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Chapter 2319

“Yes! That’s true! You and my sister-in-law, one is a representative of the old era, the other is a representative of the new era! In two months, the competition between you has been set high!”

“It’s really a heaven, an underground!”

“Boss, we want you to be more sober, recognize and respect reality! Abandon that should be abandoned! Give up that should be abandoned!”

“Practicing the things of the new era, I believe you will be better than your sister-in-law! After all, where is your talent and experience! This is by no means comparable to others!”

“Boss, listen to our advice! Hurry up and let our strength reach its peak as soon as possible! Don’t worry us!”

Everyone was persuading Levi.

Levi sneered: “What do you know?”

The so-called quasi-Shane list rankings are actually ranked by one hundred institutions all over the world.

But wherever they want it, half of the institutions that make the rankings of the gods are controlled by the Bible organization.


Levi can control the ranking of the gods.

His own ranking on the quasi god list is simply inaccurate.

He told these institutions, just fill in a ranking.

It won’t affect anything.

But everyone else’s rankings are accurate.

All are supported by accurate data and analysis.

Only Levi’s was filled out blindly…

“Boss, we know you are still not convinced! Then let’s give another example!”

Alton pointed to a distance and said, “The Logan and Mann families who have divided up all the skills and skills! After they have obtained these new era cultivation methods! Now they are completely reborn!”

“The talented Nick and Neil, as well as Mann Junfei Katie! They are already in the top 100 on the quasi god list! Especially Nick is the eighth on the quasi god list! Very close to the god list! You can enter the god list anytime!”

“And Mike, Alfred, who are they? Now they are ranked in the top 1,000 on the quasi god list! You know, they haven’t even been in the quasi god list before! Now they are all top powerhouses!”

After the Logan and Mann family divided up the top exercises of this era, their strengths have undergone qualitative changes.

All are advancing by leaps and bounds!

“There are two more people, you didn’t expect it! Boss, your father-in-law! My sister-in-law has chosen the most suitable exercises for them! Now there are two people, one is 987th in the gods list, and the other is the 996th in the gods list!”

“They were all ordinary people before! But because they have practiced everything in the new era! They have grown to this point! You have to obey the modern methods!”

Levi really didn’t know about this.

But after knowing it, he was not very surprised.

It’s normal for this kind of quick system to build a strong one within two months.

It is not unusual.

In short, these are rubbish to Levi.

He doesn’t like it at all!

“Boss, think about it, you can’t even compare this rubbish! Isn’t it a joke when it spreads out?”

“In order not to make people laugh, please practice what you are now!”

Everyone said.

Levi smiled: “It’s all a bunch of ants! Hey, your vision is a bit narrow after all!”

“We have a narrow vision?”

Hearing this, everyone was taken aback.

Do the top dozens of powerhouses in the gods list have a narrow vision?

Who has a broad vision?

There is no one, right?

“Boss, you are good at everything, but you are too stubborn!”

Everyone said one after another.

“You and Sister-in-law’s three-month period, you are going to lose completely!”

Levi smiled and said, “Isn’t this one month left? Don’t worry!”

“Levi is ready to lose! What is the use of you mentioning the March period?”

At this time, a voice came.

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