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Chapter 2329

“Clear! He is my husband, of course I know his strength! A little bit stronger than three years ago! But it is only more than 6,000 on the quasi god list!”

Sarah said.

Logan Dazhong was just about to say that the corpses all over the ground were actually k!lled by Levi alone.

But Sarah said directly: “Please!”


Logan Dazhong was also anxious to tell Levi about the matter, so he could only agree to Logan Zi’s dye first.

Sarah went back again.

You can see Levi’s relaxed look.

It didn’t create a desperate situation for him just now.

Blame this Logan Dazhong!

“Okay, let’s continue to act alone!”

Sarah said.

“Miss Logan, I will leave with a few words to Mr. Garrison!”

After Sarah and the others left, Logan Dazhong leaned forward.

Said to Levi: “Mr. Garrison, we met a mutant living dead…”

“Sure enough! As expected! But this group of mutant living dead should be controlled by Maya Industries, right?”

Levi asked.

“I don’t know at the moment. But the strange thing is that these mutant living dead are wearing battle armor and helmets. If we didn’t know in advance that they were mutant living dead, we really wouldn’t be able to find them!

Logan Dazhong said.

Others echoed: “It is certain that this group of mutant living dead is still strong! Not necessarily weaker than what we have encountered! Do not rule out the possibility of control!”

Levi glanced at them.

From the injury, it can be judged that they all suffered just now.

“It seems that Maya Industry really challenged the mutant living dead! But they put on battle armor again, which is obviously not to let others know!”

Levi touched his chin and pondered.

This group of guys must have no deep meaning.

“Is it possible that the armor they wear can have a controlling effect?”

Levi asked.

“It’s possible!”

Logan Dazhong nodded.

“Okay, go ahead! If you have any new news next, you don’t need to come to me directly if you contact the communicator!”

After Levi’s instructions were over, Logan Dazhong and other strong men all left.

Levi set foot on the road again.

He asked Mebel, the underworld god and their observations, while looking for traces of mutant living dead.

After a while.

Wesley, who was a hundred miles away from Levi, suddenly changed his face.

Several mutant living dead in battle armor appeared in front of him.

These guys rushed up as soon as they saw Wesley.

“Is this the challenge?”

Wesley rushed up happily.

But a few minutes later.

Wesley was already retreating backwards.

There were scars all over his body.

This group of mutant living dead is too powerful, Wesley can’t k!ll at all.

Besides, there are several.

Wesley had just gone through life and death, almost dying.

The Alton people who came from the surroundings immediately joined the battle group.

As soon as they played against each other, they felt the power of these “battle armors”.

Although they are strong in the gods list, they have nothing to do with the strong in the armor for a time.

“This… what is this?”

What’s more frightening is that more and more variants of the living dead gather.

It was just seven or eight, and there were hundreds of them in a blink of an eye.

It continues to increase.

Although Alton and the others are all gathered, they are all strong on the list of gods, but they have suffered a lot from these mutant living dead.

All injured.

Not only that.

The strong who entered the range of experience have encountered the “battle armor”.

Same as Levi expected.

This experience is exactly this group of mutant living dead!

For a time, the strong were k!lled and injured countless.

Even the strong on the god list are injured, let alone the strong on the quasi god list.

Just ran to die as cannon fodder!


Bellard and the others met.

They also encountered the sword evil god.

Sarah also met a group…

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