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Chapter 2332

This is even more inexplicable.

After all, let them see with their own eyes that they were almost torn apart by the mutant living dead.

He must have been bullied because he thought he was inadequate.

They are all to blame for the evil gods!

If it was resolved earlier, I would shoot all these things to death. How could there be such a thing?

Levi looked upset.

If the evil gods were in front of him, Levi would have to kick them.

Levi’s annoyed look fell in the eyes of everyone, changing his meaning.

It made everyone think that this was the reality that Levi deeply realized that his current strength was very weak and inadequate. He had no choice but to resign himself to danger and desperation.

After all, the former king slaughtered the Quartet, he has always been the savior!

But now that he is in danger, there is no way to solve it, and all his best efforts are not effective.

In the end, it was rescued by someone!

People can only wake up in this kind of adversity!

Only then can you abandon the past and cultivate the present.

Although Levi was in danger just now.

But Sarah achieved their goals.

Let Levi truly feel the life and death, he will wake up!

Cruel facts are always more convincing than preaching!

“We are all responsible for this matter! We didn’t do a good job of guaranteeing it! Almost put you in danger…”

Sarah blamed himself.

But with a smile on her face, she changed her conversation: “Do you now understand the difference between the past and the present, Levi?”

Levi nodded: “There is indeed a gap! Give me a few like this before, it will destroy the world!”

Levi meant that there was no such experiment before.

There must be a few before, enough to k!ll everything.

But in everyone’s ears, it meant that Levi had already admitted the gap between the past and the present.

He began to slowly accept and this era.

Aware of my shortcomings, I have to give up everything before.

Sarah smiled: “So, after you go back, you will have to practice modern techniques! Realizing the gap, you must work hard!”

Bellard smiled and said, “Yes! Master! Look at the undead monsters just now, you can’t solve it at all! We are okay, we can barely handle it! It’s not nice to say that Master was saved by an apprentice! You improve as soon as possible! !”

They are expounding a fact!

When encountering a strong man of this level, Levi was completely unsuccessful, and could only be beaten and abused.

But they can solve the problem and highlight the heavy siege.

This is the obvious gap!

If Levi wants face, he will practice hard when he goes back to improve his strength as much as possible.

Instead of being saved by apprentice brothers like this!

Anyone can’t hold back their face!

This is still a great realization, it is impossible.

What disciple’s practice, what brother’s practice…

These are not ashamed.

It is the most embarrassing to be solved by the apprentices again and again!

Seeing Levi, Sarah smiled with satisfaction.

I feel that the plan has been completed.

Levi had already awakened.

“Since our goal has been achieved! Then, Levi will not be able to act alone!”

Sarah said.

“Ah? Sister-in-law, what should we do? We can’t everyone around the boss alone, right?”

Alton asked.

This time everyone has two goals in the primeval forest.

One has been reached.

Next, everyone wants to experience it.

It is impossible to go around Levi alone…

After all, this opportunity is too rare!

Sarah smiled: “I thought about it before I came here!”

“How to say?”

“Let’s take turns! All of us are in groups, in groups of three! Each group will be with King’s Landing for about half a day! One group will take turns! Except for one group to protect King’s Landing, everyone else is free to exercise and experience! Wait until your group Converge in time!”

Others said one after another: “Understood!”

“No, I want to act alone!”

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