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Chapter 992

Dozens of masters suddenly appeared around Edburg Manor.

Even the shadow of the number one Lord of the Porter family came to Levi’s side: “Mr. Garrison has a lot of people here…”

Kim on the other end of the phone asked, “Boss, is there no one around you?”

“I came alone, without anyone.”

Kim smiled and said, “Boss, how can I trouble you to do it yourself? Didn’t I just say there is one more thing? I have run out of the camp of beasts, and I have come back. I am already in Norterjen now.”

“Also, the Assassin Squad Guards in the West Territory also need to be adjusted, and they have returned with the Camp of Hundred Beasts. I will let them protect you immediately!”

“Okay, save me doing it!”

Levi approached.

Assassin Squad’s famous terror team in the west, everyone in here is a Lord.

The nature of the camp is the same.

There are more than two hundred Lords on the periphery of Edburgh Manor.

“I will rush in and kill everyone!”

“After that, all the people on the list will be killed!”

When more than two hundred masters were about to attack, a group of people appeared in front of them.

They exude a sense of horror and violent killing.

Just like a beast.

The masters of the Garrison Family felt threatened, and they subconsciously showed fear in their hearts.


They hesitated.

Norterjen still has such a master?

Or a group? ??

The masters of the Garrison family naturally encountered Assassin Squad and White Army.

“Protect God of War! Take it!”

In the next moment, Assassin Squad and White Army attacked, as if tigers descended from the mountain.

Soon there was a melee with the Garrison Family masters.

As soon as they came into contact with Assassin Squad and White Army, the complexions of the Garrison Family masters changed drastically.

These people have blood and murderous aura on them, as if they had crawled out of the sea of ​​blood in the corpse mountain.

It was something they had never encountered before…

These people are like lunatics.

Recruiting and fighting for life, and well-trained, cooperate with each other tacitly.

Soon the masters of the Garrison Family couldn’t hold it.

The group was defeated in less than five minutes.

Falling down, running away.

“No one can escape!”

White Army and Assassin Squad continued to pursue them.

It took a total of half an hour, and all the masters of the Garrison family were captured.

This is the violent fighting power of Assassin Squad and the White Army!

The Garrison Family Lords haven’t reacted yet. Where did this group of lunatics come from?

Levi was watching from a distance.

At last, he smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Not bad!

Assassin Squad is already famous and its strength is beyond doubt.

After being tempered in actual combat, the Camp of Beasts has become more mature and more terrifying.

“There are still a few people, catch them back together!”

Levi ordered.


the other side.

Yuri is already sitting firmly on the terrace.

After all, there must be no problem with sending so many top Lords.

“Tonight, the rivers and seas must be bloody!”

“Let you know the fate of ignoring the Garrison Family! All will remember the Garrison Family’s majesty without a bit of thunder!”

Yuri had a cheerful face.



At this moment, the door of their villa was suddenly knocked down and all the glass windows burst.

Hundreds of people rushed in from outside, wearing black uniforms…

Suddenly, Yuri and a few people’s faces changed wildly.

“Who are you?”

Yuri asked.

“Catch them before you stop, don’t force us to do it!”

Hearing this, Yuri smiled: “Do you know who I am? Want to catch us?”

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