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Chapter 405

Thanks to his luck, he fell on the sand net in the middle when he was falling. Although the sand net could not bear the gravity of the two, fortunately, when he fell back to the ground, his momentum was weakened a lot and his injuries were less severe.

However, his head had a slight concussion, and his right leg… also fractured!!!

But fortunately, the contractor’s injuries were much lighter than Blair Elijah’s.

Hazel has been taking care of him by the bed and wiped the sweat from his forehead for him from time to time. Probably, he was in a coma, was it painful?!

Seeing him constricting his brows, Hazel felt uncomfortable. She stretched out her hand to smooth his wrinkled brows. However, the little hand was held tightly by his big hand.

Hazel staring at the man on the bed, she was overjoyed.

“You’re awake?”

Blair Elijah didn’t open his eyes, he just squeezed her little hand tightly, spread her fingers bit by bit, and then… buckled her ten fingers very tightly.

“Blair Elijah…”

Hazel’s heartbeats nervously.

Her eyes fixed on Blair Elijah’s face, without blinking, the nervous expression was written on the center of her eyebrows, and she couldn’t get rid of it.

“Elijah?” She called him tentatively, “Are you awake?”


Finally, Blair Elijah opened his eyes lazily, his sexy lips hooked, a little weak, but his smile was still bright.

Hand, holding Hazel’s little hand, soft finger pads stroked the back of her hand, again and again…

Seems like petting, greedy, reluctant…

“I’ll call a doctor!!”

Those who smile with excitement will turn on the warning light.

“And many more…”

Blair Elijah stopped her movement, “What anxious!”


“I’m fine! Just stay like this for a while! Otherwise, the boy Evan is here, he must be noisy.”

Blair Elijah is greedy for this two-person world.

“Who is so noisy?”

Unexpectedly, when he said Evan would arrive.


Blair Elijah cursed.

“Senior Evan…”

Hazel in a panic will get away from Blair Elijah’s hand, a small face flushed with shame.

However, Blair Elijah grasped her hand firmly and did not let go.

In this scene, she saw Evan’s eyes, not to mention dazzling, “Okay! You two don’t entangle here, linger! Let me not let you live as a single!!”

Hearing Evan’s words, Hazel became even more embarrassing.

“Hazel, he is a patient now! The patient wants to hold it, let him hold it! Who makes him so thick-skinned?”


“Evan, you don’t speak, but no one treats you as dumb!!” Blair Elijah gave him a bad look.

Hazel only smiled, but she heard Evan’s words, and the hand he held no longer struggled.

“Senior Evan, his injury shouldn’t be a big problem, right?” Hazel asked Evan.

“Don’t worry, he can’t die!!” Evan added the medicine and said pointlessly, “He’s missing an arm, a broken leg or something, for Blair Elijah, a small case!! Right?”

Evan said, still not forgetting to reach out and pat Blair Elijah’s solid chest.


“Okay! Saved the beauties, and also protected his staff. This hero is enough to show!!” Evan did not forget him.

“Get out! You die quack!”

“…” Hazel directly.

Are these two really good brothers? How do they look like two big enemies?

“Ah, yes…”

Suddenly, Evan seemed to remember something, and then said, “Well, there are not enough beds in the hospital, so I arranged for you to be discharged tomorrow.”


“Senior Evan, how can he be discharged from the hospital like this? The cast of this leg has just been put! Are you… isn’t this kidding him?” Hazel was also a little anxious.

Shouldn’t good brothers take care of each other? But, when it comes to him, why should he start with his friend first?

“Some things always need to pay a price!! How can you have it without sacrifice, right? Blair!!” Evan said unpredictably, looking at Blair Elijah with a smirk.

“Okay, it’s so decided! No objections!”

Blair Elijah was aside, silent.

“But, without the care of a nurse, what should he do at home? And if there is a problem, he can’t be solved in time… No, he can’t just be discharged from the hospital.” Hazel is anxious, how can they be so foolish?

