindness can’t be owed by you all the time! Now you can divide the new deep-sea substance you discovered into 200 grams and give it to me! Don’t make it difficult for you, the matter between us is wiped out!”

Alton and they all looked expectantly at Bogut and others.

Salen also became nervous.

People from other major forces panicked when they heard that the Kangaroo Nation owed Levi a kindness.

Now it’s time for the new substance to return to Levi.

Everyone looked at Bogut and other Kangaroo delegations with breathlessness.

“Grace? What kind of gratitude?”

But suddenly Bogut said something like this.


Everyone is dumbfounded!

Especially Levi, Wesley and others were completely dumbfounded.

Don’t admit it? ? ?

have no idea? ? ?

If others said they didn’t know, Levi would still understand.

But Bogut was the person who witnessed the events back then, and even the party who verbally owed Levi.

How could he not know?

There is another Nelson, who wanted Levi to be called the hero of Kangaroo country, and he also threatened to celebrate Levi with a nationwide celebration.

Should he remember?

Levi looked at Nelson slowly.

But Nelson also agreed: “Yeah! What kindness? Why don’t I know, is this person talking nonsense?”

Nelson and Bogut looked at each other and said in unison: “Yeah, I don’t know what he is talking about?”

The two looked at the people behind them again and asked aloud: “By the way, do you know what’s going on?”

“have no idea!!!”

Everyone shook their heads.


Levi and Wesley were going to burst into anger.

on purpose!

Bogut, Nelson, these people are deliberate! ! !

How could the person not know?


It’s absolutely impossible!

They just pretended not to know on purpose!

“Who are you? We know? Have we met?”

Bogut looked at Levi and asked suspiciously.

“This is the famous Levi, we know, but we haven’t seen it before, we’ve never seen it before, this is the first time we see you?”

Bogut and Nelson sang and got together.

Levi smiled without anger. He looked at the two of them and smiled, “Listen! I am Levi! The blood ancestors accidentally landed in Kangaroo Country! Massacre in Kangaroo Country! When you are driven to a desperate situation, when you have nothing to do, It was I who appeared, k!lled the blood ancestors, and saved you!”

“In return, you have to hold a celebration, but I refused. But you said that you owe me a kindness! As long as I speak, no matter what the conditions, you will help me complete it without hesitation!”

“Now I just want you to repay the kindness! Just give me a little new substance! Understand?”

Wesley and others echoed: “It was the boss who helped you solve the national crisis and k!lled the blood ancestors! You owe a kindness to the boss! Now hurry up!”

Everyone also felt more in the mirror.

After investigating now, this is indeed the case.

Kangaroo country owes Levi a great kindness.

Also promised by these two representatives.

Now people are coming to honor the kindness.

But no one thought it was Bogut and Nelson who said, “Fart!!! When did you Levi help us solve the crisis? You are really shameless! Why are you everywhere? I dare to take any credit for it. ?”

The language is not surprising and endless.

The words came out.


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