The Warmest Romance Chapter 1021-1022

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Chapter 1021

Sure enough, a black business car was parked outside the gate, while Yu Yimo was standing beside it.

So far apart, the two men’s eyes intersected, with a sense of unknown emotions and complexity.

Song yean walked out. As soon as he went out, Yu Yimo asked, “where is the poet of Ruan poetry?”

“In it.”

“I’ll go in and see her.”

Yu Yimo said that he was about to walk in.

Song yean’s face was suddenly gloomy. Without saying a word, he immediately blocked in front of him and looked at him seriously, “why do you enter?”

Yu Yimo frowned and his face sank. Two seconds later, his lips moved. “I’ll take a look at her. If she’s OK, I’ll leave.”

Angry, song yean touched Yu Yimo’s shoulder with his shoulder. “Yu Yimo, do you think it’s appropriate for you to break into my house at night to see my wife?”

Yu Yimo twisted his eyebrows and had nothing to say.

What song yean said is true. He and Ruan Shishi are just the relationship between their superiors and employees.

A moment later, he stepped back, looked at Song yean and asked, “what’s going on today?”

He asked people to check, and finally received the news that Ruan Shishi had gone home, so he immediately asked the driver to rush over.

Song yean frowned and subconsciously wanted to let him leave, but suddenly he thought of something. He took out a card from his pocket, handed it to Yu Yimo and asked, “have you seen this?”

It’s the card he and song yun’an picked up at the door just now.

Yu Yimo bowed his head, only looked at it once, and his face sank.

He reached for the card and the atmosphere grew colder.

The spider web logo again! It’s such a lawless tone again! It’s from Lord Luo again!

Seeing the subtle change of Yu Yimo’s face, song yean is acutely aware of something, “do you know anything?”

Yu Yimo frowned, recovered, put away the card and said, “give this to me, I’ll investigate.”

Then he turned to get on the bus.

Suddenly, the arm was a pull, he was a force to drag to turn around again.

A wave of exasperation suddenly surged into my heart, Yu Yimo directly broke song yean’s hand, cold eyes full of cold light, “what do you want!”

He doesn’t want to fight with him today.

Song yean frowned, his eyes were also serious, and he confronted him, “I ask you, that card, do you know anything?”

Yu Yimo is silent.

Song yean’s mood was a little overwhelming, “do you know who did it?”

If this matter is related to Yu Yimo, he will never let him go!

Yu Yimo said in a deep voice, “it’s just doubt, not sure.”

With that, he stepped back and opened the distance between them, staring at Song yean with warning eyes, “I will go to investigate, and finally I will announce the truth.”

Song yean looked at him and couldn’t suppress his anger. He inhaled deeply, stared at Yu Yimo’s eyes and said, “I will also investigate. If I find out that this matter has something to do with you, I will never let you go!”

Yu Yimo replies coldly, “I will accompany you to the end.”

With that, he turned around and stepped into the car.

Chapter 1022

Seeing the black car disappear in the dark, song yean turns around and enters the room.

Song yun’an has been watching by the window for a long time. Although he can’t hear what they have said, he can see that they almost started. It can be seen that the atmosphere is tense and the situation is grim.

As soon as song yean stepped into the room, song Yunan immediately welcomed him and asked, “what’s the matter? I think you almost started… “

Glancing at the woman’s curious expression, song yean had a headache. He simply answered, “I’ll go and watch the poem. You have a rest early.”

With that, he walked straight into the bedroom over there.

Who knows, as soon as he pushed the door and went in, he heard a woman’s sob inside, “no, I don’t sign I don’t want to sign it! “

Ruan Shishi struggles back and forth on the bed, obviously having a nightmare. Song yean quickly steps forward, holds her hand, and says, “don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, I’m here!”

Even said several times, the woman’s mood slowly stabilized, lying in bed, shrunk into a ball, no longer sound.

Song yean raised her eyes and looked at the tears in the corner of her eyes. She was very distressed.

He really did not dare to imagine what happened to Ruan’s poetry, which would make him afraid of becoming like this?

What does she mean by “don’t sign” just now?

No, he has to find out!

All night long, song yean stayed by Ruan Shishi’s side. Until the sky turned gray from dark, he could not resist the invasion of sleepiness and fell asleep beside his bed.

When Ruan Shishi wakes up, he sees the scene of a man standing by the bed. He holds his hand tightly and sleeps very shallow. As soon as she moves, song yean opens her eyes and looks haggard.

Ruan Shi’s heart trembled, inexplicably moved.

Unexpectedly, he stayed with her all night, which was the first warm current she felt after she experienced the bone chilling.

“Shishi, you wake up!” Seeing her, song ye’an straightened up with some excitement, then raised his hand to test her forehead temperature, and asked with concern, “are you better?”

Ruan Shishi didn’t dodge. She laughed and said softly, “I’m ok. Don’t worry.”

After a night’s recuperation, she felt her physical strength recovered a lot. Except for her arm which was scratched by climbing on the ground yesterday, the rest of the place was almost the same as usual.

Just, when she thought of what happened yesterday, coldness and fear came like a tide, which made her involuntarily fight the cold war.

Song yean hesitated for a moment and asked, “yesterday…”

Just hearing these two words, Ruan Shishi’s body was tense for a moment, and her expression was a little more tense. She quickly got up and got out of bed and asked, “where’s Sensen Shasha?”

Song yean was stunned, “they are all upstairs in the bedroom…”

Before she finished speaking, Ruan Shishi rushed out of the room and went straight to the second floor room. She pushed open the door of the children’s room and saw Sensen and Shasha, who were still sleeping on the bed. She quickly stepped forward and put her arms around them.

When Sensen and Sasha wake up from their dreams and see Ruan Shishi, they are very surprised. They are sleepy and call out, “Mom…”

Ruan Shishi hugged the two little guys, and tears poured out like he couldn’t control them. After a while, he burst into tears.

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