His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1403 – 1404

Read Chapter 1403 – 1404 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1403 Dad made an idea, son went to do it.

Christian’s room door slowly closed weakly, as if closing the last light in his world.

Like a cowardly snail, he got into his thick shell and cut off all the connections between himself and the outside.

Then Elbert went upstairs after watching the movie and found that his son’s door was locked and knocked on the door. , “Christian?” There was no sound inside.

Hey, this is tricky.

I have never seen Christian look so stunned. Elbert said again, “Now it’s popular to be a turtle?” Christian still didn’t open the door. Elbert said, “Well, I think at the beginning, your father and I were also…

The same behavior, right? You said I could marry your mother back home, but that’s not… You can’t rely on your brain, you open the door. “Christian’s voice came dullly, “No, I am smarter than you, and I don’t want to refer to your opinion.”


Elbert almost slobbered on Christian’s door, “I’m pooh, your IQ High EQ and low top ass, so smart Ameli Su is not regarded as my daughter-in-law!” Christian seemed to be irritated, and shouted in a high voice, “Who said Ameli Su is to be your daughter-in-law, you are self Naobu, Ameli Su never said it!” It seemed aggrieved to listen carefully. “When I was studying before, Ameli Su was full and supported me for an internship in our company.

I don’t even need a penny!” Elbert hated iron for not making steel. “Say you are a pig head, but you are so impatient, you say What is the use of you shrinking in the room now? Go to Ameli Su and apologize to others!” “I…”

Christian tightened the quilt harder, seeming to want to drill deeper, “I will apologize now. , She won’t accept it either.”

It’s useless.

He just… just regretted it, it was too late. What else could he do, watching Ameli Su and other men for a long time? Elbert’s eyes lit up, “Then you are admitting that you did something wrong?” Christian didn’t say a word. Outside the door, Elbert turned his head and said to Lisa, “My wife, let me borrow the hairpin.”

Lisa was puzzled and removed the hairpin from his hair.

After seeing Elbert holding it in his hand, he didn’t know how to twist it.

Inserted into the keyhole, did not move twice, and clicked-Christian’s door lock was unlocked.

Lisa was dumbfounded.

Hearing the movement in the room, Christian was angry and anxious, “Elbert, you were a thief in your previous life!!!” “Eh eh, my son called Young Master by his first name.”

Elbert turned on the light on the wall directly.

Switch, “Christian, get up.”

Christian stayed still. “Don’t be ashamed!” Elbert was angry, “Get up and go to Ameli Su!” “Most of the night…”

Christian howled, no longer seeing the shadow of the genius boy back then, but like a guts.

The cowardly spare tire said, “It’s even more embarrassing to look for this time!” “What do you know!” Elbert shouted back, “It’s big, I go in the middle of the night, so I can move the little girl! In the middle of the night, I feel more emotional.

And you don’t sleep in the middle of the night to find someone else.

It’s even more pitiful. Maybe Ameli Su’s eyes were smeared by shit, and you will be stunned by you for a while.

Are you happy to talk to you?” …As expected of an old scumbag. many! “Where did you give your son such an idea!” Lisa said, “It turns out that you lied to me like that.”

Elbert said, “Although the idea is bad, it might work.

Look, you are not a living example… “

Chapter 1404 Destiny dispatch, you and I are opposite.

Christian’s expression finally improved.

After Elbert said that, he was finally willing to stick his head out of the bed.

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