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Chapter 991

“His luck is so good, every time he can hide perfectly…”

Yuri helplessly explained what happened.

“That’s right, it stands to reason that this wild species would have been frozen to death on the street. But with this kind of fate, he has lived a long time!”

Xavion’s conversation turned: “But the Garrison family can’t kill a wild species, how shameful it is if it spreads out, you know? My Garrison family’s face has been lost because of you!”

“If you can’t kill mother and son, you will die! You will kill him if you forcefully have to kill him, understand?”

“Anyone who stops you in Norterjen, you will kill them without mercy!”

“If anyone dared to divulge the news, then slaughter the entire river and sea! Don’t keep any of the people who know about this!”

Xavion’s cold and harsh voice rang on the phone.

Yuri couldn’t help taking a breath.

Kill everyone?

“Lord Xavion, there were not a few people who knew about this in Norterjen back then. If they come forward, they would have thousands of them.”

“They are going to be killed?”

Yuri’s apple slid and swallowed fiercely.

“Kill! Everyone! No news can be spread! Norterjen and this group are already unreliable!”

Xavion ordered.


Xavion is far more ruthless than his father and grandfather!

But this is the one who does big things.

Mr. Yuri firmly believes that Xavion will be stronger than Lawrence in the future.

“Lord I understand that we only have one night! Tomorrow Levi and Ollie will go back!”


“Well, kill this wild mother and child at all costs!”

“You remember that the Garrison family raises Lords everywhere in the south, right? I’ll give you permission to mobilize them!”

Xavion said.


At midnight.

Two hundred Lords have gathered around Mr. Yuri.

They were all kept secretly by the family in various places in the south.

It is not just the terrifying power of the first family, which spreads across every corner of Morendam.

It is also for an unexpected situation, they can be used one day.


Yuri gave an order.

“Mason, none of you can escape tonight! You will die! This is the end of the fight against the Garrison Family!”

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Yuri’s eyes.

The masters are dispatched one after another, and tonight you will kill all the people in Norterjen who know the news.

This is the prestige of the Garrison Family!

Dare to disobey is just looking for death.

In Edburgh Manor.

Ollie has been with her family for a long time.

Levi stood outside smoking.

At this time, Kim from the western theater called.

“Boss, I might come to your wedding! My mission can end early!”

Kim said excitedly.

“Yes, I am waiting for you!”

It would be great if Kim could come to witness his wedding.

“At that time, I promised to come together with Elder Perry from the North, Elder Kelber from the South, and Elder Crist from the East. The Ninth Great War Zone will at least be available? Is this your wedding?”

“Aside from our identity, you are our boss and our Lord. We have a reason not to attend your wedding!”

Kim said excitedly.

At that time, he will join the commanders of the Ninth World War Zone to attend Levi’s wedding.

They want to witness the brilliant moments of the boss’s life together!

“Okay, I have enough wine to wait for you to come!”

Levi is looking forward to the wedding more and more.

“By the way, the boss has one more thing…”

When Kim was about to say something, Levi said, “Hold on, there seems to be something wrong.”

It turned out that Levi noticed the abnormal situation around him.

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