“There is no nurse, there is you! Hazel, you will take care of him more than the hospital nurse, right?”

“But I am not a professional nurse after all!” Hazel was embarrassing.

At this meeting, Blair Elijah completely understood what Evan meant.

Sure enough, if he wants something, he has to give something first!

“Don’t worry! He graduated from a medical college, anyway, he knows how to deal with any problems, you just have to do it! Besides, don’t you still have me? Just call me anytime! You are on call!”

He didn’t make fun of his brother’s legs casually.

“Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with his head! It’s just that his legs still need to be trained! I will tell you as soon as there are beds in the hospital.”

“But…” After all, Hazel still couldn’t relax.

“Okay! Hazel, don’t mother-in-law, this guy decides it’s something, no one can change it.”

Blair Elijah just talks nonsense!!!

The two men cast a glance at each other this is a very good opportunity to save this woman.

It will take at least two months to half a year to repair his legs, right?! Tsk tsk…If this woman can’t be dealt with for such a long time, then Blair Elijah, you are not a man anymore!!!


Hazel at home while packing things up, she explained to her mother Adeline, “Mom, these few days are a critical period. I have to live there for a few days first.”

“Um…” Adeline looked at her suspiciously, with a clear face, “Daughter, you…have done it so soon?”

“Mom! You think too much! I just… After all, he saved my life! I don’t take care of it more or less! Besides, isn’t it because the hospital doesn’t have a bed? Hey…”

“So pitiful?” Adeline heard her daughter say this, and did not gossip anymore, “It’s okay, you can take care of him these few days! I’ll take Landon, so don’t worry!”

“En!” Hazel nodded.

Hazel only remembered Blair Elijah’s injury, she hadn’t had time to talk to Landon!

Hazel simply accepted a few suits and moved into the house where she and Blair Elijah used to be.

Familiar figures kept running around in the kitchen, hall, and bedroom. For a moment, both people felt the same…

It seemed, all of a sudden, it went back to five years ago!!!

Five years ago, in the days of their kindness and love!!!

Hazel was still busy in the kitchen while wearing an apron, so she heard Blair Elijah calling her upstairs.

Hazel quickly untied her apron, and after washing her hands, went upstairs, “Here”

Pushing the door open, Blair Elijah was still lying on the bed, tilted his head, and asked her, “What are you doing?”

Chapter 406

The dark eyes are full of bored expressions.

Hazel helplessly, spread her shoulders, “Cook. What are you asking me for?”

Hazel while talking approached him.

“It’s okay!” Blair Elijah shook his head, “I just can’t see you, I miss you…”


“Blair Elijah, you are boring!!” Hazel turned around to go out.

“Allison Hazel!!”

Blair Elijah stopped her.

Hazel looked back at him helplessly, “What’s the matter? I’m very busy!!”

“Come here first!!” Blair Elijah beckoned to her.

Hazel stands still.

“Come here, hurry up…” Blair Elijah urged her.

Hazel helplessly, approached him, stood still by his bed, “What are you doing!”

“Sit down…”

Blair Elijah patted the edge of the bed.

Hazel stared at him.

Blair Elijah reached out to pull her, “Sit down and accompany me first…”

As soon as the words fell, there was no time to wait for Hazel to come back to her senses, but swiftly, he fished the neck of Hazel, without warning, a deep kiss directly fell on the red lips of Hazel above.

“Hmm -“

With his wet lips and tongue rubbing her soft lips, Blair Elijah neatly pried away from her slightly flared teeth and began to attack the city recklessly.

Hazel was upset by his sudden kiss, and her whole mind was blank.

Blair Elijah didn’t let go of her in his arms until both people panted a little.

Blair Elijah’s lips are still unwilling to drift away from Hazel’s lips…

God knows, she is below, where he can’t see her, how much he misses her.

“Um, I… I have to go down to cook!!”

Hazel pushed him, blushing, and was about to go downstairs.

