His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1411 – 1412

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Chapter 1411 He is about to take it, can’t help it.

When Kendrick Su heard this, his instinctive reaction was to not allow it, but his reason suppressed this instinct before he didn’t want to say it.

Is he not allowed to have that qualification? Kendrick Su laughed inwardly, with an anxious expression limited to the words “brother” on his face. When will you go to Chi Li and touch your chin? Choose a day It’s better to hit the sun, or just leave without waiting.

Kendrick Su can’t stop it so soon, it doesn’t matter if my sister is not ready, my father is very talkative. Chi Yu blinked at Kendrick Su, do you want to go with us? He doesn’t want it.

Kendrick Su can only be angry in the same place, I don’t bother to go.

Then I will trick your sister away today. Chi Yu finished this with a smile while observing Kendrick Su’s expression.

Sure enough, I saw Kendrick Su’s brow jump.

I’m still a child, and his facial expression management is still so bad.

I can never hide my true thoughts.

However, someone is more nervous, Chi Xun glanced at Ameli Su again, and smiled inwardly. Was it really nervous or was it because I was too relieved to be with Kendrick Su for too long? Ameli Su looked at you, not just Christian. Chi Yu’s meaningful eyes made Kendrick Su furry behind his back.

In order to hide his embarrassment, he cursed and went to make breakfast for Ameli Su.

Halfway through, Ameli Su came up from behind.

Let me come.

Saying Yaoyao, you can cook.

Ah, I’m cooking instant noodles.

Kendrick Su cursed, and boiled the pot until it reached this level.

Ameli Su smiled and took the milk pot from Kendrick Su’s hand.

At that moment, her hand and Kendrick Su’s hand touched him, and the latter suddenly retracted his hand as if he was being burned.

Ameli Su’s movements were so wide that Ameli Su looked sideways.

The pot was hot to you.

Kendrick Su stuttered on his mouth and said, um, you, be careful.

I guessed what you are doing.

Ameli Su saw Kendrick Su’s unconvinced and naive look, and felt that the little devil in the memory who jumped up and down, which can disturb the chickens and dogs no matter where he went, came back again, reached out and patted Kendrick Su’s face, be good, let me Come.

Kendrick Su directly retracted his head and neck into his clothes like a tortoise, yelling anxiously, where are you touching me? Ameli Su was happy, and said as she burned the noodles, I touched your face and praised you.

The stinky boy has grown up, and he and his sister have begun to K!$$ her.

Kendrick Su’s complexion is flushed, and whoever has nothing to do will touch his brother’s face. Do you think I will be like you? I am not not touching you, mean.

Ameli Su moved her face over, here, touch it for you, really, sister touched you because she loves you, understand love.

Love? Kendrick Su’s heart seemed to have been pierced by a needle, and it shook fiercely before he slowly returned to calm beating in his chest.

He looked at Ameli Su as he lowered his head to cook noodles, and felt that he was about to lose it.

I can’t help it anymore, I really want to hug her. With her waist so thin, she should be able to hug her up easily, and then K!$$ and touch.

He wanted her to be interrupted and stopped abruptly.

It was Chi Yu who stretched out his hand and held down Kendrick Su’s shoulder, and said in a low voice, Brother Kendrick Su, look no further.

Chapter 1412 Are you coming back? This is home.

It’s not the first time that Kendrick Su was stared at her back by Chi Xun’s look through everything.

The more she thought about it, the more guilty she became.

She could only use an eager tone to hide her embarrassment.

I saw that she burned instant noodles. Maybe she just got up.

Sober, misplaced the seasoning.

Ameli Su, the stinky boy, was attracted to his attention when he heard it. My culinary skills are so good and I can do this kind of thing. Will you leave you all the way? Kendrick Su walked out of the kitchen with a guilty heart, and responded dryly, oh back Looks a little embarrassed. Chi Heng glanced at Ameli Su who was cooking noodles.

The first day I came to your house, he really gave me instant noodles.

Ameli Su didn’t lift his head. Why do you want to order food? Chi Heng said, you are so good. Cooking is not a waste of Ameli Su’s silence.

He made up the knife again, I understand, what he did for Christian in a different way, right? I don’t have this treatment anymore, right? Ameli Su couldn’t bear it, turned his face, wishing to press Chi Yu’s whole head on the stove.

Shu Yan said without being afraid of death, Christian is so good and can still eat the food you cook. Why didn’t I catch up with such a good time? Ameli Su raised the chopper knife, Chi Li, did you look for death? Chi Li smiled and fled Out of the kitchen, I withdrew, I withdrew the breakfast was eaten by three people, after eating Ameli Su washed the dishes and stood in the kitchen to wipe her hands. Chi Yu looked at Ameli Su’s back and said to Kendrick Su, your sister is quite virtuous.

Kendrick Su gritted her teeth, why she didn’t do anything abroad, I thought she was also a good friend. Chi Li touched his chin.

He had always been, but he just hid it.

Those skills that were deliberately trained to please Christian have become a smile to her.

Looks like a slap on her face, you see, you are so virtuous, Christian still won’t love you.

After listening to Chi Xun’s words, Kendrick Su clenched his fingers.

After a long time, he said, Ameli Su is such a person.

She had suffered too much before, so if you turn your head, look at him, and wait for him. Going on, um, if she decides to talk to her seriously, she Kendrick Su has finished speaking with difficulty, and if we are together in the future, then, don’t let her down, let down Chi Li, finally narrowed her smile, narrowed her eyes slightly, and then became low. Dao, uh.

Kendrick Su watched Chi Xun and Ameli Su eagerly, with an expression as if his sister would never come back again.

That’s right, Ameli Su is going to see Chi Xun’s parents. What can I do in the future? Seeing Ameli Su’s back, Kendrick Su yelled.

Ameli Su seldom called Sister Ameli Su.

I don’t know why, the words Sister are too ironic.

In fact, he and her were not related by blood, so he didn’t shout, and the Su family didn’t force it.

The shout continued, Ameli Su turned around. Your Kendrick Su’s voice trembled.

Are you still coming back at night? It’s like the ex-boyfriend who has been dumped is trying to save it.

Ameli Su said amusedly, come back, go home for dinner. Come back home.

The Su family is still her home.

Kendrick Su took a breath, and the bitterness followed immediately.

The Su family was her home, so he would be her family for the rest of his life.

He obviously hadn’t been her serious family for a few years, but he was already thinking of being her lover in Xiao.

Involved in love and debt

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  1. Why does this boyfriend always mention Christian when he talks with Amelia Su, something is amiss. I am nit sure if ge really loves Amelia Su or he is jyst looking for security.


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