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Chapter 493

In the news, she saw two familiar faces!

Among them, one of them is her!!!

So happy, so rested on his back!!!

She is jealous, crazy jealous!!!

At that moment, she was puzzled, why so many people died in this avalanche, but she was still alive!!!

Why didn’t she follow, that wave of people, die!!!

Allen Emily stared at Blair Evelyn who was out of control. For a moment, she was speechless.

After a while, the room became quiet.

The atmosphere is a bit weird.

Amelia raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

Hook her lips and smile casually.


She asked.

The clouds are light and the wind is light.

“You… Amelia, you are shameless a woman!!!” Blair Evelyn cursed out of control again.

Saying her like that, she can still be so peaceful!!!

The more Amelia didn’t care, the angrier she became!!!

“Go out when you’re done!” Amelia once again issued the eviction order.

But, looking at her sight, suddenly, cold and fierce!


“Evelyn…Evelyn, let’s go out first! Amelia is uncomfortable, and waiting for Liam to see it is not good!” Seeing that the situation was a little wrong, Allen Emily was unable to do so, so she moved out of Burton Liam.

Blair Evelyn was slightly startled.

After a long while, she glanced at Amelia who was silent on the bed, snorted disdainfully, and left with sensibility.

This guy is pretty good at pretending to be innocent, if she is asked by Burton Liam, she must be the one who suffers!

It’s a long time…

Finally, she left Amelia’s bedroom.

The whole world was cleansed all at once.

Amelia in the quilt, supporting the mist, stared hollowly at the pale ceiling.

In her ears, the woman’s harsh words kept ringing.

“You are just a parasite in this family. When Liam and I are married, wait and see if you still have a place in this family!!”


The sound, one after another, one after another, fiercely, stimulated her whole heart that had long been numb.


Since, long, long ago, her stepmother began to say this to her.

Until now, she is still a parasite, a parasite that everyone hates, and a parasite that everyone wants to get rid of and abandon… a parasite!!!

And… The piece of love about her!

It turned out… even she knew it!!!

The heart suddenly became cold.

Isn’t she, she put this woman’s status in her heart too low, too low.

Very long time…

Amelia rolled over, closed her eyes, and fell asleep faintly.

A drop, a faint tear, came down the eyelid unexpectedly and traversed sadly…

She shed tears because of a few words from that woman!

However, she obviously… doesn’t want to cry, not at all!!!

At night…

When she woke up, she woke up crying.

She…has a nightmare!!!

In the dream, Burton Liam told her that he didn’t want her anymore, completely!

She stood alone at the door of the church, watching the bride in a white wedding dress, walking step by step towards the man she loved.

Step past, representing the red carpet of happiness.

Stepped on, represents the holy white rose.

At that moment, her heart seemed to be dead.

The whole world has evolved into the gloomy darkness.

She, standing there, crying and making noise.

Tears are like rain.

But the bridegroom, never looked back, just glance at her!!!

Because, in his eyes, only…in front of him, the bride in a white wedding dress!!!

Amelia was buried in the quilt and wept bitterly.

Inexplicably, the feeling of suffering in her heart made her panic…

Amelia lifted the bedding and ran out of the door with bare feet.

She wants to see him, immediately!!!

Blair Evelyn had already left because of official business, and only Allen Emily and Burton Liam remained in the huge hall.

She kept silent, just staring at the opposite Liam.

It seems…want to analyze him layer by layer from the inside to the outside.

She, more and more, did not understand the man in front of her!!!

“What’s wrong?” He was a little surprised at her look.

Allen Emily was taken aback for a moment, then returned to her senses.

“Are you in love with Amelia?” She asked without a trace of inquiry.

Only, serious.

The look in her eyes is full of seriousness!

Burton Liam was shocked, his strong back stiffened a bit.

His face was heavy, and a little bored.

Smoke a cigarette and light it.

He took a heavy breath, then raised his eyes to look at her.

In the deep blue eyes, there was a touch of loneliness, and… a trace of suffering.

He laughed, a little weak.

“Do you think this is ‘love’?” He asked her casually, but his eyes were a little self-deprecating.

After a while, he shook his head and answered, “I’m not sure…”

He is not sure…like this, love is true love!!!

The distance between them, really, too far…

Allen Emily looked at him, her heart trembled, and a little pain.

Such suffering, if it weren’t for love… so what, behave like this, true!

She curled her lips and smiled gently, “Liam, I remember you never smoked in front of me before!”

He, even this habit…has changed??

