The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 984

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Chapter 984


Sarah was even more puzzled.

Why is this Helen talking nonsense?

“Where am I a ghost!”

Levi smiled.

Helen looked horrified and stared at him incredulously.

“She is so weird, how to say something inexplicable!”

Sarah’s beautiful brows furrowed slightly, and a trace of confusion flashed in her beautiful eyes.

“She came to kowtow to me!”

After speaking, Levi took the frightened Helen out of the office and came to the gate of the company.

At this time, Helen gradually reacted.

“You…you didn’t even die???”

Helen asked incredulously.

“I told you earlier, I won’t die!”

Levi smiled.

Helen quickly sent a message to confirm.

The answer Helen gave was that he was indeed not dead!

“Why are you alive? Impossible!”

Helen was puzzled.

“What? You arranged for someone to kill me?”

Levi’s smile deepened at the corners of his lips.

“No, I’m leaving now…”

Helen turned around and was about to leave.

“Hold on, did I let you go?”

Levi’s voice sounded.

“What? You won’t let me go? What are you doing?”

She is not afraid of Levi.

He is just a wild species that will die at any time.

“Remember yesterday’s bet?”

After hearing this, Helen’s complexion changed, but she gritted her teeth and refused to admit: “Bet? What bet? Why don’t I know?”

“Besides, you are qualified to bet with me?”

“I was here yesterday evening, you said yourself, if I am still alive today, you will give me ten knocks!”

Levi said word by word.

“Impossible! No such thing! How could I agree to such a boring bet?”

She still refused to admit it.

“Get out, I’m leaving!”

Helen was about to push Levi away.

“Kow your head, I can let you go!”

Levi’s voice was cold.

Helen looked embarrassed.

She kept this bet in mind.

Just give Levi this wild seed ten knocks?

How can it be!

That must be a shame for her life!

She is the vice president of Lawrence Group!

Characters of the Garrison Clan in Capital!

According to the upper-level statement, she was touched by the light of the Garrison Clan, and even her blood was noble.

Kneel down to this low-lying wild species?

This is embarrassing her.

So she refused to admit it!

“You keep talking about gambling, do you have any evidence?”

Helen asked.

She was bitten to death.

Yesterday, she and Levi were the only two, so there is no evidence.

Levi laughed suddenly.

“Evidence? I have it!”

With that, Levi took out his mobile phone.

What she heard was what she said last night.

The ten ringing bets are clear.


Why didn’t Helen expect that Levi would record?

This is almost Levi’s habit.

It is better to leave evidence against such people.

“Now, what else do you have to say? Kneel down and kowtow!”

Levi sneered.

Helen glared at him and said, “What if there is the evidence? Your evidence is false!”

“Furthermore, even if it is true, I was just kidding you, and you want me to kowtow to you, it’s impossible in this life! You are not qualified to let me kneel for you in this life! Knocking? Impossible! !!!”

She was cheeky and insisted to leave.

There is only one way to deal with such a desperate person…

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