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Chapter 2365

The traitor

Levi of the Gods Lab is only shocked after listening to it!

The source of the Maya industry is finally known…

It turned out to be formed by the traitors of the Gods Lab…

“Actually, it is not all traitors, there are those who are underappreciated, some who are suppressed, and some who are not. Be a horse in the laboratory of the gods… Everyone is extremely angry with the laboratory of the gods! They all want to replace the laboratory of the gods and go its way


” When they got to the lab of the gods, they were so angry that they died.

Levi asked with a smile: “So the current Maya industry is actually composed of the old foundation of the Gods Laboratory?

” The technology is still the top level now! The technology and technology possessed by the Maya industry today are all remnants of the gods’ laboratory!”

“The most famous ones are the special elements on the Maya industrial weapons and the mutant living dead! This actually comes from the gods. One of the most terrifying doctors in the laboratory is his research invention!”

Levi seemed to have thought of a person.

One who has heard a little.

“Could it be that who was the one who created the God-building plan back then?”

Levi asked.

Everyone nodded immediately: “Yes, yes, it’s him! The most terrifying doctor is too powerful! Half of Maya Industry’s current technology comes from him!”

“Three years ago, I still remember that Levi and Lucifer died together. Afterwards, the doctor quickly resurrected Lucifer! But Levi finally woke up!”

“That’s right, the doctor said that Richard could have been resurrected if his body hadn’t been blown up. There are many more!”

“I feel that this doctor is a perfect combination of technology and witchcraft… He is so terrifying…”

Levi was shocked when he heard that Lucifer was quickly resurrected at the time .

At that time, Levi tried his best to die with Lucifer.

Resurrected so easily?

How scary is this doctor?

“Now the special elements used on our weapons are left behind by him! The whole world has been looking for solutions for so long, but nothing has worked!”

“And the mutant living dead are also the technical potions he left behind… It’s just that the control method didn’t stay… We experimented for a long time to do it… After that is our improvement!”

“But we saw his original plan, the mutant live The dead man’s plan is to be used on large beasts! We are not as powerful as him, and can only be used on people…”

“Apart from these, many other things in Maya Industry are derived from the foundation of the laboratory of the gods. A new era is coming, various opportunities are constantly emerging, and various relic civilizations have appeared… But we did rely on the foundation of the Gods Laboratory to get here. This is also where we are different from other forces… “…”

“They want to be quick, one by one, it’s like riding a rocket. However, we are different. We rely on technology and ancient methods, and pay attention to actual combat!”

Listen, listen, Levi Just laughed.

“So you held two challenge series, on the one hand, to enrich the attack methods of the mutant living dead; on the other hand, I am afraid that the gap between the powerhouses of the Maya industry and the powerhouses of the new era is compared?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, that’s right! After all, we are still following the old path! It’s different from the new era! The first challenge is to record the initial state…”

“The new era is like opening a Pandora’s box. All kinds of opportunities and everything have come out. All the major forces have benefited!” “


‘m more puzzled, the new era is coming… ..It seems to come suddenly?”

Levi frowned.

“Yes, we have also studied this…”

Chapter 2366

Shocking discovery! ! !

“But I still can’t find where the source is. It’s like it suddenly appeared! It’s like a world has suddenly changed!”

“All ordinary people have become warriors and power users. The strength of the previous warriors has suddenly skyrocketed… .I don’t know where it started…the world suddenly changed…”

“To be precise, it should be after Levi disappeared…the world changed… …except for Lucifer and the rest of the Gods Lab, who have been active for a year, no one else has a sense of existence…”

not normal!

Not normal at all!

Suddenly the world changed!

There are a lot of quick exercises and stunts!

Various medicines and technologies for modifying the human body or other appeared!

The technology that has been advanced for decades has appeared without warning!

is that possible?

Where did they all come from?

Apparently someone manipulated it!

Levi thinks so!

There must be a black hand in the dark to control everything!

He firmly believes that it is the laboratory of the gods!

The new era is the masterpiece of the laboratory of the gods…

“It is also through the arrival of the new era that we should work together and kill the laboratory of the gods! Otherwise, we will hardly have a chance…”

The Mayan industry executives sighed.

They also have to thank the arrival of the new era to kill the laboratory of the gods.

Levi shook his head helplessly, and sneered in his heart: “You are all deceived! The new era was created by the laboratory of the gods…”

It could even be said.

The new era is an experiment in the laboratory of the gods!

The whole world is firmly in their hands.

Just like unicorns, what Xiao Feng and others practiced are all given by them.

Just like lab mice.

They can be trampled to death at any time.

When the Lab of the Gods returns, it will be time for disaster.


What kind of existence are the Gods Labs that can make a group of traitors rebel?

Absolutely impossible!

Think too much.

But before everyone was suspicious.

Now that he has transformed into a dark god, no one doubts it.

Absolute strength can cover up all suspicion…

This time, Levi’s trip was really worthwhile.

Knowing the origin of the Mayan industry, it is more and more certain that the initiator of the changes in the new era is the laboratory of the gods.

Next, we must fully guard against the laboratory of the gods…

“Dark God, in order to show the sincerity of our cooperation! We can also tell you a secret…”

The head of the Mayan industry said.

“Ah? What secret?”

Levi was taken aback.

Are there any secrets?

“Dark God, do you also know the purpose of our primeval forest challenge? To collect the means of attack from all parties.

This time we got half the data! After our investigation and in-depth research, we found that the powerhouses who challenged this time, no matter where they came from, the sources of what they cultivated highly overlapped! It just evolved into thousands of ways…”

Levi was shocked: “Could it be that they practiced the same thing? “

Xiao Feng gave him their exercises, but Levi didn’t even take a look.

“Yes, it can be said that it is the same kind of quick success…”

“And to a certain extent, it may backfire.. …Practicing these exercises will eventually lead to death .”

Levi couldn’t sit still.

“What? Will backlash? It will eventually perish…”

Levi was shocked.

Could it be that Sarah, Alton and the others have practiced the quick skills and stunts. They

will perish in the end?

Then you must stop them!!!

“Okay, then we Cooperation! I will mention a few conditions later! Levi was

eager and agreed to cooperate.

After that, he hurried back to his residence.

He is not the image of the dark god, but his own image.

“Ziran, gather everyone!” I have something big to announce! quick! All give me fast! “

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