His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2042

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Chapter 2042

may be thinking of the past. At that time, the real Wen Mingzhu was by his side. Everyone said that the Wen family’s sons and daughters were a dragon and a phoenix, but since the man arrived After that, everything was ruined.

He couldn’t forget the scene when Wen Mingzhu left him, and he even hated the man’s daughter.

So in order to retaliate against him, he firmly engraved the name Wen Mingzhu on her body, in her flesh and blood, she would not be able to get rid of it for the rest of her life.

Wen Lizhi has always felt that he is right. Who can be so generous and still distinguish everyone’s right from wrong under such circumstances?

No one is right.

No one is innocent.

Including the incompetent self who protects his sister.

Sometimes Wen Li stopped thinking, maybe it is not only Wen Mingzhu who is tortured, but also the unredeemed herself.

After a long time, Elbert Bo looked at the earth-shaking emotions in Wen Lizhi’s eyes, pressed Wen Lizhi’s shoulders hard, and said, “I don’t care how much you hated Wen Mingzhu in the past, but from this moment, it has been It’s not just the matter between the two of you, Wen Lizhi, you also involved her next generation. Didn’t you find out?”

The next generation…

“I want to let this hatred continue to the first few generations.” Well.”

Elbert Bo said to Wen Lizhi, “If one day you figure it out, just stop it. Really, while the current Wen Mingzhu is still…”

Wen Lizhi still didn’t say anything. Down the steps, Elbert Bo grabbed him again, “Okay, you haven’t been in the mood to eat until she wakes up, I don’t think you completely wiped out your conscience, it is better to ask yourself if it is really necessary. Tormenting Wen Mingzhu is worse than death. Go, I will take you to a meal.”

This Elbert Bo is now a lot more open-minded and transparent, why, is it the Tang poetry that made him gentle?

Although he was not very happy, Wen Lizhi still followed Elbert Bo out in angrily. The two figures left the ward, and a man cautiously appeared not far away.

While Lisa Tang was comforting Wen Mingzhu in the ward, there was a sound of footsteps outside, and then someone shouted, “Mingzhu…”

Hearing the sound, Wen Mingzhu suddenly raised his head and yelled softly, “Li Guang, you Why are you here?”

“The people in the bar told me…” The man called Li Guang has a fair and delicate face. If you look closely, it even looks a bit like a woman. Lisa Tang looked at him in astonishment and stumbled forward. At the bedside, he grabbed Wen Mingzhu’s hand and said, “I’m sorry…I’m not capable of making you suffer, but I’m not capable of…”

“You actually always know who I am, right?”

Wen Mingzhu

She couldn’t stop her tears, “Li Guang, you have always known…” She didn’t want to tell him, unexpectedly he had already seen through.

I knew it, but I never said it to expose her scars.

“It doesn’t matter who you are.” Li Guang took Wen Mingzhu’s hand, “I will take you away, Mingzhu, believe me…”

Li Guang was once a rich child, but his family fell in love with his father and mother. For debt, he did not say a word when he came out to do night marketing to repay the money.

Compared with a female-looking face, his temper is more like a man.

At the beginning, he rescued Wen Mingzhu who was molested and entangled by a man in a dark alley at night. He said to Wen Mingzhu, “If there is nowhere to go, it is better to live with me first.”

It was Wen Mingzhu who fled from Wen Lizhi. The next day, she hadn’t closed her eyes all night and was desperate. It was Li Guang who pulled her out of the darkness.

Wen Mingzhu was lying on Li Guang’s bed, Li Guang was lying on the sofa, and Li Guang caught a cold when he woke up the next day.

Because the quilt is on her.

But Li Guang didn’t say.

Seeing the scene of him busy entertaining guests, Wen Mingzhu suggested that she should also go with him. Li Guang, who called the guests while eating fried noodles, was stunned, looked at the woman who picked it up home, and asked, “You want to do it. Huh?”

“Can I go to where you work? Isn’t that a little bit… I can stand it too much…” Wen Mingzhu said, “By the way, I can make perfume. I can sell wine by the way. , Make perfumes for everyone.”

Li Guang smiled, not chirping at all, but very good-looking, he said, “No wonder you smelled your body, you smelled it that day.”

Wen Mingzhu said. “When I have the money to buy the materials, I will be the first to adjust it for you.”

She wanted to give him a taste of warm sunshine.

It was her first light of dawn.

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