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Chapter 419

She blushed, shook her head to deny, and smiled, “It’s just that it’s been a long time since I’ve been here! It hasn’t changed at all from five years ago…”

Mateo looked at her for a long time.

Kaylee finally got a little flustered by him, and smiled, “Why to look at me like this?”

“I have always had a question for you.” Mateo is serious.


Kaylee blinked in surprise and looked at him.

“Why didn’t you come back in five years?” Mateo’s warm eyes fixed her deeply, “Five years ago you told me that you would come back for three years of advanced studies! I remember two years ago, you said that your studies are full, you can come back, but why did you suddenly change your mind and finally stayed in Switzerland for another two years.”

Mateo’s words made Kaylee’s beautiful apricot eyes a little panic.

Can she say that it was because she suddenly learned that he was married to Hazel’s sister, so she has not returned to China? Of course, she cannot say.

“Nothing! I just suddenly changed my mind and wanted to continue my studies, so I applied for advanced studies, only two years late.” She explained generously.

Mateo glanced at her, his lips opened as if he wanted to say something, but he heard the doorbell ring.

His colleagues arrived early.

And here, in the supermarket.

Hearing that he was going to Brooks Mateo’s house for an event at night, Blair Elijah immediately pushed all the work in his hands and went shopping with her in the supermarket, which surprised Hazel.

“I’m going to Mateo’s house today.” Hazel reminded him who was to An Ran.

“En…” Blair Elijah responded and dropped a bag of fresh vegetables into the cart.

“Then you are still so active?” Hazel at him playfully.

“It’s not! Such a good opportunity to show off your affection, I still don’t grasp it, when will you wait?”

It turns out this guy is so calculating!!!

Easton, who was also picking up things in front, was depressed, “Sister Hazel, it turns out you have a boyfriend!”

“I am her husband!” Blair Elijah corrected.

“Huh?” Easton was shocked.

“Ex-husband.” Hazel corrected again.


“…” Easton is playing around thoroughly.

But whatever it is, these have nothing to do with him. The only thing that makes him depressed is, “Sister Hazel, you know I like Kaylee! You still want to take us apart and let me be your big light bulb. !”

Hazel at him, only smiled guiltily, “Um, I’m sorry…”

Who made her take Mateo’s happiness more importantly!!!


Mateo’s home seems to have never been so lively.

“Wow! President Brook’s house is really big…”

“That’s it! It’s beautiful! Oh my god, it’s two floors!”


After the visit, everyone uttered bursts of exclamation…A hot pot meal was so lively, when everyone saw Blair Elijah again, they came to realize, “It turns out that Sister Hazel has a boyfriend!!”

“Oh, it turns out that Sister Hazel and President Brooks are just good friends!!”

The most surprising thing is Kaylee.

After eating, Kaylee was busy washing dishes in the kitchen, while Hazel was responsible for cleaning up the mess outside. Everyone was still playing games outside. It happened that Mateo walked in from outside.

“Thanks for you.”

He stood beside her and thanked her in a low voice.

“It’s nothing! This is what girls should do! What about you? Why didn’t you play with them?”

“En! Go later.”

“Brother Mateo…”

Kaylee glanced at Mateo next to her, then at Hazel who was busy outside, and asked carefully, “You and Hazel sister…”


Hearing her asking him, Mateo looked up at her.

After a while, Kaylee mustered the courage to ask him, “Brother Mateo, aren’t you and Sister Hazel already married? Today this is…”

Why did Sister Hazel and Blair Elijah come together again? And even taking him to attend their party so swagger, will Mateo look uncomfortable? The little Kaylee felt that the relationship between them was even more elusive.

Mateo smiled softly, as warm as the afternoon sun.

The big hand, habitually rubbing the hair of the little Kaylee, seemed to be spoiled, and explained, “I and Hazel are indeed legal couples four years ago, but… only legally. That’s it! The reason for getting married was to give Landon a hukou. After the hukou was settled, we signed the divorce letter! The relationship is that simple.”

Mateo’s words, let Kaylee live.

For a long time, she couldn’t recover.

She doesn’t know how long it has been, Kaylee lowered her eyebrows and smiled lightly, “Sister Hazel is so happy, there is such a good man in love with her…”

Mateo looked at the unconcealed envy in her apricot eyes, only smiled, “There are some things that cannot be done only by love.”

“Huh?” Kaylee looked at him inexplicably.

“I have known Hazel for more than 20 years. We have been playing together since we were young. Many things, whether it is me or her, are not love! Even if I don’t love her, but things like giving Landon a hukou are still obligatory! Because she is not my lover, but she is one of Brooks Mateo’s best friends and one of my best relatives! That feeling, People who haven’t experienced friendships like ours in more than 20 years don’t necessarily understand it! But I understand it with her, that’s enough!!”

