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Chapter 999

Alecia was very pale next to Sarah.

This is her negligence.

She had actually spotted the tricycle, but she didn’t expect him to run into them.

“What can I do with it President?”

Alecia has no idea.

“Acknowledge it! The other party has already made enough preparations to trap me here. There is no other way.”

Sarah sighed.

She was pitying that innocent life.

She would rather not have this project than watch a lively life passing by.

But she doesn’t have to worry about the project.

Fortunately, she did a two-handed preparation.

She can’t go, Natalie will be there too.

“Don’t worry, I won’t leave! I will stay to deal with this matter.”

Sarah dyed.

This person’s death has something to do with her after all.

She wants to deal with it properly.

The other side.

On the road on the outskirts, a car is speeding.

Natalie is among them.

She went to the bidding site from another direction.

Natalie let out a long sigh when she heard that Sarah had an accident.


The next second, the car suddenly braked.

Natalie took a closer look, and there were a few more people in black in front of her.

“President Fisher, I would like to invite you over for a cup of tea! Don’t worry, as long as two hours are required, I promise that you won’t be embarrassed!”

They walked to the car window and said.

Natalie sighed and finished.

In two hours, the bidding meeting is over.

This was clearly directed at her.

Can she be discovered if your whereabouts are so secret?

But being stopped by someone, there is no way.

Natalie can only go to have tea.

“Sarah, I can’t help it!”

Bidding scene.

All the top executives of Lawrence Group have gathered together.

Helen, and the others are holding a winning posture.

There are also several large companies in the field. After hearing that the project was opened, they all came to participate in the bidding.

Helen looked at these people with a sneer and said, “Listen well, this project belongs to Lawrence Group. If anyone dares to bid, he is against Lawrence Group! That is a dead-end!”

In front of everyone, so domineering.

But everyone was helpless, after all, this was Lawrence Group.

Today’s bidding meeting, they just came to fill up the number of people.

“President Stone, Vice President Guan, Sarah, and Natalie are all done!”

“They can’t come to bid.”

At this time, an assistant ran over to report.

Helen showed successful smiles.

A mere Erick Group fights them?

It’s idiotic dreams.

“By the way, have you wiped your clean?”

Helen asked.

“Don’t worry, everything is handled cleanly, and it is guaranteed that it will not have anything to do with Lawrence Group!”

“In addition, we have blocked all roads, and it is impossible for others in the Erick Group to come if they want!”

The assistant laughed.

Helen said with an arrogant expression: “I hope that someone from Erick Group will come, so that we will not be lonely. Unfortunately, Erick Group is too incapable of coming, so how can they fight with me?”

Helen smiled and said, “Yes, Erick Group is too weak. They will be swallowed by us sooner or later!”

At this time, Fabner, the person in charge of the project, came out.

“Mr. Stone, the time for Mr. Guan is coming soon, shall we go in?”

Helen laughed, “Isn’t I waiting for Erick Group?”

“It is true that the Erick Group has encountered a situation on the road and cannot participate in the bidding meeting. Please come.”

Fabner led the way.


But at this moment, suddenly bursts of huge roar came from the sky, like thunder.

“Look at the sky, look!”

Someone exclaimed.

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