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Chapter 998

“That’s great! Tomorrow we will compete with them for the project. This is our first step!”

She said.

She further nodded: “Well, that’s good. You guys hurry up to make arrangements. I don’t want to see any accidents tomorrow.”

Helen and other senior officials smiled and said, “Don’t worry, we can guarantee that you won’t see them at the bidding site!”

The second day.

Sarah led the senior executives of Paradise Group to set off.

The security team formed by Alecia and her comrades escorted them all the way.

“Alecia, please be careful. Someone may be blocking on the way.”

Before leaving, Sarah was also specially reminded.

After all, before bidding or participating in commercial activities, there will be opponents blocking in the middle, in order to delay the time reached, and thus miss the activity.

These are all routines in the business.

“Mr. Logan, don’t worry, we are here and we will send you to the bidding site absolutely safely!”

Alecia looked confident.

The Paradise Group’s convoy set off slowly and headed to the venue.

For double insurance, Natalie also went to the venue from another direction.

Her whereabouts are very secret, no one in the company knows except for Sarah.

So don’t worry, you would reach the scene.

There was no problem along the way, but Sarah’s right eyelid kept jumping.

She feels like something is going to happen.

“Alecia check if there is any situation around?”

To ensure safety, Sarah asked Alecia to check.


Alecia confirmed that it was fine.


But at this moment, a peddler riding a tricycle rushed out of the intersection and ran into them like crazy.


The tricycle slammed into a car in the Paradise Group’s fleet.


Suddenly, the hawker was hit three or four meters high, and finally fell to the ground, and soon a large swath of blood was soaked.


All Paradise Group’s fleet braked to a halt.

Sarah’s face was pale.

Sure enough, Lawrence Group would not let it go so easily.

“Hurry up and see if there is anything wrong with the person?”

Although she knew that this was a conspiracy, the kind-hearted Sarah thought of the safety of life right away.

Even if it’s the enemy.

Everyone quickly got off the car and came to the vendors.

Alecia took a breath, her face changed drastically.

“Logan…Ms. Logan… the breath is gone…”


This news turned out to be a bolt from the blue for Sarah.

The person is dead…

In order to stop her, Lawrence Group actually spent such a high price?

Too cruel, right?

There have been cases of being blocked by competitors before, but there will never be such serious behavior.

Lawrence Group is too cruel!

“I hit someone to death, hit someone to death…”

Accompanied by bursts of shouts, a group of people rushed out and surrounded Sarah and the others. They held mop and kitchen knives in their hands, and were the residents around.

“Knocked him to death, do you want to leave!!!”

Everyone roared.

Sarah said helplessly: “We didn’t bump into him, he bumped into us himself!”

But this explanation is too pale.

There was no monitoring on this section, and the angle of the tricycle happened to be stuck in the blind zone of the dashcam.

No evidence was left.

“F*rt! We just saw it clearly that your car killed him! Do you still want to quibble? Impossible!”

“Yes, so many of us have seen it, we have solid evidence, what else can you quibble about?”

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