“Sorry, I forgot!” Burton Liam apologized in a low voice, and then smoothly pinched the cigarette butt in the ashtray.

“No…” Allen Emily smiled faintly, maybe forgetting it is the best!

“If you are not sure… just choose to forget it!!” Like, he now forgets her.

This way, perhaps, is the best ending.

Because she didn’t want to, seeing him, sad!!!

Burton Liam shook slightly, and the fingers supporting his head became stiff.

After a long time, he shook his head.

He does not want to forget, nor can he forget.


“She needs me!”

His words… so sure.

For sure, it hurts Allen Emily, who is the opposite.

She…needs him, so he was reluctant to forget her!!!

Allen Emily smiled lonely, “Liam, it’s impossible for you! You know, why should you force it? Would you be happy like this? Also, have you ever thought of grandma, have you thought of Evelyn? You guys? The resistance between you is not only your age but also your identity, background, morals, and ethics. In this world, it is not you who say you want to be together, you can be together!!! You know all of these…”

In the end, Allen Emily cried.

In this world, it’s not that he said he wants to be together, he can be together again!!!

She knows this truth too well!

Once, she said that she would be with him for a lifetime, but in the end… she became the woman of other men!!!

They are not together!!!

Liam on the opposite side said nothing.

His heart is aching, a bit sharp.

He understands all the truths she said!!!

But… faced with that hopeful, innocent face, at that time he dared to tell her that there was no possibility between them!!!

“Liam, why don’t you try to separate her for a while, so that the feelings that shouldn’t have settled down!” Allen Emily kindly suggested.

This love is too ridiculous, she can’t bear to watch them go wrong!!!

She even couldn’t imagine what kind of attitude her grandma would have after learning about this, and what the result of Amelia’s fate would be!

“Separate?” Burton Liam was a little annoyed, “Where do you let Amelia go? You know that she is only my relative!”

Once, she stuck in his arms more than once and murmured to him.

“Liam, in this world, I am the only one left…”

“Liam, in this world, you are my only relative.”

“Also…Liam, you can’t leave me, you can’t leave me alone…”

“Liam, have you forgotten? Amelia’s guardian is not only you but also Burton Lucas! Amelia lives in our house, and I can take care of her!!”

“Impossible!” Burton Liam interrupted Allen Emily’s proposal without hesitation, “I won’t do this! Do you think Lucas will take care of her?”

He remembers the slap last time.

What’s more, his brother will never treat small things well!

“You simply can’t bear it!!!” Allen Emily complained about sobs.

The sound has increased by several decibels.

The pain is obvious in the eyes.

After a long time, he lost his color.

There is neither affirmation nor a negative.

Then, he spoke lightly.

“Forget it, Emily, it’s too late, I’ll find the driver to take you home!”

He didn’t want to continue with her on this topic.

Later, the driver sent Allen Emily home.

He went upstairs.

As soon as he went to the corridor, he was stunned.

On the corridor, under the dim light, Amelia was wearing a long robe and night gown, bare feet, and stood there alone.

Looking at him, crying all the time…


From “unsure” to “separation”, she heard him!!!

He, look at her…

The heart, as if being pulled fiercely by someone, was painful and sharp.

Went there and approached her.

Leaning over, wiped her tears from the corners of her eyes.

“Why are you crying?”

The misty eyes of Burton Liam looked at her for a moment.

The scorching tears in the bottom of the eyes are getting more and more anxious.

Like a broken pearl, it cannot be stopped or received.

“Liam, are we really…can’t we?”

She asked him in a hoarse voice, sobbing.

The voice is so sad and sad.

He didn’t answer but gave her a deep look.

Then, he probed his hand, glanced at the ape’s arm slightly, hugged her sideways, and walked into her bedroom.

Put her cold body on the bed and carefully pull the quilt for her.

Turn off the bedside lamp and leave.

She did not call him or ask him again.

However, at the moment he closed the door, she still cried.

Hiding in the quilt, crying.

Liam closed the door and leaned on the cold door, startled.

His chest is a bit tight.

It seems to have been hit hard and hard, so painful, so stuffy,

The sturdy body slid down the door panel and sat on the ground.

Then, smoked a cigarette and lit it.

In the darkness, the flames with few stars flickered, somewhat desolate.

Smoke, lingering.

He feels a little bit cold…

For the first time, he felt so weak…

Chapter 494


Obviously, between them, just separated by a door!

But he felt…

Between them, it seems that there is a whole world apart!!!

In the night

She was inside the door, crying.

And he, outside the door, has been silent, silent…

The next day

They started, each busy with their things.

