His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1445 – 1446

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Chapter 1445 Pull You Into The Water, Then Together!

She endured it for too long.

Today, Thalia Xu came to the door by herself.

It was all at this point. Why should she bear it any longer? If you bear it any longer, you really deserve to be bullied for so many years! So when she heard Alisha calling her, Ameli Su’s heart trembled.

If someone tried to persuade her to take a step back at this time… Unexpectedly, Alisha said, “No! Good fight! I’ll come and help you press it!” “…”

This friend made a friend.

Ameli Su wanted to laugh, Alisha, really a good confidant for a lifetime.

She did laugh and said, “Aren’t you afraid that the Lan family will be involved?” Alisha wiped the dust off her body, “How does your Su family stand against the Ye family and Xu family?” She walked over to Ameli Su. Under Thalia Xu’s expression of resentment, after two years of special training, the experienced and experienced Alisha pressed the other half of Thalia Xu’s body.

She smiled and said, “So, with me, we are two-on-two, isn’t it great?” “Maybe it will pull you into the water.”

“What’s wrong with the water, let alone the water, I also tested out for diving.

The proof!” Alisha said, “Fight! Two slaps are light!” “Alisha!” Thalia Xu heard Alisha unconditionally support Ameli Su, so she could only win Ye Xiao, “Are you crazy? Qingtian Bairi would dare to do such a thing to me!” “Yes.”

Ameli Su said, “I did it, what can you do with me. Can you make Christian pity you? Isn’t that just what you want? I think, for your own good, I should act harder, so that you can be seen by Christian more.”

Thalia Xu’s face turned red and white, and she opened her mouth, “Ameli Su, you bitch–” The slap slapped her nosebleeds directly into the air.

In mid-air, the blood splashed frame by frame, and finally dripped on the ground.

Seeing blood. Chi Yu and Filomena Ren did not expect this development to happen, and they were shocked to step forward and hold Ameli Su’s shoulder, “Ameli Su!” But Ameli Su broke free, and then looked at Thalia Xu, who was beaten up with nosebleeds, and the latter was trembling.

Shaking, if it wasn’t for Alisha and Ameli Su alone to hold her back, it is estimated that Thalia Xu would be able to kneel down directly at this moment. “I dare? Of course I dare!” Ameli Su smiled, reaching out and holding her chin, “I have endured it for so many years-I want to see who dares to stop me today! Who is qualified to stop me!” It’s not a day or two for Thalia Xu to be passionate about it. From the first cold words to add fuel and jealousy, to the later thoughts of viciously planted and framed-Ameli Su has not suffered anything? Except for Christian’s emotional injury, most of the rest came from Thalia Xu’s hostility! Because of her hostility, Ameli Su will suffer those fate! “For so many years, no one has told me what to do, how to protect yourself, and how to comfort yourself if you are forced to desperately need to do it-will you tell me?” Ameli Su turned her head, the hatred in her eyes was shocking, she looked at Filomena Ren, “Filomena Ren, did you tell me?” Filomena Ren, who was mentioned by his name, brows fiercely, and subconsciously said, “Ameli Su, you are now dazzled by anger. Calm down, Thalia Xu is already That’s it…”

“It’s already like this?” When Christian rushed to the door, all she heard was Ameli Su’s heartbreaking shouts.

She poked her heart, as if she could pierce her chest. Come to the hole, “When I was torn and beaten in front of all the students in high school, why didn’t anyone stand up and say,’She’s already like this, you guys calm down?!”

Chapter 1446 Who will pay for her suffering.

At that moment, Christian was swallowed by the mighty flood of memories.

He stood there, as if he saw the little girl back then, pure-hearted, kind, and innocent.

She plucked up the courage to accept all the malice in this world, gritted her teeth and followed behind him-and the world reported to her still pain.

He seemed to see Ameli Su being pulled to the ground by many high school students, punching and kicking, and verbal words, no one stood up to help her, she fell on the ground as fragile as a smashed precious Jewelry can never be put together again.

Those memories turned into a storm and slammed through his back in every second.

Christian’s footsteps trembled. When he reached the door, he found that Ameli Su’s eyes were flushed. Now, she can finally stand up.

She can finally reach out her hand.

She can finally retaliate against those high school students who pushed her, bullied her, and suppressed her.

She can finally slap her back one by one! For a moment, she seemed to be crazy, fan Thalia Xu’s face flushed! “Say! The rumors that have been spread in the past, if you have the ability to speak it! Say, Ameli Su, you bitch, Ameli Su, you seduce Christian, Ameli Su, you will never compare to me-aren’t you very clever? Say it! Say it!” The effect of the force is mutual. Thalia Xu suffered multiple slaps on her face, and Ameli Su also endured a strong rebound.

The palms were red and swollen, and they seemed to be worn out, “Lianhe Ye Xiao framed me and wanted me to lose my fame! Forcing me to go abroad, and painstakingly imitating me, thinking that this would be noticed by Christian-when I return to China, I will find ways To kill me, to let me get out of Christian’s eyes completely-you are good at it! You are good at it! Thalia Xu, your abacus is so good, if I don’t beat you today, how can you continue in the future? Attack me?” Ameli Su’s voice was as if someone had cut her throat. When she raised her hand for the last time, she seemed to have exhausted all her strength.

The slap in the face sounded shockingly like the sky and the earth.”

I’ll make you perfect!” With a snap, bloodshots fell from the corner of Thalia Xu’s mouth.

She was already shaking like a sieve, and she didn’t expect Ameli Su’s emotions to be so intense and out of control. No one had ever said that Ameli Su had such a temper.

In everyone’s eyes, she, even if she is back now and knows how to protect herself, is still innocent inside – but no one has ever thought about a woman who has been treated like this before, and a desperate woman who has no nostalgia for the world, if After being ignited by the fire of hatred, it is not only her whole body that will be burnt up at that time-it will be wiped out, and she will let this fire burn the whole world! “Ameli Su!” Sherry Xu followed behind and rushed in, “Ameli Su, you–” “What, it’s your sister, I feel distressed?” Alisha took a step ahead of Ameli Su and stopped Sherry Xu, “Now I know Thalia Xu is you.

The Xu family is gone, can’t sit still?” Sherry Xu shouted, “If you don’t stop her, Ameli Su can kill Thalia Xu. Believe it or not!” “I believe it!” Alisha shouted back in a louder voice, “At that point. , Someone will sanction her.

As for now–” Let Ameli Su sanction Thalia Xu! “Ameli Su is impulsive, are you crazy too!” Sherry Xu felt unreasonable. “Beating Thalia Xu like this is what you want to see?” Ameli Su laughed and let go of her hand, Thalia Xu seemed to have no bones. Yes, fell directly to the ground lightly.

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  1. Well done Ameli Su teach Thalia Xu a lesson not to forget. Where ate her high school fans now, beat her Ameli until she begs you to stop. This is your return.


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