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Chapter 989

The tense atmosphere in the court is about to erupt.

If the Garrison Family did it, the top 100 Norterjen giants would never agree, and they would stop desperately.

The top Lords of the Garrison family are waiting for Mr. Yuri to order.

But after waiting for a long time, until the Porter family convoy disappeared from sight, Mr. Yuri did not give an order.


give up?

Don’t kill?

The Garrison Family Lords were very puzzled.

Back then, Irving could be quelled by him!

Mason looked at Mr. Yuri and said, “Try it? I have to fight this old bone to compete with you!”

The people of the hundred giants stared at the Lords of Garrison, with a deadly look.

After all, Mr. Yuri still did not give an order and let the Porter family convoy leave.


With an order from Mason, the top 100 Norterjen giants evacuated one after another.

Soon, only Mr. Yuri and others were left here.

“Why didn’t Mr. Yuri order us to kill the mother and child?”

Everyone is very puzzled.


Elder Yuri sighed: “I really can’t figure out why Norterjen’s top 100 giants should give her a head start? Still so determined?”

“Even if they confront the Garrison Family, they are fearless!”

Others even wondered: “What are we afraid of, Mr. Yuri? There are thousands of people, we don’t take it seriously!”

“Yes, I didn’t put them in my eyes either. But if we work hard, we will only lose out. After all, we only have a few dozen people, and they are the whole river.

Moreover, with such a big disturbance, it is extremely easy to spread the news. “

Mr. Yuri analyzed.

“That’s also true! I’m in a hurry. If they stabbed this out, Morendam will know about it all.”

“But we just endure it like this?”

Yuri said angrily: “Is there any way I can’t bear it? Rush in and kill? Is it possible?”

“Go back first, take a long-term plan!”

This time, the Garrison Family could be said to be in complete failure.

The two people who could have been killed right away were saved by the Norterjen giants abruptly.

This thing is weird!

The Norterjen that Irving could hold back then, the guarantor who went crazy today, there is definitely something tricky in it.

On the other side, the Porter family team has arrived at the Porter family ancestral house.

Ollie has been in doubt.

Why should the entire Norterjen giants protect her?

Dare to fight the Garrison Family?

Before she could think more, she came to the Porter Family Ancestral Hall.

Brandon couldn’t wait to restore her identity and re-write her name on the genealogy.

However, according to the Porter Family Law, there must be a complicated set of procedures.

Brandon couldn’t help looking at Levi.

Levi touched Regina’s head and said, “Make everything simple!”

Regina also echoed: “Yes, keep everything simple!”

After receiving orders from Levi and the Patriarch, Brandon decided to keep everything simple.

Before regaining her identity, Ollie suddenly stopped Brandon.

Everyone looked at her blankly.

“Father, are you sure you want to restore my identity and the genealogy?”

Ollie asked.

“Yes, that’s right!”

Brandon nodded.

“But the Garrison Family won’t agree. You are antagonizing the Garrison Family by restoring my identity! They will definitely blame you. Are you not afraid? Isn’t the Porter Family afraid?”

Ollie asked.

“We are not afraid! I figured it out clearly, how could the children of my Porter family be left out? Garrison family blames them, I will fight them, and I will restore your identity after I have tried my best!”

Levi nodded: “Afraid of what a Garrison family will do?”

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