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Chapter 646

Even if he left, Sarah always thought it was a dream.

This scene is too shocking.

He never expected that Levi would snatch himself away in front of everyone in the Guo family.

“By the way, husband, they said it was ordered by the boss of Erick Group?”

Sarah asked curiously.

“Well, that’s right. Apart from him, no one can mobilize so many people, right?”

Levi approached.

“You and I are all members of the Erick Group faction, and it is normal for him to rescue us. What kind of person is the boss?”

Sarah was very curious.

“Probably the same as me!”

Levi smiled.

“Don’t blow around!”

The Guo family quickly left Jinling.

The Logan and Mann families returned in disappointment.

After arriving at the Mann Family Manor, they were surprised to find that Levi was there.

Everyone was furious when they saw Levi!

“Levi, you hurt us miserably! I’m going to kill you!”

Melina roared.

The same is true for others.

Since Levi came to Jinling, he has been in trouble.

First offended the Chu family.

Now provoked the more powerful Guo family.

This time the crisis is much more serious than any one before.

Because Levi had lost the face of the Guo family and had no dignity at all.

The Guo family will gather all their strength to wash away the shame!

In layman’s terms, the Guo family will fight their lives!

“This kid Levi is a scourge. I don’t know how much trouble he caused when he was in the city!”

Doug sneered coldly.

“Isn’t it, I have been an orphan without a father or a mother since I was a child, and he is still a lone star of the gods, the city Garrison family is so strong, he was forced to death by him! Now you are starting to defeat your family again!”

Mike added.

Dale and Edith stared at Levi and asked, “Okay, tell us what’s going on? You are divorced with Sarah, what else do you have to do?”

Levi smiled: “Divorce? Have you sought the opinions of our clients? I got a divorce certificate with privileges. Is this a divorce?”

“Hehe, Levi, are you too shameless? Later, didn’t you agree? Give you 10 million, and you divorce Sarah!”

“Yes, you took away ten million! That means you agree! Do not accept it now?”

“Are you fucking a man?”

The people of the Mann family have criticized them and want to beat Levi violently.

Mann Jianguo also roared angrily: “One more thing, you didn’t ask for your opinion? Did you receive the next million cheques that day?”

Xiao Ruomei sneered: “I gave it to you by myself!”

Levi said helplessly: “I said, the check was thrown in the trash can for me.”



“We searched all the trash cans in the house that day, but we didn’t find a check at all, so don’t lie!”

Mann Wencheng roared.

“That must have been picked up by someone else! I threw it in the trash can!”

Levi approached.

“Who would pick it up? I asked everyone in the Mann family, no one saw the check, okay? Are you going to lie?”

Cross Wentao followed and shouted.

It’s just that Lao Cross, the servant outside, looked panicked when he heard it.

“Don’t lie! Take it and take it!”

Melina said angrily.

Knowing the truth, she doesn’t blush at all.

At this moment, Mann suddenly said: “I prove to Garrison brother-in-law that he indeed threw the check in the trash can, but was picked up by the servant Cross!”

As soon as this was said, the air in the audience solidified…

Chapter 647


Sarah’s eyes sputtered with excitement.

She has always hoped to rectify Levi’s name!

Sure enough, it was picked up by someone else.

Melina, Mann Jianguo and others looked at Mann inconceivably.

Never expected that he would tell the truth.

“Mann, what are you talking nonsense? What did Lao Cross take?”

Cross Wentao winked Mann vigorously.

“I have evidence! Lao Cross also consumed tens of thousands of dollars in that check!”

Mann ignored the winks of other people.

“We don’t believe it, the servants of the Mann family still have the quality!”

Mann Brown established the Horse Road.

“If you don’t believe it, you can ask Lao Cross to come out and confront him!”


Xiao Ruomei and others did not agree, but Melina said: “Okay, call Lao Cross to confront!”

Soon, Lao Cross came to the hall tremblingly.

He was very timid, his eyes trembled, and he did not dare to look at Levi.

“Okay, Lao Cross, I ask you, you must answer truthfully.”


