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Chapter 2328

Because this posture is too big!

The desperation is probably caused by Levi.

But the danger is also instantaneous.

If they rescued a little later, Levi might be in danger.

So now that there is such a big movement, Sarah and others are desperate to go.

For fear of being a little late, it would be completely over.

Levi is really killing him now.

Regardless of.

None of the enemies in front of you will let go!

This group of people were dumbfounded.

There is no chance to beg for mercy.

Levi approached the killer, but he didn’t give it a chance.

Of course, Levi had checked it a long time ago, and there was no one around him to monitor, nor did the instruments exist.

Therefore, he can display his strength unscrupulously.


As the last person fell, a total of seven or eight hundred enemies died.

None of them are alive.

“Da da da……”

At this time, there were waves of footsteps.

A group of people appeared in front of Levi.

But it wasn’t plum that dyed them.

But Logan Dazhong of Orion Group and hundreds of people!

This group of people are dusty, ragged, and their faces are covered with blood.

Apparently, just experienced a terrible battle.

It is estimated that they have encountered challenges in the primeval forest.

If there should be any information, I will inform myself as soon as possible.

“Mr. I…”

Just as Logan Dazhong was about to say it, he froze when the words came to his lips.

They came because of Sarah.

Wesley and others are also really fast.

In the shortest time, all came.

“Boss (Master) you… are you okay?”

Everyone asked anxiously.

Levi smiled: “It’s okay, they are all dead!”

Everyone looked at the corpses on the ground.

It was the people they had deliberately let through just now.

Looking at the blood on Levi’s body, it was obvious that he had just experienced a battle.

But in the end everyone’s eyes rested on Logan Dazhong and others.

They are also ragged and bloodstained.

Obviously after a great battle.

Look at the corpses all over the ground.

Everyone would think that these people were k!lled by Logan Dazhong and the others.

Levi’s luck is too good, right?

How come there are people coming to rescue!

It happened to have a good relationship with the Orion Group, and Logan Dazhong, such as the powerhouse of the gods, came to rescue him when he encountered danger.

But they completely misunderstood.

The blood and battle marks on Logan Dazhong and them are in another place.

Sarah’s face changed a little.

He deliberately created a desperate situation for Levi to wake him up, but he did not expect Logan Dazhong to accidentally rescue him and destroy it.

It’s really hard!

How did Levi save so many people?

Fortunately, he has already dismissed Aubery.

Otherwise, Aubery must be the first to rush out to save the old father.

“Mr. Logan Dazhong, can you say a few words to you…”

Sarah said.


Logan Dazhong looked around, and after getting permission from Levi, he followed Sarah to the side.

Sarah told Logan Dazhong of the plan.


Logan Dazhong almost spat out blood.

“Protect him??”

Logan Dazhong asked in shock.

How dare you?

How dare he protect Levi with his broken strength?


I have witnessed the scene where he slaughtered thousands of variants of the living dead alone.

Logan Dazhong couldn’t even think of Levi’s strength.

I can only say that, the first person in all ages!

“Yes! I ask Mr. Logan Dazhong that you can no longer protect him from this moment! Help him! Don’t do it even if you watch him die! I beg you! If he doesn’t pass this level, it’s better to be alive than to die. That’s it…”

Sarah said sincerely.

“Protect him? How dare I? Miss Logan, don’t you know his strength?”

Logan Dazhong asked rhetorically.

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