The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2321

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Chapter 2321


Only cruel facts can make a person sober!

Sarah wanted to use this to make Levi thoroughly recognize the gap!

Only the desperate situation and the cruel facts can let him put his hands behind, he can focus on progress, and he can practice the techniques left by the apprentices.

Otherwise you just persuade and ridicule.

It doesn’t work for Levi!

The so-called penny stumps heroes!

Now Levi has a bit of strength, he is considered a strong man on the quasi god list, and most things can still be solved by himself.

In addition, a group of brothers and apprentices of the strong gods are guarding her, and the daughter of a super strong is also guarding her.

He will not encounter any setbacks now.

Therefore, you can be conservative and don’t have to think about how to improve crazy.

Only cruel facts and desperation can push him.

After waiting for a month, Sarah will let him understand his situation first, and then stop his brothers from guarding him.

Let Levi know the difficulties and know that death is coming.

Then he will work hard.

Will abandon everything!

In short, Sarah is looking forward to a month later.

“Well, I’ll wait for a month!”

Levi smiled.

In the following days, all parties are working hard to practice.

Everyone in the Logan and Mann family also found a clean place to continue practicing.

Wesley and the others have been wasting too much time with Levi recently.

Therefore, after Levi was fine, he immediately went to practice and improved.

Levi continued to practice and search for clues.

after a few days.

Mebel contacted him.

Claiming that there was movement in Maya Industry, they sent people to Orion Group to collect experimental data on all the mutant monsters.

As for the mutant monster locked in the metal fortress before the Orion Group experiment, they didn’t even look at it.

It seems to be not interested at all.

Because Levi k!lled all the mutant monsters, none of them remained.

If Maya Industry wants to see it, Mebel has to find other ways to find a bunch of people to disguise these mutant monsters.

But the representatives of Maya Industry didn’t even look at it.

Perhaps in their eyes, the experimental data is the most important.

“I guess that they took the experimental data. It should be that the mutant monster’s experiment has made a major achievement! It is estimated that there will be actions next!”

Mebel said.

Levi also agreed with this statement.

Now it feels that the behavior of Maya industry is more and more like the previous laboratories of the gods.

The things they do and their styles are very similar.

There is no definite evidence to show the relationship between Maya Industry and the laboratories of the gods.

But there are some clues.

They look so alike.

In fact, when there was no progress in the investigation during this period, Levi was directly comparing the similarities between Maya Industry and the Laboratories of the Gods.

Plus what Logan Shiji said to him.

It made him believe that there was something tricky in it.

In particular, Maya Industry has been developing variants of Living Dead with the help of Orion Group, which is certainly of ulterior motives.

And the experiment must be more than Orion Group.

Maya Industry also controls many forces.

Orion Group is just one of them.

Levi can easily find this point because of the huge power distribution of the Bible organization.

This project is extremely important for Maya Industries.

It should take a lot of effort.

It is not yet clear what the purpose is.

But as soon as the news of Mebel came out, Levi thought it was possible.

“Okay, next, I want to see what Maya Industries is going to do?”

Levi keeps Mebel and the major forces of the Bible organization concerned.

A few days later, Maya Industry released a news that shocked the world!

As soon as it came out, the whole world exploded.

Including Sarah, Wesley Bellard and his ilk were all excited.

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