“Okay… OK, Lord Mann… you just ask…”

Old Cross lowered his head.

“Did you see my brother-in-law Garrison throw the check in the trash that day?”

Mann asked.

Everyone in Logan and Mann’s family looked at Lao Cross, looking forward to his answer.

Levi and Sarah also looked over.

Lao Cross’s body trembled and was extremely nervous. He raised his head and glanced at Melina. Then he said, “Lord Mann, the younger one didn’t see Uncle Garrison throw the check in the trash!”


As soon as this answer came out, Mann and Sarah were stunned.

As for Melina and others, they smiled satisfied.

“Lao Cross, you are talking nonsense! You lied! Obviously you picked up the check, don’t tell everyone!”

Mann was anxious and roared angrily.

“Lord Mann, don’t wrong the good guys. I didn’t find the check at all. I only saw Uncle Garrison leave Mann’s house with the check that day. Many people saw it.”

Lao Cross didn’t change his expression and his heartbeat.

“Yes, we all saw him leave with the check and didn’t throw it in the trash can at all!”

Other servants also testified.


Mann is really going to be pissed off!

How can there be such a person?

He looked at Melina incredulously.

All this was arranged by her.

The fact that Levi had to take away 10 million must be settled!

“Mann, don’t talk about it! Don’t wrong the good guys!”

Melina shouted.


Mann wanted to speak but stopped.

How can he win the Mann family alone?

Melina looked at Levi: “What else can you say now?”

Levi smiled: “There is nothing to say, I feel like you and Doug are the same!”

Levi had already found the check records, and he sighed for the amazing operation of the Mann family.

“Who are you talking about, boy?”

Everyone scolded one after another.

Levi’s words are equivalent to scolding everyone.

“You don’t deserve to enjoy those tobacco and alcohol!”

Levi sneered.

“Bah, Mann got those cigarettes and alcohol. What does it have to do with you?”

Mann Jianguo scolded.

Others still insult Levi.

Melina stopped one after another.

She looked at Levi and asked, “I want to ask you, what on earth are you going to do?”

Levi glanced at Sarah and said, “I was framed six years ago. That wedding was not perfect. It left me and Sarah too much regret! So I wanted to start again with Sarah, propose again, and then Have a wedding to make up for the regret of the year!”

Sarah said with a cry: “I do!”


“Sarah must marry the Guo family!”

Melina said.

Chapter 648

Before marrying Sarah, I wanted to have a better future and development.

Now I marry Sarah to calm the Guo family’s anger.

If Guo Kunxu needs Sarah Chongxi, that’s even better.

At least Logan and Mann will not be embarrassed.

So Melina asked Sarah to marry Sarah to calm the Guo family’s anger after consultation.

Levi wants to marry Sarah?

no way!

What’s more, he offended the Guo family and was a dying person.

“That can’t be for you! As long as Sarah is willing, I will marry her!”

Levi sneered.

“Haha, do you still want to marry Sarah? First think about how to save your life! The Guo family army will be killed right away!”

Cross Wentao laughed.

“Guo family dare to come, I dare to destroy them!”

A cold light flashed in Levi’s eyes.

This family that pretends to be Wang Fa, has done things above Velador.

How could he stay?

“You are really arrogant! I hope that next time the Guo family comes, you will still be so stiff!”

Everyone sneered.

“Mann, Boyd Xiao, take good care of Sarah, I will deal with the Guo family!”

Levi approached.


Mann and Boyd Xiao wanted to answer subconsciously, seeing the weird eyes of everyone around them, they immediately held back.

Levi left.

He is very relieved of Sarah’s safety.

If these two can’t do it, there will be Yama War God in secret.

“Hahaha, Levi ran away, right?”

Cross Wentao suddenly laughed.

“Definitely ran away, otherwise why not leave with Sarah?”

Everyone sneered at Levi’s departure.

In Sarah’s view, Levi must have gone to rescue soldiers.

Probably the boss of Erick Group.

It seems that I owe someone another favor.

But she became more and more puzzled.

The boss of Erick Group is very kind to herself and Natalie, right?

