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Chapter 2317

Soon, Stevens of Kangaroo Nation held a press conference to publicly apologize to Levi and admitted that it was Levi who rescued Kangaroo Nation from danger three years ago.

And give all the deep-sea matter to Levi to repay Levi’s kindness that year.

As soon as the news came out, they exploded.

The weird thing is that the attitude of Kangaroo Country the day before was completely different from today.

How tough and arrogant the day before, no one took it seriously.

But today I apologized.


What happened last night?

Everyone is sure that something must have happened.

But what exactly is it?

It seems to be blocked.

There is no way to find out!

Everyone puts all hope on the dark web.

But there is no news on the dark web…

The most frightening thing is that Levi got the new deep-sea substance.

Doesn’t it mean that he is going to be fine…

Salen, Lawrence and others were dumbfounded.

I thought that this Kangaroo Nation would never let Levi have any chance!

He must die!

But who would have thought that the Kangaroo Country apologized and admitted the next day, and also sent a new substance.

Levi was fine at once.

The effort they have spent all this time was wasted.

“It seems that to let Levi abolish, we have to rely on other methods…”

Salen, they are already thinking of a new way.

How to deal with Levi next.

The same goes for others.

I thought that Levi would definitely die.

I didn’t expect to survive on the new substance.

Some people heard that Levi and his party had a new substance in their hands, and they wanted to act.

But Wesley moved quickly and returned to Velador long ago.

“What about these new substances?”

After coming back, everyone began to struggle with this issue.

“Kangaroo Nation has the full authority to give the new substance to the boss, and the boss will arrange these new substances! We can’t take them away!”

Wesley said several people.

Levi smiled and said, “This thing is of no use to me! Take it away! Whatever you want? Just throw it away!”

“Okay, boss, let’s take these substances back and study them! These substances are too valuable in the world today! Especially the research value!”

“Furthermore, I don’t know how many people want to make this new material idea! Even if you bring the boss with you, it is probably difficult to hold! Then a bunch of strong people will come to snatch it, maybe it will be life-threatening!”

“Really! It is easy to get and hard to hold! It is the safest to put in Kunlun Industry!”

“The husband is not guilty of guilt! The boss is in danger with it, and I will worry about it. It is the safest to take it back!”

Everyone is also worried that things are dangerous to Levi.


Bringing to Kunlun Industry is the safest way.

When Wesley and his party brought new deep-sea materials to Kunlun Industry.

Found that Marshal was actually waiting.

“Deep sea material got back?”

Marshal asked with a smile.

He was full of excitement when he heard that all the new substances in the deep sea had been brought back.

As for what Levi’s life and death has to do with him?

Can Levi’s life be compared with this new deep-sea substance?

Do not make jokes!

So he ran to meet him personally!

“Here, I brought it back! This is the boss himself! But he gave it to us!”

Tylera took out a new substance.

“What does it have to do with him? This is after the Kangaroo Nation was suppressed by several ancestors, and then apologized and sent new substances! In the final analysis, this is the credit of my Tiance Mansion and Trex clan! They got it! With Levi Have a penny relationship?”

Marshal asked rhetorically.

At this time, everyone was silent.

One says one.

It is true.

The reason why Kangaroo Nation did this, no one else knows why.

They know it.

It was the ancestors behind Aubery who made the move.

Directly suppress the new substance from Kangaroo Country.

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