Little Kaylee stared at Mateo in front of her, and her heart throbbed…

She didn’t know what Mateo meant. Is it true that he doesn’t like Sister Hazel anymore, or he now loves Sister Hazel even more! Better than friends, better than lovers, tendencies, the selfless love of relatives…

She lost…

“What are you thinking about? Come, give me the bowl, let me shower! Let’s go out to play after washing!” Mateo smiled, thinking about her thoughts.

“Huh?” Kaylee returned to her senses, a little embarrassed, “No, let me do it!”

The two had a long meeting in the kitchen. When they came out, everyone was sitting around the long table in the hall and playing a dog-blood game of truth and adventure.

“Come on! It’s just you two!”

As soon as she saw Mateo and Kaylee walked out side by side, Hazel hurriedly pulled them both, pressing them beside her and Blair Elijah, and sat down.

Four people sitting side by side.

Hazel, Blair Elijah, Kaylee, and Mateo.

The game is played round after round.

In the end, the mouth of the wine bottle happened to be aimed at Kaylee.

“Kaylee, you’re done!!”

All the girls looked at her evilly.

The men are all eyeing!

“Wow!! Okay! Look at you, there are two handsome guys around you, this time you can be beautiful! Give you two choices, first, the truth is: Who is the man who likes in your heart?!!! This is not to lie!!! Second, the big adventure: cough cough cough! Two men, you choose one… Let’s kiss! The kiss must be mouth-to-mouth, and it will last 30 seconds!!”

The evilest sister Samantha in the design department first proposed.

“Wow! Isn’t it too short?” Other girls were booing.

“I protest!” Easton was upset, why she didn’t kiss him!

“Protest is invalid!!” Hazel vetoed it.

“Sister Hazel is a great name!! Hey! Easton, Sister Hazel’s boyfriend doesn’t mind, what you mind!!”

That’s not it! Of course, she doesn’t mind! Because she knows Kaylee too well! It is impossible to touch her boyfriend!!!

And so…

Cough cough!!! Little Kaylee, this is hard for you!!!


Everyone looked at her expectantly.

Even Blair Elijah had an attitude of watching the show, while Mateo calmly stared at her flushed cheeks, her eyes flickering, but he could not detect her emotions at the moment.


“To be honest, or a big adventure?”

“Wow! Kaylee, you are so shy, wouldn’t the person you like be among us?”

“Kaylee, you don’t like Easton, do you?”


Everyone’s ridicule kept ringing in the ears, making Kaylee’s flushed face even redder like a ripe peach.

“I choose a big adventure!!”

Finally, Kaylee took a deep breath and made a decision.

Truth be told, she can’t say it!!!


Suddenly, everyone began to booze.

“Quick, quick, you can pick any handsome guy!!”


Kaylee blushed with shame, glanced at Blair Elijah, who was a bit playful beside her, and Hazel, only to feel a tingling scalp.

The husband of friends, untouchable!

Mateo’s eyes swept over…


It seems even more untouchable!!!

If she touched it, she felt that she would not only be burned out by the fire on her face but also her heart would completely pop out of her atrium. !

But Mateo’s expression…

He didn’t seem to care too much, he still just smiled softly, looked at her, and calmly waited for her choice.

Kaylee set her shoulders in embarrassment.

It seems very difficult to choose who.

“Can I…can I choose to drink?”

Kaylee looked at everyone apologetically.

Mateo’s eyes flickered slightly for a second, and the next moment was very normal.

“Of course you can! You can choose to drink, three glasses of beer, one drop can’t be less!!”

Everyone diligently pushed the three glasses of wine to Kaylee.

“A lot…”

Kaylee took a deep breath, smiled, the beautiful eyelashes gently incited, especially moving.

The peach-like cheeks, glowing with a moist color, have already become rosier due to the ridicule of everyone.

“I still drink the bar obediently!”

“I’ll drink for Kaylee!!”

Easton wants heroes to save beauty!

“No need!” Kaylee hurriedly refused, “It’s okay, I can come by myself! Thank you.”

When playing games, the focus is on participation. This kind of thing is something that people can take care of. It’s somewhat disappointing. Besides, she doesn’t know what Easton means to herself, so even if it is a small favor, she does not want to receive it.

Little Kaylee lifted the wine glass and took a deep breath. After mustering up the courage, she moved the glass to her lips and poured it out.

But Mateo just squinted and sat aside, looking at her calmly.

There seemed to be a faint radiance across the warm eyes, and the expression made people wonder.

“Cough cough cough…”

After taking several mouthfuls, Kaylee was choked by alcohol. She patted her chest and coughed a few times, and she almost choked her tears.

However, Kaylee only felt that the hand holding the wine glass was light, and turned her head to see that the wine glass in her hand was snatched by Mateo beside her.