Take pictures of the entire Dongtian Group…

Give yourself full power to handle all business in the electronic market…

Helping myself and Levi again and again…

Who will he be?

After Levi left Mann, he came to a compound.

This is Wesley’s residence in Jinling.

This compound is an army compound, but it has been abandoned for a long time.

After Wesley came, they lived here.

After coming to the compound today, Levi found that many people had arrived, with several army dogs tied to the door.

When I saw Levi, everyone inside came out.

There are sixty people.

This battle shocked Levi.

There are so many people here?

“Good head!”

More than sixty people, Chongye Levi saluted.

“Hello comrades!”

Levi returned the gift.

“General, let me introduce to you. These are the chief political commissars of the leading regiments of the Jinling Military Region. They came here to learn!”

Wesley smiled.

Since they came to the military compound, people have come to visit every day.

Most of them are learning for long-term knowledge.

Half of them were wearing tank tops and sweating profusely.

Obviously, they were discussing with Alton just now.

“HeadLord Garrison, just now some of our comrades actually wanted to discuss with Major General Owen, and now they have bruised noses and swollen faces!”

Someone reported.

Sure enough, Levi saw a few people with swollen noses and swollen noses behind him.

Levi smiled.

Discuss with Owen?

What an act of seeking death.

Seeing that it is a comrade, Owen only started so lightly.

“General, are you okay?”

Wesley saw something unusual.

“It is estimated that somebody will come and clean me up soon.”

Levi smiled and said.

Chapter 649

The words came out.

The more than sixty officers present did not agree.

Unreasonable, someone wants to clean up General God of War?

There are a hundred lives? |

How dare to do this?

God of War is the soul of the army in the minds of every soldier in the Ninth War Regiment in Velador.

Who dares to insult the God of War?

No one will agree!

Everyone will desperately defend the soul of the army!

“Who dares to clean up the head of Garrison? Are you crazy? Our Fisher Zhan is the first one to not agree!”

“I, Wang Austin, won’t agree either!”

“I, Cross Ian, absolutely won’t agree!”

The officers of these cutting-edge regiments showed anger one by one and roared.

“Okay, let’s not go anymore, I want to see who dares to offend the power of the head of Garrison!”

“Yes, you don’t have to worry about Chief Garrison, we’ll take care of this!”

“Damn, Lao Tzu has stunned these gangsters!”

Everyone looked angry.

Levi smiled and said, “Okay, if you don’t grab it, you can solve it!”

Originally, he thought of other ways to solve this matter.

Unexpectedly, there are so many people in the compound, just let them help solve it.

He is also relieved.

After getting Levi’s promise.

Everyone looks forward to it.

I wish that group of people could come sooner.

They also performed well in front of the God of War.

“Come on, let’s continue practicing! I’ll just hit him at that time!”

A group of people went into a state of excitement.

The other side.

Nelshire Guojia.

The huge square of the villa was full of people.

Almost everyone is tall and straight, showing a terrifying aura.

People of different skin colors have one thing in common-powerful.

“Dad, I have assembled the five hundred dragons and tigers of the Guo family!”

Guo Longteng said.

The Guo family is wealthy than an enemy.

In terms of financial power, there is simply no one can beat.

Over the years, Guo Xukun has privately spent a lot of money to raise a guard.

Named Longhuwei.

Everyone is a Lord of Lords.

Either they are mercenaries from internationally renowned mercenary organizations, or killers from the world’s top organizations, or special forces retired from major countries, and even some Dragonry Lords and Muay Thai Lords.

Every year, the Guo family spends more than two billion on Longhuwei!!!

This is unimaginable by other family forces.

Although Longhuwei is only five hundred, there are not many in essence.

They are too strong.

It’s frightening!

The eight hundred white robe of the Chu family is far from an opponent!

The Dragon Tiger Guards are a group of dragons and tigers, and blood flows into rivers everywhere they go.

In their view, the three thousand people Levi gathered in Jinling were completely mobs.

It can’t last ten minutes in front of Longhuwei!

So no one can keep Levi!

Sarah must grab it and marry Guo Longteng.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Guo Feihong gave an order.