Blair Elijah curled his lips, “I want to go down together too!”

When Hazel heard this, she became angry, “You obediently wait here!! Don’t be like a child.”

“Oh…” Blair Elijah nodded, “Well…then you have to come up and accompany me quickly! Otherwise, I’m going to be bored!!”

Ah… lying on this bed and can’t do anything, why is it so boring, boring or boring?!!!

All-day long, Blair Elijah kept yelling upstairs.

“Allison Hazel…”



Hazel was busy downstairs leisurely, tidying up the kitchen, tidying up the room, and feeding Hazelic and smile by the way.

These two little things have become more and more affectionate recently, and they always stick together every time she sees them.

“Smile, you should also give birth to a bunch of babies for Hazelic, right?”

Hazel was talking, and she felt that there was something wrong.

Why does it sound so strange?? Hazel couldn’t help but her face turned red.

Hazel hurriedly threw a few pieces of minced meat in and quickly escaped.

At nine o’clock at night, Hazel had just come out of the bathroom of the guest room, and she heard Blair Elijah in the next room calling her on the bed.


The voice is very sad.

Hazel didn’t have time to dry her hair, so she went into his bedroom.

“What’s happening?”

Hazel looking at him, asked concerned, “Do you want to drink water? Or… go to the bathroom?”

“No…” Blair Elijah shook his head, “Neither.”

“Then what are you doing?”

Blair Elijah scanned his whole body and said, “I also want to… take a bath.”

Hazel stared at him blankly, “But your legs…”

“Can’t get wet!” Blair Elijah answered her.

“Then you still take a bath!!”

“So… I have to ask you for help!!” Blair Elijah smiled at her pitiful appearance, “You can wipe my body!! Hazel…”

“No!” Hazel refused without hesitation.

“How can you do this? You know I have a cleanliness fetish…”

“No, no!” Hazel is very decisive.

“You can’t tell me not to take a shower these months?” Blair Elijah was depressed.

“This is only the next day!!” Hazel didn’t look at him at all.


Blair Elijah pouted his mouth and sat on the bed, looking at her.

“Forget it, since you are not willing to help me, then I have to go and wash myself!” Blair Elijah said, going down on the bed.

Hazel was startled, “Blair Elijah, don’t mess around.”

Blair Elijah looked up at her.

“Okay, okay!! When I’m afraid of you!!!” It’s really…

Hazel hurriedly pushed the wheelchair over, helped him to sit in the wheelchair, and said, “How do you do things like a child, regardless of the consequences. What if you get water on your feet? Really!”

Hazel was still scolding him, but Blair Elijah just smiled.

After entering the bathroom, Hazel put the water away and saw Blair Elijah still sitting in the wheelchair calmly, motionless.

“Uh, that…”

Hazel stared at him, her expression a little awkward, “Or, I’ll go out first, you can take off your clothes first…”

“No need!!”

Blair Elijah unbuttoned his pajamas, and said, “It’s not like you haven’t seen it anyway!”


However, she is indeed quite familiar with his body.

No matter how twitchy it is, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. It’s better to finish the rubbing earlier and get rid of it sooner.

“Forget it, let me help you…”

Hazel saw that his hand untied his belt was awkward and awkward, and there were some bruises on his arm. There was no other way, so she had to help him out.

Hazel’s slender fingers unbuttoned Blair Elijah’s clothes little by little, and the soft finger pads touched Blair Elijah’s skin, making his heartbeat involuntarily.

“Allison Hazel…”

He called her.


“You… like this…” Blair Elijah’s voice was a little dumb, and continued, “I… I want to swallow you!!!”

Hazel glared at him, “Blair Elijah, what are you thinking about in your head?!!!”

The little hand-hammered his chest, but her eyes did not dare to look around at him.

She knows, this man’s figure is absolute, one for one!!!

She was really afraid that she was attracted by him, and couldn’t help but swallow the man in front of her!!!

Hazel took the hot and humid towel and began to wipe the man’s body seriously.

