The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2331

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Chapter 2331

Levi smiled: “I’m fine after a few strokes!”

Today’s Levi has a terrifying combat power, destroying the world with one punch.

However, to withstand the power of this attack, his body was also indestructible.

While practicing the ultimate speed and ultimate strength, he creates the strongest physique invisibly.

At least Levi believed that at present, there should be nothing that could hurt him.

Even the previous divine weapon, Heavenly Sword and Earthly Sword, could not penetrate his body.

Not to mention other things.

Let these guys hit a few punches, what’s wrong?

The mutant living dead came and attacked Levi one after another.

Levi resisted appropriately a few times.

Then suffered a crit from the mutant living dead.

The terrible attacks all fell on Levi’s body, trying to tear him apart.

“I said you are not okay? I can’t hold it anymore!”

Levi urged.

For Levi, the attack of the mutant living dead didn’t cause any substantial harm.

Can’t even talk about tickles!

But he couldn’t hold it back.

I wanted to tear up this group of monsters a long time ago.

It was exactly what Levi expected.

Maya Industry cannot monitor every corner of the virgin forest.

They can only make a fuss about the mutant living dead and the strong who participate in the challenge.

Now, as long as he kills the mutant monster, Maya Industry must know right away.

“Wait! We are trying!”

Underworld god said to them.

It is still difficult to interfere with the devices on these variants of the living dead.

After all, Levi’s true strength cannot be exposed!

“Boom boom…”

The mutant living dead people gathered more and more, and they couldn’t attack for a long time. Seeing that Levi was fine, all of them were angry.

Attacks become more frequent and brutal!

Levi was really angry.

Give a face?

Anxious, Lao Tzu tore all of you to pieces in this virgin forest, torn as many as you come!

“are you done!”

Levi’s tone was already extremely angry.

The Underworld god and the others haven’t returned the news yet, and there is sparse movement around.

They are here with Sarah.

Wesley and others, Sword Evil god and others, Bellard and others also rushed from all directions for the first time.

They just arrived, and the first glance was that mutant monsters were besieging Levi. Dozens of monsters gathered together to rip and eat Levi.


Everyone’s brains buzzed, and Levi was in extreme danger as expected.

If everyone comes back later.

I’m afraid that even Levi’s complete body will not be seen.

Just fought against this group of mutant monsters, they all know how powerful they are.

So many besieged Levi together.

Where can he survive?


Everyone is in a hurry!




Sarah immediately rushed forward.




Everyone showed their best efforts, abruptly blasting all the living dead who besieged Levi’s variants.

Rescue Levi!

Levi was about to cry.

The idiots of the evil gods are too inefficient.

Hurry up, Sarah and the others ran to save themselves.

Let them mistakenly think that they are being bullied by the mutant living dead, let them mistakenly think that they saved themselves.

Seeing Levi’s ragged clothes, Sarah cried.

Fortunately, they responded promptly and rescued quickly!

Otherwise, Levi will definitely die!

They were negligent.

Did not give Levi enough protection!

“Evacuate! Take the boss to evacuate here first!”

Wesley ordered.

Fortunately, the primeval forest area is large enough.

Soon everyone fled to safety.

Everyone cheer for each other.

“We saved Master (the boss) again!”

Everyone seemed very excited.

Levi shook his head speechlessly.

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