CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1529 – 1530

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Chapter 1529

As soon as Peter stopped the car, he leaned over to get her cellphone.

Tina hid the phone behind her back and refused to give it to him, knowingly asked, “What are you doing?”

Her eyes were smiling, a bit teasing, and the ending sound was elongated and soft like a baby.

Peter’s heart was numb.

He supported Tina with one hand on the back of the co-pilot’s seat and curled her lips: “Tina, you are getting less and less of me now.”

“But what you posted on Twitter is the photo of you wearing open pants.” Tina opened her eyes wide, and said innocently.

On Twitter, the group photo of the two of them was an old photo taken by adults when the moon was full of darkness.

Peter was already two years old at that time, and Tina was still a baby lying in the cradle. In the photo, Peter was lying next to the cradle looking at Tina.

The photos have a sense of age, and the quality is not very good, but it can be seen that they are two beautiful children.

Peter got closer again, and the two faces almost came together. Tina blinked, and the hand hiding the phone behind him couldn’t help tightening.

The distance between the two is close enough to breathe.

It was too close. It was so close that Tina was a little shy, but she couldn’t show it. This would make her very faceless, and Peter would definitely make fun of her again.

But her upper body couldn’t help but pressed back, trying to stay away from Peter.

A smile flashed across Peter’s eyes: “What to hide?”

“Heh!” Tina chuckled disdainfully, “Who is hiding?”

Tina even straightened up.

The next moment, Peter’s k!ss fell.

Tina froze for a moment, but soon relaxed, and raised her head slightly, responding to Peter’s k!ss.

This k!ss is a long time.

After a long period of coldness, she was a little weakened.

When Peter let go of her, her eyes were glowing, her cheeks were slightly red, and her whole person looked soft and calm, without any attacking power.

Peter’s heart softened.

This desolation is his alone, and only he can see it.


This does not prevent him from stealing her phone.

By the time Tina reacted, it was too late, and Peter had already reached out and took the mobile phone hidden behind her.

All the warmth was swept away, and she stared at him with a deep breath: “Peter, are you a dog!”

“Hmm.” Peter patted her on the head and took her mobile phone to look at the Twitter app.

At this look, Peter was almost out of anger.

This rank!

He didn’t have any impression of this photo. He had previously taken some pictures of Rubin that he thought was the best, but in the end it was useless. Instead, he used a photo that he didn’t remember.

Year-end bonus must be deducted!

Peter was so angry that he took out his mobile phone. He wanted to let Rubin know that there was no year-end bonus, so he couldn’t let him be alone.

Tina took advantage of him to get her mobile phone back, but Peter raised his hand and she couldn’t get it.

Tina became angry: “Mobile phone!”

Peter approached her shamelessly and k!ssed her: “I’ll give it to you right away.”

Peter used Tina’s Twitter account to repost his own Tweet: “The little brother next door is handsome to big. [image]”

Then, he returned the phone to Tina.

Tina took it over and took a look. She confirmed it several times in disbelief, and said quietly, “Peter, you are a real dog.”

Peter was not angry at all after being scolded, and smiled at her.

[email protected]!

Tina turned her head and didn’t look at him at all.

Chapter 1530

Peter found Rubin’s number and was about to make a call when his cell phone rang, which happened to be the call from Rubin.

Rubin: “CEO Grant.”

Peter responded with no emotion, “Yes.”

Rubin: “There is something, I think I should let you know.”

Peter sneered: “Go ahead, I also think there is something I should let you know.”

Rubin: “That’s it. The photo of you and Ms. Weber that the company posted on Twitter was provided by Mrs. Grant.”

Peter: “?”

Rubin felt Peter’s doubts and explained patiently: “That is your mother.”


After calming down for a while, Peter asked, “Why didn’t you tell me this matter in advance?”

“Mrs. Grant contacted me before and asked about Ms. Weber. I told the truth. She didn’t say much at the time. Just after you and Ms. Weber left, Mrs. Grant came with a photo. She asked me to use this photo to post on Twitter.”

As if he felt that the explanation was not particularly adequate, Rubin added: “When I posted on Twitter, Mrs. Grant was next to me.”

Rubin knew Peter too well. He knew that Peter would be so angry that he would deduct his year-end bonus when he saw the tweet, so he had to try his best to get rid of this.

Peter’s heart was extremely choked.

There seems to be no reason to deduct Rubin’s year-end bonus.

Peter was even more heartbroken.

“Mr. Grant, I will hang up if you don’t have any other instructions.” After Rubin finished speaking, he waited for another two seconds until Peter hung up.

Peter didn’t hang up the phone, but answered another call.

Karl came here.

The first sentence Karl called was: “I saw the photo.”

Peter didn’t answer Karl’s words at all, and even asked mildly, “Oh, have you eaten?”

It is impossible for Karl to let him just fool around like this, and continue the topic of the photo: “Why didn’t you share such a precious photo earlier? Grace praised you for being cute when you were a kid.”

Peter: “…You think you now have a family, a wife, a daughter, and no brothers, right?”

Karl chuckled, his tone sounded very pleasant, but he pretended to say casually: “I forgot to tell you something. My family Grace has added a younger brother or younger sister.”

The tone was extremely solemn, and he wanted to act casually.

Peter originally thought that Karl was just scrolling Twitter to mock him, but he didn’t expect that Karl was not here to mock him at all, but to show off.

He would rather Karl came to mock him now.

Peter died of acid.

“Oh.” Peter said without a smile, “Do you think I would say congratulations?”

Karl: “Thank you.”

Peter was very choked, but he still said it again: “Congratulations!”

There was a smile in Karl’s tone: “I invite you to dinner.”

Peter: “But it depends on me…”

“When are you free?” He was interrupted by Karl before he said the words: “Tomorrow noon.”

This time, Karl didn’t give Peter a chance to speak, so he hung up after speaking.

Peter stared at the phone for two seconds, then turned to look at Tina, “Have you seen such an unreasonable person?”

Tina smiled: “The wicked still need the wicked to grind.”

Peter started the car silently, thinking of something, don’t say deeply: “Alyssa is pregnant again.”

Tina didn’t hear the deep meaning of his words: “I already knew it.”

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