CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1317 – 1318

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Chapter 1317

Alyssa looked at Peter’s helpless expression and patted Grace on the head: “Grace, go eat.”

“Okay.” Grace obediently retracted and sat down, and then rejoined as if thinking of something again: “Uncle Grant, Happy New Year, come on.”

Peter smiled, even his voice softened: “Grace also has a happy New Year, and your uncle will give you a big red envelope.”

It really didn’t hurt her for anything.

After Grace had a meal, Alyssa put her mobile phone away: “Are you sure you just learned how to cook, are you going to make such a difficult dish?”

“Of course, I am dignified, Mr. Grant, even if I learn to cook, I must learn to cook hard dishes!” Peter swept off his hair with great momentum.

This is almost the same as what Tina said before.

“Then you follow the steps I said, and I will watch you do it.” Peter rarely asks her for help, let alone such trivial matters. Of course, she is willing to help him.

Karl, who had been silent all the time, suddenly caught Alyssa with chopsticks.

Peter had a meal: “Did I bother you while eating?”

Almost as soon as the voice fell, Karl said: “If you know, you still ask?”

“It’s okay, leave him alone, I can speak while eating.” Alyssa turned her head and glanced at Karl, motioning him not to make trouble.

Karl pretended not to receive the message from her eyes and continued to pick her up.


Tina finally cooked a pot of braised chicken in accordance with Alyssa’s instructions with great effort.

But because there were too many pumps in the middle, it was dark, it looked like it was poisoned.

Tina grabbed a fork in her hand, plucked up full courage, forked a piece of braised chicken and brought it to her mouth.

She closed her eyes and turned her heart, and put the black braised chicken into her mouth.

It is the taste of meat.

It just doesn’t taste much, the spice smells a bit big.

She remembered that she didn’t put salt just now.

Anyway, the combination is… unpalatable.

Tina chewed twice in her mouth before vomiting directly into the trash can.

Although only one dish was made, the kitchen was in a mess. She was so tired that she just wanted to rest for a while and wanted to clean up later.

Back in the living room, she checked the time and found that it was almost three o’clock in the afternoon.

She just cooked a dish, and more than four hours passed.

No wonder she feels a little hungry.

Cooking is really difficult.

When Tina was thinking about whether to go out to eat or order a takeaway to make do, the alarm sounded outside.

She walked to the door, and when she opened the door, the neighbor on the other side also opened the door.

The neighbor asked Tina, “What happened?”

“I don’t know, I just opened the door and came out.” Tina was also a little confused.

At this time, there was movement on the stairs, and Tina walked over and found that the residents upstairs were running down the stairs.

There are basically many celebrities living in this community. One of them saw Tina with surprise on his face: “Tina, do you live here too?”

“Yeah, what happened?” Although she couldn’t recognize who this person was, Tina smiled at him friendly.

“Don’t you know it’s on fire? Run quickly!”


It’s so good how suddenly it caught fire.

When Tina ran down with them, the property ran up with people.

When they got downstairs, the fire brigade also came.

Tina and a group of residents were standing outside the community, listening to their chattering discussions, but she didn’t even know where the fire was now.

Chapter 1318

Tina looked up into the community.

After watching for a while, it suddenly occurred to her that Peter also lived here.

When she came back from the supermarket in the morning, she ignored Peter, so she didn’t know which building Peter lived in.

Shouldn’t he happen to live in the same building as her?

Even if he lives in the same building, he shouldn’t be so stupid that he won’t run away if it catches fire?

Tina was a little ugly to sit and stand, and turned around to look for Peter in the crowd.

She searched all the people gathered at the gate of the community, but did not see Peter.

Maybe it’s not in her house.

However, it is also possible that he slept too deep, or something else did not notice that it was on fire…

This person has never been very careful.

She felt more upset the more she thought about it, and took out her cell phone to call him.

When calling, she still said to herself in her heart that they had already talked about each other, and Peter had said so clearly before, for public and private. At this time, she should make this call.

Thinking about it this way, she was half-hearted and felt that her call was justified.

But after the call was connected, no one answered.

Tina’s heart became more anxious, and she didn’t even notice that she was biting his fingers subconsciously.

The phone rang until it was automatically hung up and no one answered it.

Tina thought for a moment, and found Rubin’s WeChat on the phone.

Rubin is Peter’s assistant. He doesn’t have many intersections with Tina, but he helped Peter pass information to Tina before, so she has WeChat.

Tina quickly found Rubin’s WeChat and made a WeChat call.

Rubin picked up quickly.

“Miss Weber?” Rubin should be at home. It sounded a bit noisy on his side, but gradually it became less noisy.

He should have gone outside to answer the phone.

“Sorry, I want to disturb you today. I have something to ask you, did you buy a house for Peter in the community where I live?”

Rubin is also a very cautious person. Hearing Tina’s words, he cautiously said: “Miss Weber, things are not what you imagined. Mr. Grant just asked me to look at the house for him, and he gave me full authority to buy a house Dealing with it, I saw many houses and saw the neighborhood you live in. It’s really not because you live there, it’s just a coincidence…”

“Okay, I see. Our community is on fire. I can’t see Peter. You can just tell which room he lives in.” Tina didn’t even bother to listen to Rubin’s explanation.

When Rubin heard it, he knew that the matter was serious, and directly uttered Peter’s house number.

After listening to Tina, he murmured: “Really in the same building as me…”

“Miss Weber, listen to me…”

Rubin wanted to explain again, and Tina interrupted him directly: “I see, it’s a coincidence that you have to say that, I will go to Peter first, and I will talk about it later…”

Tina finished speaking, hung up the phone, and walked into the community.

But the security guards refused to let her in: “Miss Weber, there is no notification in there to say you can go in, the trouble is just waiting there…”

“No, I have friends still inside…” Tina tried to explain to the security guard.

The security said: “You don’t worry, the firefighters will rescue your friend.”

Tina still felt uneasy, mainly because she could not make calls to Peter.

“I have a dog at home, my room is locked, I must go back to rescue him, I just came out to take out the garbage… My dog ​​is important to me, I can’t do without him, please…”

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