Chapter 420

“Brother Mateo, I can come by myself…”

She thought it was Mateo who wanted to replace her wine and wanted to stop, but she didn’t want to…

What happened next was actually… in her life, she couldn’t even think of it!

The prince she had been yearning for five full years was so unpredictable. Under everyone’s sight, he held her face that was as red as a tomato…

The palm is not strong, but it is overbearing!

While she still had time to calm down in the future, his hot lips tightly sealed her red lips…

That moment…

Time seems to have stopped!!!

The heart, as if forgot to beat…

Breathing and stop completely…

With the sound of “Boom…”, as if a bomb exploded in the chaotic mind, for a moment, the whole person, the whole thought, was blank!!!

She only knows…

Her whole body, her breath, her thinking, everything about her, are completely occupied by the man in front of her!!! She was so full that she could no longer perceive anything…

At that moment, if tears were about to seep out of her eyes!!!

Mateo, unexpectedly…

Kissed her!!!

This is simply a dream!!! A dream that made her want to sleep forever!!!

The hot and humid lips, like lingering, rubbing against her sweet lips, floating…

Mateo gently closed his eyes, feeling the exquisiteness of the girl in front of him, feeling her softness, and feeling her unique fragrance…

At that moment, he…heard himself, the derailed heartbeat!!!

Thirty seconds…

Thirty-one seconds…


Forty seconds…

Fifty seconds…

Sixty seconds…

Suddenly, someone shouted in the crowd, “It’s been more than a minute…”

The voice was depressed and depressed.

In addition to Easton, who else!

In a word, it seemed to awaken everyone, and it also awakened the two protagonists indulging in this light kiss.

Kaylee suddenly returned to her senses, her face was as red as a coat of paint, and she shyly stepped away from Mateo’s arms.

A heart, “dong dong dong” beating fast, as if it would fly out of the atrium at any time!

She couldn’t suppress the tension in her heart at the moment, she could only clutch her chest and gasp secretly.

However, the mood is so good… as if floating in the sky.

Up to this moment, she couldn’t believe the fact just now!!!

Compared to her embarrassment and embarrassment, Mateo seemed to be more relaxed.

It was still that gentle smile, and tapped his finger on her little head, “Little fool! I don’t know how to drink and I can’t support it!”

However, no one noticed the faint blush flashing across Mateo’s cheeks at this moment.

“Brother Mateo, why don’t you just drink for Kaylee directly!!!?”

Look, Easton is still complaining about the kiss just now.

Mateo coughed, “I don’t know how to drink.”


Only Hazel knows how much Mateo’s drinking capacity is.

Just three glasses of beer, what is it to him? The important thing is whether he wants to drink or not.

“Alright, let’s continue to the next round…”

Seeing that everyone seemed to be unable to recover from the kiss just now for a long time, Mateo was busy presiding over the overall situation.

Obviously, after playing the game all night, Kaylee seemed to have been immersed in the scene just now, so that she was not very in the state.

Hazel and Blair Elijah were teased hard enough. Even though Blair Elijah blocked a lot of alcohol, in the end, Hazel still drank high, and she was unwilling to get up on the sofa.

At midnight, all the staff and friends left one after another.

Hazel still lay on the sofa and refused to get up. Blair Elijah had no choice but to accompany her first.

Kaylee took her coat and left with everyone, “Brother Mateo, I have to go too…”

She said goodbye to Mateo and then said goodbye to Hazel and Blair Elijah before leaving. Mateo stopped her, “Little Sun, I’ll send you back!”

“No need…” Kaylee waved her hand hurriedly. As soon as her eyes touched Mateo’s eyes, she was too ashamed to open her eyes, a small heart beating wildly, “I’ll go back with everyone!”

“President Brooks, don’t worry, I’m responsible for sending Kaylee back! Don’t worry, she will be delivered safely!!” He doesn’t know when Easton approached him. He seemed to have drunk some wine. As soon as he came up, he put his arm on Kaylee’s weak shoulder, and he was about to leave.

Mateo’s hot eyes stared at his particularly dazzling arm, and the next moment, without thinking, he pulled Kaylee from Easton’s arms.

The action is not heavy, but exceptionally strong.

The corners of the lips still have that harmless gentle smile, “Easton, you have drunk too much, let me send her off!”

As he spoke, his hand clasped her little hand tightly without knowing when.

The palm is as hot as if he wants to burn the little Kaylee.

Little Kylee lowered her eyebrows and didn’t dare to look at the charming Mateo beside her, but the corners of her beautiful lips couldn’t help but lift slightly.


Galloping, there has never been a moment, like this moment, happy ever!!!

“Hazel, I’ll go out first! Come back later!” Mateo yelled towards Hazel and Blair Elijah inside the house.

