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Chapter 990

Hearing Levi’s voice, Brandon had a bottom in his heart.

The sky is falling, and he is holding it!

“The ancestors of the Porter family are here, and today I will restore Ollie’s identity…”

Soon the ceremony ended.

Ollie’s name reappeared in the Porter family tree.

For this day, Ollie waited too long for too long.

She cried with joy.

She originally thought that this whole life would have passed.

She didn’t expect to see her son without telling him, but he recovered his identity.

She is willing to let her die now.

Of course, she still has one of the biggest wishes-in front of everyone in the Garrison family in Jinvale, shouting to them: My son is not a wild species, my son is the supreme king, even you have to look up.

Of course, this is impossible!

The Garrison Family in Jinvale is too strong and powerful!

No matter how great Levi was, he only struggled for 20 to 30 years.

But the Garrison Family in Jinvale has been reaping the hard work of countless people for thousands of years. How can it be compared?

After Ollie recovered her identity.

Even Porters from all over Morendam called to congratulate.

This makes Ollie incredible.

Before, after her accident.

Not to mention Norterjen Porter’s family, other Porter’s families have cleared their relationship, and it was too late to escape.

Why did you come to congratulate this time?

Can’t figure it out!

And the actions of the Norterjen giants, Mason treated death as home, everything was strange.

As everyone knows, all this is because of her son.

In the evening, after nearly thirty years of absence, Ollie had a reunion dinner.


Yuri and his party are still somewhere in the river.

Haven’t killed mother and son, will they dare to go back?

Xavion could kill them.

“I can’t find out, why did Mason do this? Even if they know it is the Garrison family, they still have to protect them!”

They searched for a long time but couldn’t find out.

“Do you think it has something to do with Levi? I think he is quite mysterious.”

Someone raised a question.

“Levi? Do you think it’s possible? If he has the ability to order Norterjen’s hundred giants, do I need to kill him? Young Lord Lawrence will take him back when he knows it!”

Yuri said coldly.

“That’s true! He doesn’t have such great ability as a wild breed!”

Everyone nodded.

At this moment, Xavion called.

“Yuri Garrison, how are things going? It should be finished, right? Three days are enough for you.”

Xavion’s voice came.

“Lord Xavion, this…”

Yuri was stunned.

“No? You haven’t killed that wild species yet?”

Xavion on the opposite side became angry at once.

Yuri couldn’t help fighting a cold war.

“Lord Xavion, listen to my explanation…”

“I don’t want to listen, any explanation, any excuse! The most important thing is that you didn’t kill him! Are you a bunch of eateries?”

Listening to Xavion’s insult.

Yuri was cold all over.

He knew Xavion’s methods best, this was a pervert!

The methods are ruthless…

Thinking of his fate, Yuri was going to be scared to death.

“Lord Xavion, the situation has changed, maybe Levi can’t be killed!”

Yuri said.

“What? That wild species can’t be killed? Your brain cramps, right?”

Xavion roared.

“Lord, we really have a situation…”

“Do you want me to kill that wild species myself?”

Xavion asked.

“Lord Xavion I don’t dare, how can you do such a small thing?”

“Little thing? Three days, you haven’t killed them! You tell me the little things?”

Xavion was very curious: “Is the vitality of this wild species so tenacious? Is it impossible to kill?”

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