He is busy returning to the company to work.

And she, busy going to school, preparing for the final exam.

As soon as Amelia arrived at school before she had time to sit down on her desk, someone pulled her out of her body.

“What are you doing!!?” Amelia was a little angry.

There are people with such domineering behavior, except for Adam Mason’s annoying man, she can’t think of anyone else!

On the side, there is always a pair of sad eyes, staring at them.

“Why didn’t you come to school yesterday?” Adam Mason dragged her to the hallway outside the classroom and asked her condescendingly, with a strong attitude.

Amelia raised her eyes and glanced at him angrily, “I’m sick!”

After speaking lightly, she turned and prepared to leave.

“Sick?” Adam Mason probed and grabbed her.

Looking at her eyes, there was a flash of worry, “What about now? Is it better?”

“Also… okay!” Amelia seemed a little unaccustomed to his sudden concern.

“Heh!” Adam Mason snorted softly, “Let me just say it! Let you be my girlfriend, you don’t want to, are you sick now? To be my Adam Mason’s woman, you will be physically good!!!”

Adam Mason smirked, looking for a series of wrong reasons to confuse Amelia.

“You treat me like an idiot!” Amelia glared at him.

Could it be that this man thought she was a relative of the illness? Did he say not to pester her, not to pester her?

Covering Amelia’s head with a big palm, he maliciously rubbed her seaweed-like curly hair into a mess. However, such movements were full of pampering.

“Go away!!” Amelia raised her hand and patted his annoying palm with chagrin.

“Mason…” swiftly, a soft, soft call sounded between the squabbles.

The two of them had a tacit understanding.

Amelia tilted her head to face Harper’s misty eyes.

“I’m going in first!” Amelia turned around, glanced at Adam Mason, gave a casual confession, and turned around to leave.

However, the steps under her feet had not yet time to take a step, and the small hands were suddenly caught.

Amelia frowned, turned her head, and looked at him, a little annoyed.

The matter between him and this woman, does this man have to drag her into the water?

“Classmate, didn’t you see me chatting with my girlfriend?” Adam Mason still had a wicked smile, but his words were almost unfeeling.

Harper on the opposite side was startled suddenly, a touch of wounded expression was evident across her eyes.

Half a moment, hard lips opened.

“Adam Mason, I’m… pregnant!”

She sobbed and announced.

As soon as her voice fell, Amelia only felt that the big palms holding her small hands were stiff.

The smile froze on that cynical handsome face for a second.

But only one second!

Soon, Adam Mason returned to his senses, and the corners of his wicked lips rose slightly, staring at Harper who was opposite.

Shrugged, “Does it have anything to do with me?”

He asked so casually, so calmly.

As soon as his voice fell, Harper whimpered out of control in the next instant.

“Adam Mason, the child is yours!! How can you do this!!?” She, bitterly accusing the decisive man in front of her.

His sentence ‘Does it have anything to do with me? ‘It seems…It also penetrated Amelia’s heart.

At that moment, she looked at the man in front of her, and she felt so strange, so strange…

Adam Mason looked at her and smiled faintly, not seeing much affection.

“Strange, who was that ugly man the night before?” She ran into him that day. She was nestled in a man’s arms and went into the hotel together.

Has she done something like that with other men, and even convinced him that the child in her stomach belongs to him???

If the woman can still be pregnant with three levels of safety measures, then he thinks she can participate in the Guinness Book of Records!

It turns out… She has other men!

A panic flashed past Harper’s eyes.

However, soon, calm down.

Tears are accumulating.

“Forget it!” Adam Mason looked a little impatient.

“Someday you find time, I’ll accompany you to take it away!” He responded neatly to her.

As for the others, sorry, he can’t admit that this kid is his!

After speaking, Adam Mason left without hesitation.

Only left, tears, drop by drop of Harper.

Amelia thought, maybe, the kid in this stomach is Adam Mason’s.

However, this kind of thing has nothing to do with her.

Later, she entered the classroom.

The phone rang, and the call was from Liam.

Amelia picked it up, the corners of her lips, a slight smile overflowed unconsciously.

“Little thing, I might be going home later tonight!” he explained.

“En…” Amelia answered him.

He raised his eyebrows, somewhat surprised.

He thought she would question him where he was going at night!

Unexpectedly, she would be so quiet.

“I’m going to a dinner party!” He explained lightly.

“Okay! I see…” Amelia nodded and responded to him.

Her heart is overflowing with a hint of sweetness.