Blair Elijah stood there holding a cup of hot tea, and said, “Go! I’ll look after the door for you!”

“Thank you!!”

Mateo thanked him and took Kaylee and went out.

Blair Elijah watched them leave one after another and then glanced at the petty Hazel still playing on the sofa, a faint smile couldn’t help being raised between his lips.

Should he thank Kaylee for subduing Brooks Mateo’s most powerful enemy?

However, in this way, it seems to be a…not bad ending?!


Blair Elijah squatted beside her, stroking her hair again and again with his fingers.

“It seems that I will treat you more twice in the future…I will make up all the love he took away!”


What is it like?

At that time, when Joshua was forced to kiss, Kaylee understood that the kiss was not as romantic as she had imagined…

There is no feeling that makes her heart beat wildly, there is no feeling that makes her so excited that she can’t sleep all night, and there is no feeling that makes her miss…

At that time, she thought, kissing, probably nothing more than that!

But, until this time…

When Mateo suddenly lifted her face and kissed her red lips, she at that moment thought her heart was about to explode.

What kind of feeling is that? Until now, she seems to be unable to recover!

The heart was still jumping frantically, with the sensation of breaking through her throat at any time, her cheeks were burning, and her ears seemed to be burning.

She knows, probably tonight… can’t sleep!!!

Mateo glanced at the little sun beside him without a trace through the rearview mirror.

He doesn’t know what she is thinking about, since she got on the car, she has been sitting there with her eyes down, surprisingly quiet.

And cheeks…

It seemed that after that kiss, she never returned to normal.

All the time, it is as red as a peach that can be greasy with water, and it is faux-porcelain, lovely and touching, and it is reverie.

The soft corners of the lips rose a little unconsciously.

Inexplicably, the mood seems to be better.

Reach out and turn on the music in the car…

Faint light music streamed out from the stereo, slowly drifting in the car, suddenly making the atmosphere in the car soft and warm…

Mateo’s slender and white fingers tapped on the steering wheel rhythmically, and asked her inadvertently, “You would rather drink than kiss me?”

His words seem to be joking, but they seem serious.

The corner of his lips was still the familiar faint smile.

“Huh?” Kaylee came back to her senses, a small face flushed with embarrassment and shyness, and she waved her hands hurriedly, “I…I didn’t mean that!! Brother Mateo, you misunderstood me!!”

“Oh?” Mateo looked at her playfully, “Then what do you mean?”


Kaylee was a little incoherent for a while, “Anyway, I didn’t mean that…I just, I didn’t expect to play this game suddenly, and I couldn’t accept it for a while…”


Mateo nodded, glanced at her, hesitated for a while before saying, “The previous kiss…I’m sorry! I think about it now, it seems a bit abrupt!”

“No! Nothing…”

Kaylee hurriedly waved her hands and shook her head, “Brother Mateo, you don’t need to apologize to me, I…I didn’t care…”

Her voice was a bit weaker, half-loud, and smiled again, “I know, you are for my good! That’s why you don’t want me to drink… Don’t worry, I won’t worry about it! Don’t mind! Everyone play! Just be happy, huh…”

She tried to make the kiss easier.

To tell him, but also to tell herself!!!

Yes!!! Kaylee, this kiss is just a game kiss!!! Can’t be true!!!

Hearing what she said, Mateo smiled shallowly, his eyes were deep, and he couldn’t detect her thoughts at the moment, “You are not a girl who plays so hard…”

His implication is, Kaylee, stop pretending!!!

“I won’t forget you crying so badly when you were kissed for the first time…”

Actually, for today’s kiss…

Mateo was also taken aback by his behavior.

Even he didn’t know why he pulled her suddenly after seeing her blushing little cheek and stamped a kiss on her lips.

At that time, maybe he was just thinking, shouldn’t let her drink!!!

“So, I’m a little lucky, fortunately, I didn’t make you cry, or I would have sinned…”


Little Kaylee seemed to want to say something, but in the end, she felt that everything was stuck in her throat, and she couldn’t say anything.

Later, along the way, both of them were silent.

It seems that they have their thoughts, but no one can understand the other’s thoughts.

When she got home, Kaylee got out of the car, and Mateo followed her.

“Go up!”


Kaylee nodded, and she looked at Mateo who was resting on the body.

She seemed to hesitate for a long time and took a deep breath before saying, “Brother Mateo, what happened today…Thank you…”

After she finished speaking, her cheeks became hotter.

“And also…”

She lowered her eyes, and her voice became a little softer, “Actually…I didn’t mind this kiss! On the contrary… I felt flattered, in short… Brother Mateo, thank you…”

Thank him for responding to her love dream!

Regardless of whether this response is serious or a game!!!

Anyway… for her, she feels enough!!!

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