CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1327 – 1328

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Chapter 1327

In the car.

After Helen sat down and thanked Tina politely, without a trace of grievance that someone had been thrown on the roadside late at night, she said generously: “Thank you Miss Weber.”

“On the way.”

Tina only glanced at Helen, then looked away.

If Helen is a well-known socialite in the circle, her appearance, knowledge, and everything is outstanding, taking out any part of her body can make most women feel ashamed.

Many women look down on Helen, but at the same time, they are jealous of her.

Because there are too many men who want to spend a lot of money with Helen.

And Tina and Helen have had several bonds, but they have never had a close friendship.

Calculating carefully, Tina and Helen’s classes are not the same. Although Tina is also in the entertainment industry, she is clean all the way.

As for Helen’s status, no matter whether she did anything dirty or not, the label on her body cannot be easily removed.

“Miss Weber, just drop me off at a place where I can take a taxi.”

Helen’s voice pulled back her cool thoughts.

Tina came back to her senses, and didn’t make much effort to retain: “Okay.”

Soon after entering the city, Tina asked the driver to stop and let Helen get off on the side of the road.

When getting off the car, Helen said, “Thank you Miss Weber for today. I hope I can repay Miss Weber for this kindness.”

“Miss Helen is polite.”

Helen nodded slightly at her, then turned and left.

The car continued to drive, and Peter’s voice came faintly: “I thought you were going to ask the plane to take her to the door directly.”

Tina couldn’t help but glance back again: “Just brought her here. Miss Helen can find her way home by herself.”

After listening to it Peter burst out laughing: “So, this Helen is still a human being?”

Tina said quietly, “Isn’t it a person who is mingled in the upper-class circles of Rostenvel?”

“That Clayton may suffer.” Peter pretended to be anxious.

“This kind of man who throws a woman on the side of the road in the middle of the night, what is it to lose a bit?” Helen and Clayton are not good people, and don’t know how they dealt with the matter of Helen’s escape from marriage.

I still feel a little curious about it.

“I can’t tell, you are quite concerned about other people’s relationships.”

“None of your business……”



The next day.

When Peter got up, he found that the living room was quiet and there was no one.

Although he hadn’t visited the master bedroom yet, he knew that Tina was out.

This is his instinct.

He swung around in the kitchen, warmed himself a cup of milk, and walked to the master bedroom while drinking.

He looked around in the master bedroom and found that a suitcase was missing.

He had said to Tina before that he would return her resources to her, but this matter is not implemented so quickly now, and Tina should have not announced it these days.

Where did she go with the suitcase this morning?


Stephanie was sitting on the sofa, wearing little yellow duck pajamas, and her hair turned into a chicken coop.

She looked blankly at Tina who was patrolling in her room: “Ms. Tina, what are you doing?”

Tina turned around, sat next to Stephanie, held her hand, and said gently and softly: “Stephanie, sister is here to warm you up, are you happy?”

Stephanie was so scared that the whole person shook: “Ms. Tina, you…what’s wrong? Don’t do this, I’m afraid…”

Chapter 1328

Tina felt a little complicated when he saw Stephanie was so afraid.

She let go of Stephanie’s hand, leaned back, and said lazily, “I just came to live with you for a few days.”

Tina, who is still colder, is normal.

Stephanie asked curiously: “What happened to your house?”

“There is a dog in my house, which is not suitable for people to live in. So before it moves out, I will move out temporarily, because the time is too rush to find a house, but you can rest assured that I will make up the rent for you.”

“Never mind the rent, I haven’t shared rent with anyone…”

Stephanie’s tone sounded a little excited.

In the end, she felt that something was wrong: “Ms. Tina, is it okay for your dog to live in the house?”

“It’s okay, that dog is very capable of taking care of itself.”

“Then how does he solve the toilet problem? Does he use the toilet?”

Tina turned her head too far, carefully looking at Stephanie.

“What’s the matter?” Stephanie touched her face, wondering why Tina kept staring at her.

Tina watched for a long time without seeing any signs of pretending to be stupid on Stephanie’s face. After confirming that she was really stupid, she said solemnly: “Don’t worry, my dog ​​is smart, and he will open the door. Go out and slip by itself.”

Stephanie’s eyes widened in surprise: “Then I must meet this dog if I have a chance.”

“There will be a chance.”

Not only has the opportunity, but she has also seen it, and she often sees it.

When Tina entered the room to unpack her luggage, Stephanie received a call from Peter.


“Stephanie, how are you doing?”

Peter’s tone was full of concern, and Stephanie was very touched: “Apart from being a little lonely, everything else is fine, but now I’m not alone anymore. Ms. Tina moved over to live with me.”

Peter asked with confirmation: “Tina?”

“Yes, Ms. Tina said that she had a dog in the house that was not suitable for people to live with, so she moved over to live with me. Ms. Tina is has a smart dog. Not only will it use the toilet to go to the toilet, it will also slip by herself… “

Peter couldn’t listen anymore, and interrupted her gloomily: “Stephanie, your living expenses this month are gone.”

The Grant family is a big family with deep roots, many brothers and sisters, and deep solidarity and friendship.

Peter is considered to be the eldest brother of her generation, and the younger siblings love to look for him if they have anything to do. Stephanie also relies on Peter to help her escape marriage with him on her back. Her own salary is not enough for the rent.

“Brother! You are my own brother! Don’t do this, what did I do…?”


What Stephanie responded to was the busy tone of the phone being hung up.

She was about to cry.

Turning her head inadvertently, she found that Tina was holding the door and laughing so hard that she couldn’t catch her breath, but she desperately prevented herself from making a sound.

Stephanie narrowed her mouth: “Ms. Tina, what are you laughing at, haven’t you seen me so sad…”

“Sorry…poof…” Tina straightened up, apologizing in a serious manner, but couldn’t help but stop and laugh.

She heard all Stephanie’s words just now.

She couldn’t help but think of Peter on the other end who was jumping with anger…

“My cousin said he wouldn’t give me living expenses, you still laugh so happily…” Stephanie was mournful and couldn’t laugh: “My own salary is not enough for rent. I don’t want to sleep on the street, I don’t want to go home and get married. Oh oh…”

She became more sad the more she thought about it, and burst into tears.

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