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Chapter 2330

Almost the strong who entered the virgin forest encountered mutant living dead.

The challenge for Maya Industry this time is to throw a group of people into the virgin forest and fight against the mutant living dead!

The strong people in the god list disagree, but get excited.

But a simple fight, the strong of the gods are dumbfounded.

These men in battle armor are too strong.

Can’t beat…

Many people were injured in front of these things.

Even if it is Bellard, Sarah and other top powerhouses.

If you are besieged, you will also be injured.

Everyone ran into trouble for a while.

This time the challenge came by surprise.

Totally invincible!

If this were to k!ll a bloody road abruptly, the strength would definitely be greatly improved!

But everyone noticed something abnormal.

The challenge this time seems to be different.

There seems to be a conspiracy…

Where did Maya Industries find so many powerful people?

Even the strong of the gods have nothing to do!

Doesn’t it mean that Maya Industry is going to be above the gods’ list?

Everyone has no time to think, and hastened a desperate struggle with these “battle armors”.

Soon, the powerhouses of the god list discovered that these powerhouses in battle armor just couldn’t k!ll…

No matter what kind of attack, they are useless!

But the good news is that this group of mutant living dead have limited attack methods.

For the strong of the gods, if it is not for a large number of siege, it is difficult to get them injured.

But it is also very difficult for them to k!ll!

What Levi worried about happened…

Everyone around is in danger.

Fortunately, if everyone is close to him, he can save him.

Levi felt it for a while.

Wesley’s injuries were not small, but now they have all arrived at Alton.

Several people fought together, and their lives were not in danger for the time being.

Although other people have also encountered mutant living dead, they are not life-threatening for the time being.

Sarah, the sword evil god and the others are fighting to the death.

Levi did not choose to intervene for the time being.

This kind of actual combat is the fastest for them to improve…

If they can overcome this level of difficulty on their own, they will definitely improve rapidly.

However, Levi didn’t know how many of them had been k!lled because of this difficulty that others seemed to be unable to overcome.

Faced with this hard-won challenge, Sarah and the others are doing all they can to fight.

In order to improve in the limit.

“not good!”

But suddenly they thought of a question-Levi!

Everyone is in danger now.

What about Levi?

He will definitely encounter such an undead super power!

This is far more terrifying than the desperation they had predicted in advance.

It is a desperate situation beyond their control!

Once Levi really encountered this kind of undead monster, then it was death.

“Quick! Everyone, save Levi!”

Sarah immediately wanted to get rid of these mutant living dead and rescue Levi.

Other people also reacted.

They ran to rescue Levi…

But these mutant living dead seem to deliberately block their direction.

This adds a lot of difficulty to them.

Everyone went crazy to rescue Levi.

Levi was strolling, but several variants of living dead in battle armor did appear in front of him.

A familiar breath came.

Levi smiled.

“It’s not the first time I have k!lled anyone like you, I have k!lled tens of thousands!”

This group of mutant living dead rushed over crazy when they saw Levi.

Levi was about to move.

The voices of the evil gods and theirs came from the communicator.

“Master, don’t move! This group of variants of the living dead have a communication device! They can scan everything back to the system! There is even an analysis system! Perform combat evaluation and analysis on you!”

Levi smiled: “Then what should I do? Stand still?”

“Well, we are thinking of a way! Wait a minute!”

The evil gods said in a hurry.

“It’s okay, take your time!”

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