The Warmest Romance Chapter 805 -806

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Chapter 805

After a while, the door of the study was pushed open. Then, Professor Ruan came out with a brush in his hand. Ruan Shishi stood up and said, “Dad…”

Seeing this, Professor Ruan’s face suddenly changed and turned back to the room.

The door was closed with a bang. For a moment, the atmosphere in the room suddenly sank.

Ruan Shishi felt as if a basin of cold water had poured directly down her head.

Ms. Liu is also a Leng, quickly raised her hand and patted the door, “old man, what are you doing! When your daughter doesn’t come back, you talk about it every day. Now you’ve got to be angry again! “

Soon, Professor Ruan’s cold response came from the room, “don’t come back if you don’t want to! It’s been five years. What are you doing back here? “

Hearing this, Ruan’s heart was cold, and there was an unspeakable sour in his heart.

“You old man! Open the door! This is your only daughter

“And your grandchildren are waiting here! What’s your temper


Ms. Liu called a few times, angry, see no response, simply came back, took song Yisen and song Yisha to the side, asked what, and then led them to the door of the study.

As if with Grandma’s instructions, Sensen and Sasha, one left and one right, raised their little hands and patted the door, “grandfather…”

“Grandfather, open the door…”

Listening to the small milk sound one after another, Ms. Liu couldn’t help but lift her lips. She bet that in less than five minutes, the old man would automatically open the door!

Sure enough, three minutes later, there was a sound of footwork in the room. Then, in the call of Sensen and Sasha, the door was opened.

Ruan Jiao!! The professor frowned and appeared at the door. When he looked down at the two little guys, he was stunned. A trace of light flashed across the bottom of his eyes.

Sensen and Sasha are also the first time to see grandfather. They are unavoidably unfamiliar. They stare at him with big eyes and dare not cry.

Professor Ruan looked a little complicated. He took a deep breath, hesitated for a moment, and slowly squatted down, “you What’s your name? “

Song Yisen said, “my name is song Yisha, and her name is song Yisha.”

Professor Ruan’s eyes brightened, and the expression on his face was instantly replaced by tenderness and happiness. He nodded, opened his arms, and held the two little balls in his arms. “Good name, good name Let grandfather have a good look… “

Next to Ruan’s poem, his nose was sour and his eyes were full of tears.

Over the years, she did not fulfill her filial piety as a daughter, did not come back to see them, and even had few telephone connections.

It’s not that she doesn’t miss them. It’s that she has too many problems. At first, she is afraid of Yu Yimo, and then she is tied up by her children. It’s been several years.

“Grandfather How old are you? My hair is white… “


Two little guys around Professor Ruan, all kinds of questions kept asking, after a while, Professor Ruan had been teased to close his mouth.

Ms. Liu walked to the sofa from the side, took Ruan Shishi and sat down. She comforted him with sincere words and said, “Shishi, don’t blame your father. In recent years, he’s not doing well either…”

“I’m afraid you’re not doing well outside. You haven’t come back in recent years. He’s very sad.”

Chapter 806

Hearing what Ms. Liu said, Ruan Shishi felt even more sad. She took a deep breath, bit her lip, took Ms. Liu’s hand, and whispered, “Mom, I’m sorry that I didn’t come back to see you these years. It’s really my unfilial…”

“Don’t think so. Other people don’t understand. I understand when I’m a mother. You’re outside with two children. Xiao Song is running from home and abroad. There’s nothing I can do Mom doesn’t blame you

Ms. Liu said, sighing and shaking her head.

Ruan’s heart was warm when she heard about song yean. She opened her mouth when she talked about song yean. She wanted to explain, but she didn’t say anything at last.

Let’s hide this lie, otherwise, it will only increase their worries.

In fact, she and song yean are not the kind of relationship that outsiders think, even song Yunan does not know.

People who didn’t know it thought that they were in love with each other and settled a home abroad, as well as a pair of lovely twins. Insiders thought that they were in love with each other for a long time. Song yean was willing to raise children for others and be stepfather. But in fact, she and song yean did not come to the last step.

He was affectionate to her, but she was more grateful to him. Over the years, he not only gave her unlimited care and warmth, but also played the role of father of two children, making up for the lack of paternal love of children.

She tries to open her heart to him, and he acts as the father of the child. You can get what you want.

“Shishi, what’s the matter? What do you think, so obsessed? “

Ms. Liu stretched out her hand and shook it in front of Ruan Shishi’s eyes. Then she reacted and quickly turned to look at her, “no Nothing, just a little tired. “

Ms. Liu smell speech, looked at a time, “you look at me, this pot is still stewing ribs soup! How did you forget? Today, you and my precious grandchildren must stay and try my craft

Ruan Shi’s heart warmed, and she said with a smile, “good.”

Over the years, she also wanted to recall the taste of her mother’s cooking.

Ms. Liu hurried into the kitchen and began to be busy. On the other side, Professor Ruan and Sensen, Sasha were having a good time. An old naughty boy with two little mischievous children was in a lively atmosphere.

Ruan Shishi stands by and looks at them. She can’t help but lift her lips. Suddenly, the mobile phone in her pocket vibrates. She takes out her mobile phone and looks at it. When she sees the remarks on the screen, she becomes serious.

She got up and went to the side, pressed the answer button, “Hey, brother Qi, what’s the matter?”

Qi Ge is her agent. He is helping to contact and connect some domestic businesses.

Three years ago, Ruan Shishi’s whimsical idea to post on a foreign platform suddenly became popular. After that, she had a group of fans. She insisted on recording the daily life of Sensen and Sasha. Later, people from Qige company saw her and invited her to take a group of photos of twins. Unexpectedly, she became popular on the Internet. Since then, many children’s commercial performances and advertisements came to see her.

But she doesn’t want to let the two little guys get in touch with commercial things too early. She only chooses some good activities to take them to attend, and usually takes photos for them.

In addition, she worked as a small director in a film and television company in the United States. She has made several films with some achievements, and her income is not bad.

This time, she went back to Jiangzhou because she was going to attend an award ceremony and took two kids to take part in a shooting about wildlife protection.

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