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Chapter 2318

“Speaking of which, Levi has to thank Xiatian Cefu! Although it is because of his daughter’s face! After all, it was the work of several ancestors!”

Marshal smiled.

“Well, I really have to thank you! We thank Tiance Mansion for the boss!”


“Since the new substance belongs to Tiance Mansion! Give it to me?”

Marshal snatched it from Tylera.


Everyone feels something is wrong.

But what’s wrong in detail, but I can’t tell.

Finally, this new substance was taken away by Marshal of Tiance.

He took it for special research.

But all for Velador.

Everyone also endured it.

But this time when he came back, Wesley and the others found that everyone in Kunlun Industry seemed to be watching them consciously or unconsciously.

Marginalizing them!

It seems that they are narrowing down their authority step by step, and they are going to be completely emptied.

But the days that followed were calm.

While Levi was searching for the traces of the Gods’ Laboratory, he was still cultivating.

Fifteen days later, Sarah recovered.

Turned out!

Ranked among the gods with superb fighting power!

Next, because of Sarah, the list of gods is updated frequently.

Sarah’s ranking changes almost every day.

A month later, Sarah has reached the top 100 position on the god list.

But Levi’s location changed at night.

Since the injuries of the special elements of his Mayan industry were healed, Levi’s combat power has also changed.

His ranking has gone from more than 8,700 on the quasi god list to 6,338!

“The boss is good! Progress! Super progress! A full advance of more than two thousand people! If this goes on, it will be just around the corner!”

Everyone was very pleased.

The improvement of so many names shows that Levi is really suffering.

Really working hard.

Everyone’s hard work was not wasted!

Of course, this progress is worthless compared to Sarah.

It can even be said to be scum.

No comparison at all!

The difference between heaven and earth!

In less than two months, Sarah didn’t make it to the quasi god list, and he was directly in the top 100 of the god list.

The span is too big.

This is the most terrible!

Sarah was also very happy to see Levi’s progress.

“Keep on going! Take your time! I believe you will enter the gods list sooner or later!”

“I will wait for you to challenge me at the top! Remember our agreement, there is still one month left!”

Sarah smiled.

to be honest.

She was very disappointed.

Originally thought that Levi could make rapid progress and could bring her a little pressure.

The two urged each other to encourage progress.

But not at all!

Too much difference!

Sarah originally thought, Levi would at least have to be in the top one thousand on the quasi god list, right?

But I can’t give myself any pressure…

It’s no different from waste.

Now Levi can’t give her any pressure anymore.

The only pressure may come from Aubery.

Sarah fought with Aubery once.

There is still a gap between her and Aubery.

But she wanted to stand fast to the top with Aubery, waiting for Levi to slowly climb up.

You can even climb halfway up the mountain.

He is no longer needed.

Wesley shouted Levi to their side with earnest and earnest words.

“Boss, we praised you for boasting you! But we also have to recognize a fact!”

“We already know that all the skills and skills left to you have been divided up by the Logan and Mann family. You are practicing the basic skills of the past!”

“But do you see it now? After practicing the old-fashioned exercises, you have only improved two thousand on the quasi god list! And the sister-in-law, who represents everything in the new era, has directly reached the top 100 on the god list in the case of abandonment! Who is weak, can you tell it at a glance?”

“This shows that the old-fashioned things in the past have really been eliminated…it can’t compare with the modern things at all!”

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