The Warmest Romance Chapter 907 -908

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Chapter 907

The birthday party in the hall is still full of people. The guests push cups and change cups, which is a peaceful scene.

In the crowd of laughter, song yean looks back and forth. The man who has always been calm and gentle turns up his eyebrows slightly, and his eyes are a bit anxious.

Seeing a familiar figure, his eyes sank and he immediately walked away with long legs, “An’an.”

Hearing this, song yun’an turned his head and flashed a little unnatural on his face. He was so quiet, “brother.”

“Did you find the poem?”

Ruan Shishi goes to find ye Wan’er. He is not easy to intervene in the affairs between women. He has just called her twice in a row, but no one answered. He is even more worried.

“Found it, and then disappeared.”

Song yun’an replies casually and picks up a glass of juice beside him. Some mourners find a place to sit down and write unhappy on their faces.

Seeing this, song yean twisted his brows deeper and asked, “Ann, what’s the matter with you?”

Did something really happen?

“It’s OK. I just met someone I didn’t want to meet.”

Song yun’an finished half a glass of juice in one breath. Before Song ye’an asked, he continued, “brother, don’t ask, I don’t want to say either.”

When song yean heard the speech, he didn’t say much after a pause.

The most urgent task is to find Ruan’s poems with all his heart. Naturally, he has no time to care about other things.

All of a sudden, a graceful figure came into his eyes. When he looked at it, he was very happy.

It’s Ruan Shi!

“Poetry, this way.”

When Ruan Shishi heard the sound, he looked up and saw song yean and song Yunan not far away. He raised his lips and walked towards them.

“Ann, are you here, too?” Ruan Shishi stretched out her hand and pinched song Yunan’s shoulder. The moment she saw her expression, she was stunned.

“What’s the matter with you?” she asked

Song yun’an’s heart has long been disturbed by Du Yue. At this time, she can’t be interested in her best friend. She takes a deep breath, shakes her head and says, “I’m ok. I just met the slag man.”

Ruan Shishi was stunned when she heard the speech. She quickly reflected who she was referring to. She took a deep breath and gently stroked her back to comfort her.

On one side, song yean’s eyes fell on Ruan Shishi’s newly changed skirt. He moved his lips, but he wanted to talk but stopped. He never asked her questions.

Soon, after the birthday party, Ruan Shishi wanted to say hello to her grandmother before she left. However, there were too many guests. One after another, she had to give up her mind and left with them.

Along the way, it was rarely so quiet in the car.

Song yean will send song Yunan home first, and then send Ruan Shishi home to change clothes.

When Ruan Shishi thought of song yun’an’s state just now, he was worried. Song yun’an still had feelings for Du Yue. Otherwise, how could it be like this?

She took a deep breath and turned to look at Song yean. She said in a soft voice, “yean, I don’t know if you can see it. Anyan still has Du Yue in her heart.”

Song night reassured not in Yan’s reply, “well.”

“I think when can we talk to Du Yue to see if he still has any feelings for an an…”

One side song Ye an hears speech, the Mou color sinks.

Chapter 908

He can’t accept Du Yue. First of all, he has failed his sister before. Second, he is still under the control of his rival. He can’t pass any one of these rules.

But he didn’t want to refute Ruan’s idea. He nodded slightly and said, “when I’m free another day, I’ll meet you and have a talk.”

Ruan Shishi heard the speech and nodded, which relieved him a little.

Take Ruan Shishi back to Xiqiao garden. When she changes her clothes, he will send her to the hospital to see Shasha. Song yean gets off the car and follows her to the bedroom on the second floor.

Before entering the room, he glanced at Chanel’s seasonal restriction on the woman. With a tight throat, he couldn’t help saying, “Shishi, didn’t you go in your cheongsam today? How did you change your clothes? “

Hearing the words, Ruan Shishi glanced down at her clothes. A little hesitation flashed at the bottom of her eyes and said casually, ” At that time, the water spilled on my clothes, so I changed one. “

If song yean knew that she had been bullied by two women, he would be angry. Besides, she met Yu Yimo today. It’s better to hide more than less than to explain clearly.

Song yean hears the speech, the eye color is dark a few minutes, but also did not ask.

Watching the woman step into the bedroom and close the door, he frowned unconsciously.

He took out his cell phone, flipped out a video and pointed it open.

In the video, Ruan Shishi walks into the box with Yu Yimo. From the angle of view, we can see that it is taken secretly with a mobile phone. The picture quality is average. But it is not difficult to see that the people in the video are Yu Yimo and Ruan Shishi.

This video was sent to him by his subordinates. At that time, he couldn’t find Ruan Shishi in the hall, and song yun’an never came back. He was worried for a moment, so he sent his men to look for it.

Unexpectedly, just after he left the birthday party and sent Ruan Shishi back, he received the video from his subordinates.

Parking the car in the yard, he saw the video, his head suddenly a blank, slowly followed her into the house, this courage to ask about her clothes, did not expect, she did not tell him the truth.

Looking at the scene in the video, song yean’s heart tingles.

In the past five years, he had a clear conscience and tried his best to be nice to her and Sensen Shasha. But unexpectedly, she kept such things from him.

She and Yu Yimo go into the box alone. He doesn’t dare to think about what happened.

His discontent and resentment became more and more heavy. He clenched his fist and looked gentle on the surface, but his heart had already staged several struggles.

However, he didn’t want to leave. For him, Ruan’s poems had already penetrated into the marrow and flesh, and he couldn’t do without her.

More than ten minutes later, the door “clicks” and Ruan Shishi pushes the door out. Seeing the dignified song yean standing outside, he can’t help asking, “what’s the matter, yean? You don’t look very well… “


Song yean hooked his lips, pressed down his discomfort and laughed at her, “maybe it’s too tired. In a few days, let’s go to the suburbs for two days?”

Looking at the abnormal state of the man, Ruan Shishi was worried. She put out her hand and explored the temperature of his forehead with the back of her hand, which made her feel at ease.

The next second, her hand was suddenly caught. As soon as Ruan Shishi looked up, she ran into a pair of soft eyes, “OK? Our family hasn’t been out for a long time

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