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Chapter 994

The language is not surprising and endless.

As soon as Levi said this, Mr. Yuri was stunned.

Little Garrison Family?

In Morendam, there are still people who don’t pay attention to the Jinvale Garrison Family?

Too arrogant, right?

Yuri couldn’t help saying: “Lord Levi, I admit that you have two brushes, even I can catch them. You are indeed a genius among geniuses. But you should not despise the Garrison Family. The Family’s strength is beyond your imagination.”

“Don’t say anything else, among the younger generation of Garrison Clan, you are still stronger than Lord Levi! For example, your younger brother, Lord Xavion, is better than you in all aspects at present! Lord Levi needs you to understand that there are people outside, and there is truth outside of heaven!”

Others echoed: “Yes! Lord Levi will be more humble in order to go further!”

“What’s more, as long as you return to the Garrison Clan, with the experience of the Clan’s rich resources and huge contacts, I believe that Young Lord Levi will be dozens of times stronger than now!”

Levi glared at everyone and said, “F*rt!!!”

“There are people outside the world, there is heaven outside the sky? You should say this to the Garrison Family, right?”

“Better than me? It’s ridiculous! Not to mention the younger generation of the Garrison Clan, but the entire Garrison family can’t pick one who is better than me, right?”

Levi straightened up, with an arrogant expression on his face.

The brothers of White Army and Assassin Squad who were present were in awe.

This is the God of War!

Better than him?

is it possible?

Morendam can produce such a God of War for thousands of years!

The only five-star God of War is titled God of War.

You tell me that the younger generation of Garrison Clan is better than him by more than two hands?

What are you talking about?

Yuri looked surprised.

Feeling the aura of Levi’s body that looked over the world, made him feel in a trance.

As if he said it was true.

“Yes, yes, Lord Levi is strong enough! Lord Levi, let us go. We will tell them your news immediately and we will pick you up soon.”

Yuri said.

The others stared wide and looked at Levi expectantly.

“Don’t want to kill me? Are you ready to take me back?”

Levi smiled.

“With your current achievements, Lord, it’s too late for the Garrison Clan to reuse you. Why would we still kill you?”

Yuri smiled.

“What about my mother?”

“Ms. Porter is your mother, and of course her status is honorable! But Young Lord Lawrence is already married and has a wife, and Miss Porter’s position is a bit embarrassing.

But if we persuade the Lord, it is estimated that she can also enter the Garrison Clan’s gate. As long as you promise to return to the Garrison family, this opportunity is also great. The rectification of Miss Ollie’s name is just around the corner.”

Yuri immediately said.

In his opinion, no one in this world would refuse this temptation.

Once Levi agreed, he would become the young Lord of the Garrison family, the first family in Morendam, the head of the ten thousand clans.

Who can refuse this temptation?

What’s more, it can rectify Ollie’s name and step into the door of the Garrison family!

“Lord Levi quickly let us go? Didn’t Miss Porter always dream of being recognized by the Garrison family? Didn’t she want to marry Lord Lawrence? As long as we go back, this matter will basically be settled!”

“Mother is better with children. With your achievements, Miss Porter’s dream will come true!”

Everyone urged Levi to release them in the name of Ollie.

Seeing that Levi did not respond, Yuri continued: “Lord, you don’t want to carry the name of wild species all the time, do you? As long as you want, I will immediately make you the noble young Lord of the Garrison family!”

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