More than that.

In the name of Guo Kunxu, hundreds of Lords were also summoned to help out.

So there were more than 600 people in total, heading for Jinling City in a mighty manner.

The fleet of vehicles formed like a snake is very spectacular.

In the evening, the Guo’s team came to Jinling City.

The whole Jinling shivered.

Especially Logan and Mann’s family are praying not to bother the upper body.

“Father, go there first? I have found Levi’s address!”

Guo Longteng asked.

“Go to Levi first, then clean up the underground circles of Jinling, and finally snatch Sarah to marry you!”

Guo Feihong said coldly.

“Understood, father. Let me go!”

Immediately, the Guo family’s army marched towards the military compound together.

Chapter 650

Half an hour later, dozens of vehicles came to the outside of the military compound.

“Kang Dang!”

“Kang Dang!”

People got on and off one by one.

In an instant, the assembly of five hundred dragons, tigers and guards plus one hundred Lords was completed.

“Enclose me, no one can let it out!!!”

Guo Longteng shouted.


Six hundred people from all directions surrounded the military compound.

There are three floors inside and three floors outside. Don’t even think about people or even a bird flying out.

Especially this is Longhuwei, stronger than five thousand people!

Guo Feihong and Guo Kunxu got out of the car slowly.

“Go, go in from the front!”

Guo Feihong ordered.

A group of people came to the gate of the compound.


Several army dogs were already shouting with red eyes.

“Wow, wow…”

Guo Longteng pushed the iron gate vigorously and shouted, “Levi, get out of me!”

The officers of the major cutting-edge regiments waited for a long time, and finally they waited for them.

Everyone was excited.

But they are all inside and they haven’t come out.

Until Guo Longteng shook for a few minutes.

Fisher Zhan, Wang Austin, and Cross Ian came out.

The three wore only military green vests, showing explosive muscles.

“It’s so noisy, who are you looking for?”

When the three came to the door, Fisher Zhan asked coldly.

Guo Longteng couldn’t help being stunned when he saw the three men with extraordinary momentum.

Let him have a trance-these people are unusual.

But he was holding five hundred dragons and tigers in his hand, no one was afraid.

“Is Levi inside?”

Guo Longteng asked arrogantly.

“So what? Who are you?”

Fisher Zhan asked.

“Listen well, we are Nelshire Guo’s family! I came here to find Levi for revenge! He must die today!”

“Behind me are the five hundred dragons and tigers of the Guo family. I tell you that even if you have three thousand people today, you can’t keep Levi!”

Guo Longteng sneered.

Everyone in the Guo family regards Fisher Zhan and them as the people who guarded Levi’s Jinling underground circle during the day.

As everyone knows, these people’s identities are real military leaders.

Upon hearing this, the trio of Fisher Zhan frowned.

What did they hear?

These people actually want to kill Chief Garrison?

How courageous is this?

“Presumptuous, your Guo family is so bold! Are you arrogant?”

Fisher Zhan roared.

“Hehe, I said earlier that my Guo family is Wang Fa! The Guo family has the final say in this land!”

Guo Feihong said arrogantly.

Such remarks shocked Fisher Zhan and the others.

Is there such an arrogant existence these years?

There is no king to say, but also to kill the god of war in a country!

Is this crazy?

“Hurry up and let Levi come out and kneel down to death, don’t force us to go in by ourselves!”

Guo Feihong threatened.

“I think it is impossible for Mr. Garrison to come out! I will definitely guard him!”

The Fisher Zhan trio were determined.

“Hahaha, do you just rely on the three of you? It’s too overwhelming!”

In the eyes of the Guo family, they are dead bodies.

“What about us?”

The voice fell.

A muscular man in a military green vest appeared.

A total of more than sixty people stood together in a stance of swallowing mountains and rivers.


Guo Feihong and others are in a trance.

These people in front of them gave them a strange feeling.

It seems that they are not people in the underground circle.

But for a while, I couldn’t tell who they were.

After taking a glance, Fisher Zhan said coldly: “This door is your forbidden place! Whoever dares to break in is a dead end!”

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