His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1375 – 1376

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Behind him, Hu Yun looked at them with a smile on his face.

Rocky, who was parking outside, stared at Hu Yun’s back for a long time, finally retracted his eyes and drove away. Forget it, their children’s home court, he, an elderly elder, shouldn’t go in and blend in…

It seems that Qiqi and Luo Youyou have a good relationship. With Miss Luo’s presence, she should be alone. Not too lonely. “Filomena Ren went to Kendrick Su and said he would be there later.”

Luo Youyou greeted Hu Yun, and then led the two of them into the venue, “Eldon is going to pick up Sherry Xu.

I’ll tell you in advance.”

When Alisha heard the name, Alisha was nervous.

She raised her head and glanced at Luo Youyou’s face, and found that her expression was also rather embarrassed, so she asked sensitively, “Do you…do you have anything else you want to tell me? “That’s it…”

Luo Youyou gritted her teeth and said everything, “Actually, I invited Hu Yun, your previous leader, to come over.


There are other intentions!” The girl said afterwards.

Hu Yun bent over and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know each other to hand you the invitation, and I took advantage of you!” Sure enough…

Hu Yun smiled softly, “Actually, I guessed it a long time ago, Miss Luo, we have never seen it before.

Suddenly invited me over.

Although honored, I was still defensive in my heart.”

Alisha had a stunned expression, and the logic hadn’t turned around yet, “What…what do you mean?” “What is Eldon like? People, you know, I don’t interfere with each other.

If it’s not for my birthday today, he would probably be playing with other women outside. Sherry Xu will come alone today, and Eldon will definitely…”

Luo Youyou still said, “I’ll definitely help him find a female companion or something.

He can’t usually go out without a woman.”

Alisha was stunned. “So…

I’m afraid of you, I’m afraid that you will be sad.”

Luo Youyou stretched out her hand, firmly grasped Alisha’s hand, and then looked at Hu Yun with guilt on his face, “I will help you invite Hu Yun over here. Now, at least Hu Yun is by your side, and it can also help you stimulate Sherry Xu, at least if you meet on a narrow road… Sherry Xu takes other women, and if you have Hu Yun by your side, it won’t…”

And it won’t be too shameful.

Alisha knew that Luo Youyou was doing her good.

It even made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Hu Yun finally understood, and took a deep breath, “That’s it, thank Miss Luo for considering me so much.”

“I’m sorry!” Luo Youyou’s hands clenched tightly together, “If you feel uncomfortable being used, you can Scolding me, or choosing to leave now, I won’t mind.”

“I should say that.”

Hu Yun stretched out his hand and took Alisha in Luo Youyou’s hands. Under Luo Youyou’s surprised gaze, the man smiled softly at Alisha, “I don’t mind.”

Alisha gasped, “Hu…Boss Hu…”

“You resign the next day.”

No, the breakfast I brought you was wasted.

It’s a shame.” Hu Yun said to her politely and humbly, “Can I have a supper together after tonight?” Alisha’s brain clicked and crashed. Up! ! Even Luo Youyou didn’t expect that there would be such a level of development.

The plot of the girl’s heart made her blush directly, and she covered her eyes, “Hu Yun, your wife, your wife!”

1376 What is the reason for him to touch her?

Those eyes can come out softly! ! Alisha trembled and took her hand out of Hu Yun’s palm.

She was incoherent now, “Boss Hu, I…I know it’s not good to drag you into the water today, but…night, I…”

Hu Yun was so quiet. Waiting, smiling and waiting for Alisha to continue.

Alisha took a deep breath, and finally bowed his head violently at Hu Yun, “Big-great kindness has nothing to do with me.

I will order whatever you want for supper tonight! You want the moon in the sky, my Lan Qi Take the Qidu off for you!” Pouch.

Hu Yun laughed all of a sudden, with a mouthful of white teeth that made you feel like a spring breeze.

He said, “Why are you so funny?” Alisha’s teeth trembled, “It’s all here, even if you let you watch a joke, I won’t shrink back!” Hu Yun touched his chin and said, “I like Sherry Xu so much?” Alisha nodded frantically.

I like it! When I think of Sherry Xu, I make bubbles! Bitter and sweet! Hu Yun lengthened his tone, “It seems that I can only be the best assist today.”

Luo Youyou covered her mouth with her hand, walked to Hu Yun’s side, and said to him in a low voice, “Maybe… You can kill with blood!” Hu Yun was a little surprised.

After looking at Luo Youyou, he saw the short-haired and playful girl with a fist from behind.

After a few seconds, he resolutely raised a thumb. Means, come on! You have a play! Hu Yun smiled, and pushed Alisha’s shoulders, “In that case, put all your worries aside. Sherry Xu is coming soon, we can’t lose the battle.”

Alisha gave himself. Cheer up, “Okay!” Don’t be afraid, even if Sherry Xu brings other women, don’t be afraid, there is nothing to be afraid of! Hu Yun and Luo Youyou are behind her to help her cheer! As soon as he comforted himself like this, he turned his head and saw a tall figure in the distance, long and thin, but especially conspicuous in the crowd.

It was so conspicuous that Alisha caught him in one glance.

It’s Sherry Xu. Behind him was Eldon with an irritable look, and the two walked in like a young emperor.

Someone greeted them and gave way all the way, until they reached the innermost point, and Sherry Xu stopped.

Is that…

Alisha? He frowned, staring at Hu Yun beside Alisha for a long time, and sneered forward to say hello, “What a coincidence, Minister Hu and Luo Family know him?” Luo Youyou stood up and said, “I gave him the invitation letter. “Hu Jun is neither humble nor overbearing,” I also want to thank Miss Luo for being able to look at me.”

Look at this attitude, becoming a minister at a young age, and he has experienced wind and rain! Alisha stood on the side with her back stretched straight.

She really hoped that Sherry Xu would look over at her. Unexpectedly, after the first glance, the man didn’t even glance at her.

Alisha dropped his shoulders in frustration. Did she really fail like this? When falling into self-doubt, stretched a hand over his shoulder.

Alisha’s heart twitched, and she looked up and saw Hu Yun hugged her kindly and gave her some support, and then smiled at her, “I don’t think you seem to be very happy? Would you like to go there for a drink?” There is a dessert buffet.

That action made Sherry Xu’s hair fall off all of a sudden.

He didn’t know why he felt like a fire was burning in his heart, and the goose bumps stood up inch by inch. What is his Hu Yun! How dare he touch Alisha’s bare shoulder! What is his Hu Yun! How dare he touch Alisha’s bare shoulder! What is his Hu Yun! How dare he touch Alisha’s bare shoulder!

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