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Chapter 2367

Slapped the face fiercely.

Levi in the new era is really anxious.

If it’s what he thought.

So much trouble!

The Lab of the Gods has always existed!

They are experimenting with the whole world!

Everything in the new era is made by them…

Ancient ruins, ancient civilizations, various exercises, various advanced technologies…

Everything comes from the laboratory of the gods!

So it all makes sense!

The poor people foolishly thought that a new era really came, and after getting some benefits and sweetness, they all went crazy.

They are typical representatives of Alton!

Come to think of it, that’s true.

The Mayan industry is now one of the top powers.

At the world’s leading level…

But the technology they rely on for a living is actually the remnants of the laboratory of the gods two or three years ago… For

example, special elements, the world is helpless…

Variants The living dead can’t be killed at all…

The old things in the past, but they slapped the face of the new era!

What an ancient obsolete…

all bullshit!

In fact, everything is an experiment in the laboratory of the gods!

What they had before was more advanced horror than the terrifying new age!

Will such a powerful laboratory of the gods be eliminated?

how is this possible?

Who has this ability?

There is a problem when you think about it!

And when the blood race was awakened, it is estimated that many ancient races were also awakened.

Everything is the action of the Lab of the Gods.

It’s probably their plan.

The traitors of Maya Industry thought that they overthrew the laboratory of the gods.

As everyone knows, they are chess pieces!

Maybe the people from the Gods Lab turned against them, and their every step was designed by the Gods Lab.

Now Levi is more and more suspicious that everything is the action of the gods laboratory.

They released a lot of advanced things to change this era.

And wanting to get the doomsday seed bank at the beginning is enough to explain everything…

“Ah? What’s wrong?”

Sarah was terrified by Levi’s sudden panic action.

“Hurry up and gather people first! I’ll tell you the matter later!”

Levi urged.


Sarah called all the people who could be called.

Except for Wesley and Alton, they are in Kunlun Industry.

Xiao Feng and Sword Evil God all came.

“What’s the matter with Master calling us here in such a hurry?”

Everyone thought that something big had happened.

“Hurry up, give us all your martial arts and combat skills! What you gave before was divided up by those people. I want to come back!”

Levi said anxiously.

He’s going to study their exercises to see if it’s the same as what the Mayan industry said.

If you practice at a deep level, it will be backlash…

You can hear Levi’s words.

Everyone was stunned.

Such an urgent matter is this? ? ? ?

Everyone really thought something was wrong.

Sarah and the others secretly broke into a cold sweat…

“This is why Master gathered us in a hurry???”

Zhou Ke had an unbelievable look on his face.

“Yes, that’s all! Hurry up and take out all your exercises!”

Levi rubbed his hands anxiously.

Everyone still didn’t understand.

At this time, Xiao Feng laughed loudly: “Good thing! Good thing! Heavenly good thing!”


“It’s a good thing! It’s really a good thing!”

Sarah and the others all laughed.

All along, they have been sarcastically attacking Levi, and they have also created a desperate situation for him in the primeval forest, just to wake him up, know his own shortcomings, and have to adapt to everything in this new era.

Yesterday, a few old acquaintances spoke bluntly and sarcastically…

Now it seems that Levi really can’t stand it anymore.

Totally awake!

It is estimated that you want to go crazy and improve yourself!

Now I have taken the initiative to ask them for a new era of practice!

This is a good phenomenon!

Isn’t that what they want to see?

Chapter 2368

Within half a year, the king came to

Levi and did not know that they had misunderstood.

I thought I had used these exercises to practice.

“Congratulations, Master’s awakening! This is all my martial arts and combat skills for you! I hope Master will take off soon!”

Xiao Feng took out all the things in the bottom of the box.

“And mine! Master!”

Zhou Ke also took it out.


Sword Evil God!

Poison God!

Demon God!

Everyone handed over all of their own exercises one by one.

Levi took everything away.

“From now on, I’m going to retreat, and no one should disturb me!”

Levi also instructed.


Everyone laughed.

“It seems that Master is really in a hurry! I think the fastest speed has improved!”

Xiao Feng smiled.

“Yes, after getting these exercises, I went to retreat non-stop! Don’t let us disturb, I guess I want to save face! Hahaha…”

“Brothers, once the master is serious! Then he can improve. Soon! Soon everyone will be able to see him on the list of gods!”

“As for us, we must hurry up! We must not let Master surpass us!”

Levi’s unintentional move, But it inspired everyone.

One by one, they gritted their teeth, and then they had to go crazy and cultivate, guarding their rankings and not letting Master surpass them.

Seeing this scene, Sarah smiled sincerely.

This is what she wants to see!

Levi is finally on the road!

This is the best news she has heard…

As for the March period, there are still ten days left!

Originally, after ten days, Levi would definitely lose badly.

But now that Levi has started to practice these exercises, the result will be different.

Ten days may improve very, very high!

It’s a bit of an exaggeration to enter the gods list!

But if you enter the top 3,000 of the quasi-god list, there is still a chance…

After all, the practice of this era is to improve quickly, and the speed is the same as riding a rocket.

“These ten days are really exciting! I’m looking forward to it even more than before!”

Sarah smiled.

In the original March period, she just wanted to see how miserable Levi was in the end, and how far away she was from herself.

Bigger gets smaller! ! !

But now it’s different!

What she wanted to see was how small the gap between Levi and herself in the end, the smaller the better.

So she looked forward

to… even if they didn’t collect Alton’s.

But Levi has also collected a lot of exercises of gods and quasi-gods.

This day and night, he carefully studied all the exercises.

No detail was spared.

He’s going to see if a major discovery of Mayan industry is right…

this time outside.

Word has spread about the Dark God and Mayan Industries working together.

When these two major forces unite, everyone should be afraid…

As for Sarah, they don’t care about this.

They only care about Levi’s condition.

Because of Levi’s uncharacteristic behavior.

Together with Alton and Wesley, they also rushed over.

Everyone surrounded Levi’s house.

Even Fan Yanan and Shura came here… They all

wanted to know what kind of stimulation Levi was getting and why he suddenly thought about it…

They said before that they could help!

Running here now is also asking Levi if he needs help.

Everyone sits together and speaks freely.

Exchange knowledge of exercises with each other.

At the same time, everyone is looking forward to Levi.

Can he create a myth in this new age?

“I’m looking forward to it! He was once regarded as my lifelong opponent! If he didn’t do anything in this era, I believe many people would feel boring!”

Shura said.

“Yeah, the boss has practiced well now, let’s wait. In less than half a year, a king will come!”

Wesley smiled.

“Why so many people?”

At this moment, a voice sounded.

Levi came out.

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