His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1399 – 1400

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Chapter 1399 Those in the past, withdraw from life.

After hearing this, Kendrick Su on the side jumped directly, not allowed! Alisha turned his head, what happened to your sister and boyfriend sleeping together? I’m not sure! Kendrick Su’s complexion flushed, and he stammered for a long time, expressing resentment, anyway, he was not allowed! What’s more, this hasn’t been settled yet, just come to our Su’s house to sleep over, where… where are the rules! Kendrick Su, you look too much like an elder.

Alisha was happy, covered her mouth and laughed for a long time.

If the love is in a good mood and the rhythm is right, what’s wrong with sleeping together? Your sister is an adult, and she is no longer in the Qing Dynasty.

These thoughts can be lost.

Kendrick Su knows, he certainly knows that he is talking without hesitation, but he can’t accept that Ameli Su really took a big man home-still holding other men’s hand in such a grand manner and being so close to him. ! Originally thought that Christian was already worrying about it, but who knows, he came to a pond! ! Kendrick Su stared at the back of Ameli Su who walked in, and the whole person was sulky and shouted, Ameli Su! Ameli Su was suddenly called out in an angry voice.

Ameli Su stopped in doubt and looked back at him. What’s wrong? You—Kendrick Su wanted to say something, but swallowed it back. You could only move your eyes to Chi Yu beside Ameli Su.

Sensing this brother’s hostility towards him, Chi Xun pointed at himself blankly, something is wrong with you? Kendrick Su hated iron and smashed the wall at the door, yelling, okay! I do not care! Ameli Su, you are happy! I can’t control it! Chi Li thinks it’s funny, how can your brother get furious.

Ameli Su said, leave him alone, he has been like this since he was a child, the devil in the world.

After speaking, lead Chi Yu into it. My dad will come back in the evening and introduce you to him. Chi Li is not nervous at all, oh, good.

Alisha is even more excited than the two of them. Chi Xun, aren’t you excited? You are going to see your girlfriend’s father! This is the future father-in-law! There is nothing embarrassing about Chi Yu’s expression, this…

Isn’t it just meeting an elder? There is no shame in him. What’s so nervous about him? This is about your future.

Alisha said a word, but Ameli Su’s expression changed. Chi Xun could only smile and gently twitched Ameli Su’s mouth, and said meaningfully, the future… Perhaps, the two of them have no future at all. When Marven Su returned home at night, he saw a tall and handsome man sitting next to his daughter.

The old father was so scared that he called out on the spot, male male boyfriend? ! Chi Yu is smiling, uncle hello.

Marven Su turned to look at Ameli Su stiffly, girl, you…

Are you serious? So, then Christian, if you don’t want it, don’t you? Christian has been looking for him very diligently in the past two years…

Marven Su murmured, when it’s over, I have to call Elbert.

Ameli Su said, what kind of phone are you calling? Call his son to stop looking for me in the future.

Marven Su said that Christian has been taking care of me since you have not been here for the past two years.

Like my son, I still can’t drive away because of his diligence.

I know that he is reluctant to say it, but he is actually making up for it, but…

Marven Su After a pause, he looked at Chi Li with solemn eyes.

If you and my daughter are serious, then it is time for those who stayed in the past to quit my daughter’s life.

Chapter 1400 Don’t stop, you deserve it.

Marven Su is not the kind of old-fashioned and traditional parents.

Her daughter has suffered so much from Christian. Now if someone is willing to treat her well, Marven Su is very happy to entrust her daughter to a more reliable man.

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