He will specifically call to explain to her the itinerary tonight.

That feeling is very heartwarming.

There is a feeling of home…

After a while, there was silence on the other end of the phone.

“What’s wrong?” Amelia was a little suspicious.

“Why are you so good today…?”

As a result, he couldn’t adapt for a while.

“Not good?” Amelia asked him with a chuckle.

The corners of her lips twitched, and her smile paled.

“Come with me tonight!” he said quickly.

Inexplicably, he didn’t want to leave her alone tonight.

After coming back from the snow mountain, she became obedient!

No noise or noisy, but occasionally cry…

But, she is too good now, so good that he is a little worried…

Indifferent, it is not her personality at all!

Except, she wants to deliberately, behaved…

Deliberately try to make herself mature in front of him, or more sensible.

What a fool!!!

Liam’s heart was stained with an astringent taste.

“Go together?” Amelia was a little surprised. “Can I?”

“Why not, unless you are not afraid of being bored, you can stay in the house alone!” He raised his eyebrows, deliberately using boredom to scare her.

This banquet was originally just a celebration banquet for a certain group company, not an important commercial banquet.

“Burton Liam, the banquet is also very boring!” Amelia asked him for sure.

Otherwise, why would he call her so kindly to go with him?

“Yeah! Rather than both being boring, it’s better to be boring together, what do you think?” His voice on the phone pretended to be helpless.

“Okay!” Amelia nodded, “Then I will sacrifice my game time and reluctantly go with you!”

She seemed to have made a huge sacrifice.

In fact…

She was thinking, instead of letting the two separate people, each is boring…

Why not let two people together, then, maybe, it is not so boring!

After school

Outside the school, as always, it was blocked by various high-end luxury cars.

She, holding his big palm, habitually.

And he, habitually, was dragged by these little hands.

“It’s cold?” He tilted his head and frowned, asking her worriedly.

Little hands, a little ice.

“No! It’s warm!” Amelia shook her head, and took the small hand of the big palm, tightening a bit.

An innocent smile overflowed on her lips.

Very satisfying feeling.

“Hey! Take a look, take a look, Amelia’s boss is here to pick her up again!” Suddenly, there was a low voice behind her.

“Boss? Are you saying that she was brought up by that man? Please, how is it possible? Don’t talk nonsense about this kind of thing!”

“How can it be impossible, I heard that the man is a decade older than her! Tsk tsk…”

Three ‘tsk’, it seems…meaningful.

What’s more, thick ridicule and contempt?

Also, in the eyes of ordinary people, a love that was originally a teenager with an age gap is almost shameless or fruitless.

What’s more… She is only fifteen years old now, probably, in the eyes of the world, among them, she is particularly shameless.

Besides, in the eyes of her classmates, she is now a minor lover-wife who has been raised by a man!!!

Even more shameless!!!

Amelia could feel the big palm holding her small hand stiff and stiff.

She seems… can also deeply feel his heartache.


Amelia paused and looked back.

Looking at the two women who chewed their tongues opposite, their cold eyes were a bit sharp.

At first, she didn’t want to say anything, and she didn’t want to explain anything to such a few strange women.

But, now that he is there, she is scared…

She was afraid that he would be reluctant to be seen by others like this, and even more afraid that he would be shaken because of reluctance, because of his heartache for her, his heart was already too firm…

She took his hand very tightly.

Go to the two horrified women on the opposite side.

“Who told you that I was kept-raised?”

Her voice is always so cold.

The momentum is always so noble.

“We just listened to what people said…” a little woman replied weakly.

Some were shocked by Amelia’s sudden questioning.

“I said Amelia, what are you dragging? Didn’t you just fall asleep by this rich and handsome man? You…” The other female classmate beside her was not afraid at all and shouted at Amelia.

She is a pungent daughter.

It’s just that, halfway through the conversation, she suddenly gets stuck.

Because… She saw the man beside Amelia.

“Burton…Young Master Burton?” The voice calling him looked a little embarrassed.

It was a pale green face, which was instantly replaced by a red cloud.

She didn’t expect that the handsome and golden man she just said was the Prince Charming in the hearts of many beautiful girls-Burton Liam!!!

“Miss Aria!”

Burton Liam greeted politely.

The sex-sense lip line bends in a delicate arc, and his shallow smile is adorned with a charming halo. His smile is always magical, and it always makes people unable to look away.

In the charming halo, there is a deep meaning that people can’t guess.

“Do you know?” Amelia was a little surprised.

Tilting her head, she looked at Burton Liam suspiciously.

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