CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1299 – 1300

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Chapter 1299

Stephanie stopped speaking, her tone a little dissatisfied: “Ms. Tina.”

Tina can naturally understand Stephanie’s mood at this time, Stephanie probably thought she wanted to swallow this glass of wine.

So many people were watching, Cathy looked at Tina’s reaction, and thought Tina was about to drink this glass of wine.

But the next moment, she said leisurely: “You let me give you face? For whom? Is it for you? Who are you?”

As soon as these words came out, the celebrities who were still talking quietly next to them suddenly became quiet, and the atmosphere did not dare to pay attention to the situation here.

Cathy’s complexion also changed again and again. She didn’t expect that Tina would not only deny her face, but also prevent her from coming to the stage.

Cathy has been very hot in the entertainment industry recently. There are many people who hate her, and there are also many people who flatter her. This has caused her to become more and more arrogant and less and less see Tina in her eyes.

Thinking that Tina was now in a state of despair, she was just a little artist who could handle it at will.

But she forgot that Tina is a famous gang in the entertainment circle, not the kind of person who can swallow her breath.

Stephanie watched with enthusiasm from the side and her eyes shining brightly. She is indeed her idol.

Under the gaze of so many people, Cathy felt like a man on her back. These people must be laughing at her secretly, even if it was Peter’s girlfriend, any female star in the company would dare not give her face.

Peter sat next to Tina and didn’t mean to help Cathy at all.

Cathy gritted her teeth and barely smiled: “What are you talking about, Miss Weber, I just want to have a drink with you.”

“Why do you want to drink with me, do you want to thank me for giving you all the resources in my hand?” Tina sneered, “Then you are mistaken. I am willing to give up the resources in my hand. That is up to Mr. Grant and his face.”

Tina said, pushing the wine glass in front of Peter, looking at Cathy and saying, “This glass of wine, you should present it to CEO Grant.”

The people around couldn’t help taking a breath.

Tina deserved to come out of the entertainment circle step by step steadily. Her speech skills were first-rate, and the surface was invisible, but it made people understand the meaning of her words at once.

The meaning in her words is straightforward and clear: I don’t like Cathy.

This is more lethal than the questioning just now.

The people Following gossip next to her are a bit scared, Tina dares to say anything.

The expression on Cathy’s face can no longer hang up: “Isn’t it just a glass of wine? If you don’t want to drink with me, Miss Weber, you may as well, I just drink it myself.”

In this situation, if she doesn’t look down the stairs herself, she will only be raised up high later, making people look at jokes, and it is she herself who is ashamed.

At this moment, Peter didn’t say anything, suddenly said, “You give me face so much, so I should have a drink with you?”

Tina tilted her head slightly and met Peter’s indistinct emotions.

As Peter said, he pushed back the glass of wine that Tina had pushed past.

Tina’s eyes fell on the glass of wine, and some did not understand what Peter meant.

She looked up inadvertently and saw a flash of light in Cathy’s eyes, looking at Peter with joy.

Peter… is helping Cathy get ahead?

Tina’s originally calm expression turned cold quickly: “Mr. Grant really wants me to drink this glass of wine?”

Chapter 1300

Tina knew that what she said to Peter before was a bit too cruel.

So she can understand Peter’s anger, and know that one of the reasons Peter asked her to give up resources to Cathy was that he wanted to retaliate against her to vent his anger.

She agreed without hesitation at that time, just to let Peter relieve his anger.

She just didn’t want to get involved with him anymore, what she said hurt him, so she tried to make up for him, but it didn’t mean that she wanted to wrong herself, to the point of swallowing her breath.

She is not eighteen years old anymore.

The eighteen-year-old Tina can be desperate.

She is not Stephanie’s age in her early twenties, who is full of fantasy and longing.

After two years, she will be thirty years old.

A woman at this age already knows how to protect her self-esteem, even if she falls, she must be the most calm and beautiful appearance.

“Then it’s up to you to give me this face.” Peter’s voice was calm, and his eyes looked deep at Tina.

Tina had an answer in her temporary thinking.

She calmly pushed the glass to Stephanie, “Stephanie, you also know that I have a cold, please help me drink it.”

The meaning of these words is that they don’t intend to give Peter this face.

After Tina finished speaking, she sneezed very well.

When Stephanie looked at the glass of wine in front of her, her brows were frowning. This was probably the worst wine she had ever encountered in her life.

“If you don’t want to drink it straight, why push it to others?” Peter’s tone increased a bit, sounding a little angry.

“Didn’t I say it? I have said it several times, and I said I have a cold and I don’t drink!” The calm tone was also cold, with obvious anger in tone.

She was really angry too.

Peter is making trouble unreasonably.

She originally thought that after she gave up, she could get along with Peter.

She was wrong.

Alyssa said before that Peter was mature enough and she was able to take responsibility, so she tried to confess everything to Peter.

But at this time she realized that Peter hadn’t made much progress over the years.

Peter looked at Tina’s brows and eyes that were smeared with anger, and was startled for a moment, subconsciously trying to appease her: “I am not, I mean…”

Tina interrupted him coldly: “Mr. Grant, I am not feeling well and want to go back to rest.”

Before Peter could speak, Tina got up and walked outside.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing why it became like this.

Tina was also really arrogant. She didn’t even give Peter’s face when she didn’t drink with Cathy, and now she just left.

Throughout the entire entertainment industry, there is really no female artist who is so courageous.

“I… I’m leaving now.” Stephanie dropped this sentence and hurriedly left to chase Tina.

“Peter, don’t be angry with Miss Weber…” Cathy walked to Peter’s side, comforted softly, and reached out to pat him on the shoulder.

Peter avoided her hand, did not say a word, took the wine glass in front of him and drank it all in one breath.

When he stood up again, his complexion had returned to normal: “Tina has been in the company for so many years. You also know her temper. Don’t worry about it. Don’t let her distract you. Come on, everyone. Keep playing.”

After Peter spoke, the episode just now was quickly turned over.

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