But Blair Elijah, sitting lazily in a wheelchair, tilted his head back slightly, squinted, enjoying the joy of life in front of him.

In the bathtub, mist-filled the entire bathroom.

Hazel’s eyes were stained by the mist, giving the already charming Hazel covering an extremely seductive blur…

Looking at the bottom of Blair Elijah’s eyes, his heart couldn’t help but gallop.

The whole body is boiling involuntarily…

The hot sweat continued to seep down between the forehead, and the lower abdomen quickly swelled, as if he was ready to attack at any time.

Hazel was a little panicked by his stare.

“Blair Elijah, why do you… keep looking at me with such a look?”

Her hands were floating on his bronze skin.

The heart beats faster than a derailed rabbit.


Blair Elijah stretched out his hand and held her hand tightly, but the palm of his hand was very hot…

“Have you ever thought about… come back?”

Blair Elijah’s words made Hazel completely gripped.

The hand froze for a second…

Her face was a little flustered.

“I… that, Blair Elijah, what kind of shower gel do you want to use?”

This woman began to change the subject again.

“There is only one shower gel!” Blair Elijah exposed her.

“Oh… this, this way, then use this…” Hazel reached for it.

“Hazel, that’s shampoo.” Blair Elijah kindly reminded her.

“Ah, that’s it! Haha… looks like…”

Hazel smiled awkwardly, looking very awkward.

Blair Elijah stretched out his hand and broke her body, “Hazel, can you stop running away…”


Hazel panicked, threw the shower gel, and prepared to go out.

“Okay, okay, I’m afraid of you!” Blair Elijah was surrendered by her, “I won’t force you! Don’t be like this…”

“Yes, sorry…”

Hazel apologized, her voice was very weak, “I…I didn’t mean to escape, I just haven’t been mentally prepared yet!”

“What psychological preparation do you need?”

Blair Elijah looked at her, stretched out his hand, touched her pink cheek, and smiled lightly on the corner of his sexy lips.

“Hazel, if you are not together, this has always been a matter of two people, as long as you are ready to accept me, everything becomes possible!! I know, you are worried about your mother, right? As long as I am given a chance, I can apologize, explain, and plead guilty, but I hope… you can give me a positive answer.”

Hazel looking at him…

The water mist filled the eyes, spreading circle after circle…

She asked him, “What is meant by… a matter of two people?”

Blair Elijah was stunned for a second, and then chuckled slightly, “Don’t you understand?” “I don’t understand!!” Hazel shook her head as if some tears were rolling in her eyes.

“I didn’t understand five years ago, five years later… still don’t understand! Blair Elijah, I don’t understand your heart, why, why it’s been so long, you still… let me be with you…”

Blair Elijah’s deep eyes fixedly stared at her…

Hand, hold her little hand…

He lowered his head and gently pecked a kiss on the back of her hand.

“Hazel, there is a sentence. Five years ago, I wanted to tell you. There were too many opportunities to tell you before, but I thought that if I do this with my heart, you will understand! I found that girls are always dull animals, and they are the kind of people who would rather believe what they say than the silly species they see in front of them! Therefore, when I planned to tell you everything, I found that there is no chance to say it again… because, in the last sentence, you didn’t give me another chance!!”

“But… I must tell you today! What I wanted to say five years ago, what I still want to tell five years later…”

“It is me…”


Blair Elijah said a word, stuck in his throat before he could say it, but they could only hear a milky scream from the door.

Hazel’s tense heart, after hearing that scream, suddenly seemed to be a broken line, all expectations fell at that moment, and deep loss in the bottom of her heart filled with it.

Blair Elijah also looked at the little guy at the door who was still blocking his eyes with his little hands, all kinds of depressed.

The little devil stared at the door, “Why are you here?”

The little guy curled his lips aggrievedly, “Uncle, did you even bother to laugh?”

“Really! And yes, it’s very disturbing!!” Blair Elijah was unhappy.

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