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Chapter 2320

Nick and his party appeared.

Today, they are already strong in the quasi-sacred list, and they are very close to the list of gods.

That is, this group of guys are so talented.

Otherwise, it will definitely be able to rush to the god list.

After all, what they have is a quick method for a group of strong people on the list of gods.

You can rush to this position casually.

But now they are showing off to Levi.

“Levi heard that these top-level exercises are given to you, you don’t even practice it! We are here to thank you!”

“If it weren’t for you to let it out, how can we have the current achievements? I am about to enter the gods list!”

“Look at you again, you are still hovering in the quasi god list for thousands! You are not our opponent! You still want to compete with Sarah? Are you worthy?”

Logan and Mann’s family laughed.

Wesley did not say anything.

It is true.

Today’s Sarah is comparable to the strongest of them, let alone Levi.

Not a person of the world at all!

It can be said now.

The three-month period for two is a joke.

At this time, Dale and his wife had also appeared.

These two people are the biggest surprise.

From the most inexistent ordinary person, he has become the strongest of the gods!

Logan and Mann are now the two most lofty ones.

After they arrived, Nick and others voluntarily gave way.

The two walked up to Levi, looked around, and sighed at the same time: “Hey!”

“Levi, it’s not that we dislike you! But…”

“You are really a bit weak now! Aubery and Sarah are not compared with us, just compared with us, are you too far behind?”

Dale said.

“You used to be the king, one of the best in the world! How can you stand still now?”

“The key now is not that there is no way to improve, but that there are thousands of ways! You don’t choose one! You have to practice what you used to do!”

“Isn’t it! There are too many ways to cultivate you! You see, after we practice, we are all strong in the gods list! With your talent, just do whatever you want?

And we also heard from Sarah that you can integrate thousands of exercises together and become your own thing? Why don’t you practice? “

The mother-in-law patiently persuaded.

Dale even said: “Levi, are you at a loss? Do you think this is an apprentice, given to you by your former subordinates!

But I want to tell you that this era is the era of the weak and the strong! Face is the least valuable thing! Strength is king! Strength is your only confidence to survive! “

“Practice! Give me practice right away! All the exercises will be given to you! The three-month period for you and Sarah has arrived! It is impossible to surpass her! But I want the distance between you to be very small!”

Dale and his wife told Levi a lot of truths.

They are senior enough.

The strength is also enough!

Levi smiled: “Parents, don’t worry! I have my own way! And if Sarah, she can only look up to me! As for me to super her, it’s a joke!”


“Play the piano to the cow!”

“It is said that our old people are stubborn and conservative. It turns out that Levi is more stubborn and conservative than anyone else!”

“Since you want to continue practicing your old methods! Then you should practice! Then the gap between you and Sarah will be getting bigger and bigger, especially when the March period comes, see who is ashamed?”

The father-in-law and mother-in-law didn’t care about Levi’s arrival.

Sarah didn’t say no to Levi during the whole process, instead, he always encouraged him to inspire him.

Because she knew it was not the time to persuade Levi.

In any case, he couldn’t listen to it.

The best way is to let him fully recognize the gap when the March period arrives, and then he will catch up.

“Levi, I am waiting for three months!”

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