The Warmest Romance Chapter 1125 -1126

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Chapter 1125

After the plane took off, within an hour, Ruan Shishi’s mobile phone had been handed over to Yu Gubei.

Sitting in the broad and bright office of the CEO of Yu’s media, Yu Gubei plays with his mobile phone. After a moment, he hooks his lips.

He looked at brother Feng who had sent his mobile phone to him and said in a low voice, “have you arranged all the photos you took?”

“It’s done.”

Brother Feng came forward and sent up his mobile phone to take pictures.

Yu Gubei calmly picks up the mobile phone and opens the photo album. There are about thirty or forty photos in it, including the photos of Ruan Shishi and Sensen Shasha waiting in the waiting room, and the photos of their group walking towards the gate.

He turned a few pictures, and then fixed his eyes on Lu Xiaoman’s face.

It’s normal for Lu Xiaoman and Ruan Shishi to be photographed together.

Yu Gubei points his finger and does not hesitate to delete the photo of Lu Xiaoman’s face. Then he chuckles and says, “it’s a good shot, just remember not to take my woman next time.”

Feng elder brother a listen, Mou bottom flash a silk surprised, then reaction come over, immediately respectful nod answer a voice, “is!”

Yu Gubei chuckles and throws his mobile phone on the table. He whispers, “these photos, go and develop them.”

These photos are useful.

He sent people to take so many pictures of Ruan Shishi and Sensen Shasha. How can he not show Yu Yimo?

In the evening, when Yu Yimo and I meet, these photos are just appetizers.

Think about it, he is somewhat looking forward to Yu Yimo’s expression when he sees these photos and learns that Ruan Shishi and Sensen Shasha have left Jiangzhou.

How wonderful should that be?

Yu Gubei chuckles and looks sideways at Shao Zhuo, who is waiting on the side. “You can go to inform Lord Luo. The good play he has been waiting for can be staged tonight.”

Shao Zhuo nodded. After answering, he could not help but remind him in a soft voice, “young master, people over there have heard that Yu Yimo is investigating the fact that Chen Desheng drowned. It is said that he has called all the shareholders to have an interview one by one.”

“So what?”

Yu Gu Beisi is not flustered and plays with the ornaments on his desk.

Shao Zhuo paused and said, “I’m afraid that what ye’s father and son have done will eventually involve the young master.”

Yu Gu beiwen said with a smile, “you also know that they did it. I didn’t give instructions or orders. How could it involve me in the end?”

Shao Zhuo was speechless for a moment.

Yu Gubei chuckles, “don’t worry, it can’t come to me.”

When he first chose to cooperate with Ye’s father and son, he had already considered that he would never find a more suitable partner in Jiangzhou. In the end, if things go wrong, it’s their own decision, and they have no relationship with him.

Having been around for so many years, he knew the ugliness of human nature, but he also made perfect use of it to protect himself.

This time, too.

Even if the sky collapses, the person who goes out to take the blame will never be him.

Just after 6 p.m., the sky in Jiangzhou city is overcast, and the dark clouds are pressing down with the heavy fog, which makes people feel depressed inexplicably.

Through the interview with the shareholders, Yu Yimo has basically figured out what happened last night, which surprised him. He did not expect that ye Fengpeng and ye Zeyu were Yu Gubei’s people.

Chapter 1126

What they are doing now is to help Yu Gubei fight for power in the future. As long as they get more support, they will pose a greater threat to him.

Yu Yimo knows this well, but he also sees clearly Yu Gubei’s ambition as a wolf.

If ye Fengpeng really quarrels with Chen Desheng and is not happy at dinner, ye Fengpeng will have a chance to attack him afterwards, and it may be more than an accident to drown.

The more Yu Yimo thinks about it, the heavier he feels. At last, more than half an hour has passed unconsciously.

Soon, Du Yue came over and knocked on the door, quietly reminded, “president, you can go.”

Today, they informed most of the shareholders to come to the scene to have a talk. Then they thought that they would take this opportunity to get together and maybe find more.

When we arrived at the restaurant, the sky was already rumbling, and a thunderstorm was swift and majestic.

Dense rain like interwoven layer of cloth, blocking everyone’s view.

In the box, everyone pushed the cup to change the cup.

It’s rare to have such an opportunity for most of the shareholders to be present. Naturally, we have endless topics to talk about. However, due to the death of Chen Desheng, we all have some forbearance and politeness.

Yu Yimo takes a deep breath, sighs, and looks down at the liquid in his glass. He is not in any mood at all.

Chen Desheng’s death, for him, is not a small blow, grew up watching his uncle, so in an accident, said no, no, it’s unexpected.

Before you know it, the dinner has already gone on for more than half.

At this moment, his cell phone on the desk suddenly rings. He frowns slightly and looks back. When he turns over the screen and sees the caller ID on it, he is slightly surprised.

It was Ruan Shishi.

Since the last time they got into a deadlock over the evidence, she didn’t want to see him at all, let alone call him on her own initiative.

Hesitated for a moment, he picked up the phone and pressed answer.


There came a woman’s urgent cry for help, and her voice trembled, “Yu Yimo, help me! Help me

For a moment, Yu Yimo’s nerves tensed, “where are you?”

“In a temple full of minarets, it’s ye Fengpeng. He caught me and wanted revenge. Ah!”

With Ruan Shishi’s scream, the voice over there suddenly stopped. The phone was hung up directly, and there was no voice.

At that moment, Yu Yimo’s blood was flowing backwards. He suddenly got up, ignored explaining to the people in the box, and rushed out with a big step.

Du Yue is surprised, also followed quickly go out, “president!”

Yu Yimo was in a hurry and asked, “it’s all in the temple with minarets Du Yue, where is the temple full of minarets in Jiangzhou? “

Du Yue was also frightened, immediately took out his mobile phone, “I call to ask.”

Said, he dialed a telephone to go out, inquires about the situation.

Two minutes later, he came over and said, “president, there are very few temples in Jiangzhou. If all the temples are minarets, there is only the castle peak temple near Castle Peak.”

Yu Yimo’s brows tightened, his face cold, and his hands clenched into fists unconsciously. “Prepare the car immediately, go to Castle Peak temple!”

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