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Chapter 747

Her voice choked and she said, “good night, I’m really tired…”

Today’s she has been in this environment, do not know when it will collapse.

Seeing this, song yean, with a tight heart, unconsciously came to her and held her in his arms with open arms.

The woman did not refuse, sobbing in his arms, tears wet his shirt, but did not mean to stop.

Listening to her cry, song yean’s mood became more gloomy. This was the first time he saw Ruan Shishi so fragile. In the past, she would pretend to be strong, break her teeth and swallow them into her stomach. She had never shown weakness in front of him, but now she is really distressing.

He raised his hand and patted her on the back. He said softly, “OK, OK, I’m still here.”

I don’t know how long it took for Ruan Shishi’s sobs to get smaller and smaller. She straightened up, slowly opened the distance between them, lowered her head and said in a deep voice, “I’m sorry…”

“Don’t apologize. You didn’t do anything sorry to me.” Song yean inhaled deeply and raised her hand to touch the broken hair in her ear.

Ruan Shishi bit his lip. “In fact, you guessed right before. I have feelings for Yu Yimo.”

In the afternoon sitting by the Xijiang River, she also wanted to understand many things. She admitted Yu Yimo’s feelings, but at the same time, she was tired to stay with him.

Song yean hears the speech, the eye bottom flits over a glimmer of disappointment, soon, his complexion recovers as usual, the corner of the lip pulls out a wry smile, “sure enough, my intuition is right.”

Ruan Shishi laughs at himself, looks up at Song yean and says, “but I’m really tired. I want to leave him.”

She wanted to leave him and start a new life of her own.

Song yean’s heart sank. After a moment, he looked at her carefully and said, “if you need, I can help you.”

He also wants her to open a new life, only in this way, he can slowly enter her life.

Ruan Shishi heard the speech, with a bitter smile and a complicated mood. After a pause, she looked at the man in front of her and said in a soft voice, “thank you, and you are willing to help me.”

She will first use her own way to talk with Yu Yimo about the conditions of leaving. If he is impossible, she can only think of other ways.

Meanwhile, the central hospital.

Yu Yimo stays by the bed until ye Wan’er wakes up.

Seeing that the woman on the bed opened her eyes, he let down his heart. He held ye Wan’er’s hand and unconsciously tightened it for a few minutes. “Wan’er, are you awake?”

Ye Wan’er slowly opens her eyes and sees the man in front of her. Her heart is warm. “Brother Mo…”

Before she finished, she felt the pain of her body and frowned unconsciously.

Seeing this, Yu Yimo immediately reached out and gently pressed her, and said, “don’t move. You have injuries. You can’t move now.”

Ye Wan’er said wrongly, “brother Mo, I feel so bad…”

“You’d better lie down and cultivate yourself. You’ll get better slowly.” Yu Yimo’s voice unconsciously put a lot of soft, “want to drink water, I feed you.”

When ye Wan’er hears the speech, her heart is filled with love.

It’s worth it to be able to exchange the whole body injury for the silent care.

At night, Yu Yimo coaxes ye Wan’er to sleep and then leaves the hospital. As soon as he leaves, a figure appears in front of the ward door.

Chapter 748

Huo Chuan knocked on the door, heard the response from inside, and then pushed the door in.

“How are you, miss?”

Seeing the woman lying on the bed, his eyes sank and he clenched his fist.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he couldn’t believe that the motorcycle had hit ye Wan’er!

Ye Wan’er lay on the bed and frowned, “come and shake the bed for me.”

Huo Chuan smell speech, two words don’t say, immediately walk forward, shake the head of the bed, return intimate to her back put a pillow.

Ye Wan’er’s body moved slightly, and suddenly grinned with pain, “it’s killing me.”

Huo Chuan inhaled deeply and said, “Miss, as long as you don’t move today, that motorcycle will hit Ruan Shishi. Why do you rush to save her?”

“Hum!” Ye Wan’er snorted coldly, a trace of disdain flashed across her eyes, “what do you know? If I don’t rush up, it’s going to be me! “

Originally, everything was going on in the plan. She deliberately stalled Ruan Shishi, creating opportunities for motorcycles. But unexpectedly, Yu Yimo would suddenly appear on the roadside.

At that time, she saw from a distance that Yu Yimo and Du Yue walked towards the car parked on the side of the road one by one, and she also saw that Yu Yimo saw them. If the motorcycle ran into Ruan Shishi at that time, in the end, she would definitely be the first one to be suspected!

What’s more, Yu Yimo seems to have doubted her. If something happens to Ruan Shishi, he’ll go down the rattan and find her soon, and then she’ll be finished!

Therefore, at that critical moment, she rushed to clear away the suspicion. Moreover, in this way, she would become the one who was loved and pitied by mo. on the contrary, Ruan Shi would be hated.

On the contrary, it is in her best interests to do so.

After listening to ye Wan’er’s words, Huo Chuan realized that he frowned and his face became cold again, but he didn’t say a word more.

He really didn’t know what magic Yu Yimo had. She would rather be hurt than be suspected by him!

“Huo Chuan.” Ye Wan’er’s cold voice suddenly came, “Ruan Shishi, you have to keep staring at me! Take the chance and get rid of the wild seed

Although she made a mistake this time, she absolutely did not allow Ruan Shishi to continue to be pregnant with Yu Yimo’s child! She will never be allowed to become her own threat!

Huo Chuan’s eyes sank and nodded, “yes, miss!”

Let’s not talk about Yu Yimo. The most urgent thing is to get rid of the thorns in the young lady’s heart!

The sky is gloomy, and the pointer has pointed to 11 o’clock. A black Maybach is flying through the main road in the North District.

Finally, arriving at the gate of Qingyun villa, the car stops steadily. Soon, Yu Yimo pushes the door down and walks towards the gate.

When he got to the gate, he raised his right hand and shook it on the instrument at the gate. Soon, there was a “click” sound and the door opened automatically. He walked in quickly, his face was gloomy and frightening.

The sofa of Qingyun villa is still the same as before. The living room is still the same as the monitoring room. Seven or eight computers are placed side by side, and the real-time monitoring pictures are played on it.

Luo Yu sat in front of the table, fingers “pa pa” non-stop tapping the keyboard, heard the sound, this just turned to see, blunt metaphor with a silent nod, “boss.”

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