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Chapter 993

Despite this situation, Yuri and the others all looked arrogant.

After all, they are from the Garrison Clan in Capital.

There is arrogance in his bones.

Who dares to catch them?

court death!

“Who cares about you? Take him!!!”

With an order, the members of the White Army and Assassin Squad immediately killed them.

Even though Yuri and the others are also masters, they can’t stand the crowds on the other side.

Soon, they all fell to the ground.

“I am Yuri Garrison, the personal servant of Lawrence, the heir of the Garrison Family in Capital. Do you dare to catch me? Do you know that you made a big mistake?”

“Hurry up and let me go, otherwise you don’t know how you died!”

Yuri also wanted to scare others with his identity.


The one who answered him was a kick and kicked him hard in the face.

“I care about you as the Garrison family!”

What Assassin Squad and White Army received were orders to protect God of War.

No family will they care about.

Especially people who want to assassinate God of War.

“Who are you guys anyway?”

Yuri Garrison was puzzled.

Is this all related to Levi?

Soon, they were taken to a dilapidated warehouse.

Yuri Garrison saw the Lords sent out before, and they were all tied here.

One by one, his nose and face were swollen.

Apparently, they were wiped out just now.

Who the hell is it?

Yuri Garrison observed that these people are well-trained and in uniform. Could it be…

He thought of a possibility.

A cold sweat came out of fright.

At this time, the warehouse door was pushed open, and a figure walked in.

Why does Yuri Garrison feel a little familiar?

When he came closer, he was so scared that he almost didn’t lose his soul.

It turned out to be Levi!!!

He did all this just now?

That’s incredible, isn’t it?

“you you you you…”

Yuri was speechless in surprise.

“Are you wondering who I am? Haha.”

“They are all my subordinates, and a hundred giants who stopped you in the afternoon are all mine.”

“In addition, I did the disappearance of more than 500 Lords you gathered on the dark web.”

Hearing Levi’s words, Yuri just felt like a bolt from the blue.

How could this “wild species” be so terrifying?

How far is he now?


How to say he is wild.

Half of the noble blood of the Garrison Family is always flowing on him!

Can such people have low accomplishments?

“Lord Levi is really great! None of us expected you to achieve such an achievement! As a slave, I am so relieved!”

Yuri suddenly changed his tone.

“Yes, Young Lord Levi has such an achievement, and the servants are very excited! I can’t wait to tell Lord Lawrence and Patriarch Edgar!”

Other servants also said one after another.

Levi’s smile deepened: “Oh? What do you mean?”

He didn’t know what these people meant.

Yuri immediately explained: “Lord, listen to my explanation. Before, the family targeted you because the family didn’t understand it, but thought you were an ordinary person with nothing to do. Such a family would naturally look down on you.

But never expected, Lord Levi, you will bring us such a big surprise! With your current abilities, even if few people in the Garrison Family can match yours! “

“As long as I tell the news to Young Lord Lawrence and Patriarch Edgar, they will definitely welcome you back to the Garrison Family with the highest standards of etiquette from the Family!”

“Pick me back to the Garrison family? Are they worthy? A small Garrison family is eligible?”

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