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Chapter 985

That is to fight!


Levi slapped Helen’s face.

The sound is clear and loud.

Helen was slapped and slapped directly.

She looked at Levi incredulously.

“Do you dare to hit me?”

“Fight without kowtow!”


Levi slapped again.

Helen’s face was rapidly red and swollen, just like a pig’s head.

“Don’t kowtow or fight!”


“Don’t kowtow yet?”

When Levi was about to slap her for the fourth slap, she knelt down in front of him with a puff, crying: “I… I kowtow… don’t hit…”




Helen banged her head at Levi ten times.

At this moment, the employees of Erick Group are watching this scene curiously.

Even Sarah and Natalie were watching.

“Natalie, what’s the matter? How the arrogant Helen would kowtow to Levi? This is simply impossible!”

Sarah said.

The little secretary next to her also echoed: “Yes, that’s right. This woman is also a high-level member of Lawrence Group. How can this status be?”

Natalie smiled awkwardly, without speaking.

Because he is the boss of Erick.

He is omnipotent.

Sarah looked at the following scene, and her curiosity about Levi increased a little.

The man put on another veil of mystery.

The door of the company.

Levi smiled and said, “Honesty kowtow! I have to slap a few times!”

After kowtow, Helen fled immediately.

But her eyes were full of resentment and viciousness.

Six years ago, Levi drove her out, bringing her an indelible shame.

Six years later, he once again brought her a deep shame.

Her hatred for Levi increased again.

“Levi, wait for you, I won’t let you go!”

Helen gritted her teeth.

“You couldn’t beat me six years ago, let alone me now.”

Levi didn’t worry about her at all.

Helen ran back to know the situation of Levi. Her reply was simple-she had no right to know the following things.

After returning home at night.

Ollie looked excited.

“Mom, what’s the matter? So happy?”

Levi asked.

“Levi, your grandfather is coming to pick me up. He wants to restore the status of Porter family’s sons and daughters in front of Porter’s ancestral hall and rewrite it on the genealogy.”

Ollie said excitedly.

She has few wishes.

Returning to the Porter family counts as one.

Levi frowned when he heard it.

At first, the Porter family didn’t say anything about restoration. Why did they suddenly restore their identity?

Levi smiled.

He quickly sorted out everything.

It must be the order of the Garrison Family.

Brandon thought that the Garrison family ignored the predecessors, no longer dealt with him and his mother, and gave up the grievances that year.

But where did he know that this was the Garrison Family’s strategy?

The purpose is to lead him and his mother out of here, on the way, or kill them in Nelshire.

On the next day, Brandon came to pick Ollie in person.

When the father and daughter meet, it must be a moment of greeting.

Afterward, Ollie asked curiously: “Dad, the Garrison family asked you to restore my identity? Does this mean I am no longer being held accountable?”

Brandon laughed and nodded: “Sure! I dare to let you go back to Porter’s house, so you must not be held accountable anymore!”

After hearing this, Ollie cried with joy.

“We mother and child are safe, and we can live with peace of mind.”

Levi didn’t reveal it, just as his mother was happy.

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