His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1459 – 1460

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Chapter 1459 Pulling the Elders, Doesn’t It Look Like?

Look, this security guard dared to be so bold.

Liu Suyun was so angry that he couldn’t speak smoothly. “It must be Ameli Su, and it must be Ameli Su who gave you the confidence to stop us.”

Security station It has to be straight, “I am the security guard of the Su family, and I must strictly control everyone who wants to enter the Su family villa.”

Xu Zhen sneered, “Then what you mean is that the Xu family is not qualified to meet the Su family. Provoking conflicts between the Su and the Xu family, can you afford it?” A cold sweat fell on the security’s forehead.

At this time, Ameli Su noticed the quarrel outside the door.

She was originally at home waiting for Alisha and Chi Xun to come over. Unexpectedly, the two people did not come, but the Xu family came.

There was a moment of panic in her heart, but she quickly calmed down, and then walked out and called the security guard, “Uncle Wang, I’m sorry to trouble you, please open the door.”

The security guard opened the door reluctantly, and Liu Suyun swaggered through the garden. Walked in. Until he walked to Ameli Su and stood still.

The lady was a bit older than Ameli Su.

At this time, she deliberately pretended to look calmly at Ameli Su, and then said unkindly, “It’s you” Ameli Su knew how to pretend, “What do you mean?” “Meet the elders.”

I didn’t say hello first.

The Su family’s daughter had this quality.”

Liu Suyun sneered, “Isn’t as good as my daughter.”

, Smiling like a flower, that beautiful smiling face made Liu Suyun’s expression distorted.

She said, “I just let you in with my kindness.

If you enter forcibly, it’s called breaking into a private house without permission.

Reporting to the police is known to the whole world and showing people a joke.”

Liu Suyun didn’t expect Ameli Su to be so smart.

A few years ago, it was said that she was cowardly and cowardly, and followed Christian like a follower.

Look at her exasperation now, she is not like a humble little girl at all, she is pretending to be Liu Suyun, but she just needs to reach out Da Ameli Su, “I tell you, stop arguing with me here. You know what I am here for today.”

Ameli Su opened her gray and green eyes, her expression unchanged, “for what” “you” Liu Suyun lifted her slap and she was about to fall on Ameli Su’s face.

She yelled, “Today, I am an elder to teach you the rules. Who gave you the courage to beat my daughter, you hypocritical bastard.”

A slap suddenly stopped when he was about to touch Ameli Su.

There was a sharp pain in her wrist, and Liu Suyun was startled and found that Ameli Su had grasped her wrist steadily.

The force was so great that she could not see the strength under her harmless face. Zhen’s expression sank because of Ameli Su’s movements, “You let go, and you are actually pulling with your elders, are you okay?” “The elders don’t act like the elders anymore. Come and ask me if I’m okay.”

Ameli Su squeezed Liu Suyun’s hand for a few seconds. , And then slammed away, “I just wanted to hit me?” Liu Suyun didn’t expect that she could make a little girl confess her face, gritting her teeth, her face grim, “Okay, you don’t think you really respect the elders or mothers.”

The little bastard you raised in the Su family is really bad luck.

I don’t know where Ameli Su was stimulated by these words.

Her eyes changed and her voice suddenly became cold, “What did you say?”

Chapter 1460 It’s better to invite, face confrontation.

The eyebrows were still smiling, but now they turned into sharp shadows of swords and swords in every second.

She opened a pair of gray-green eyes, her expression was not timid, she just said, “What did you just say?” Liu Suyun was shocked by the pressure.

The woman who came back to her senses was so popular that she could not say anything.

How could she make a little girl scared by the film “I said that the Su family had you and you are bad luck” Liu Suyun pointed at Ameli Su without quality, “Isn’t it? It’s really a shame for a child like you who is not polite to the elders.”

“It’s all in 9012.”

Ameli Su looked up at the sky, “How come there are people who put on airs depending on their seniority? Skills can only be spoken by seniority, just like people who are really capable, they usually introduce themselves with their grades.

Auntie, may I ask which company you are the president of?” Liu Suyun was so distracted by Ameli Su’s words. Change, green for a while, white for a while, purple and red changed all over Ameli Su, isn’t that just slap her in the face? When she comes to the door, she keeps saying that she is the Xu family, so besides this Xu family, what else does Liu Suyun have? What’s more, the Xu Xu family’s company is also Xu Zhen’s, not hers. Just like when people see Elbert, the first reaction is that high-achieving students, with the ability and means, the listed group is flourishing. When I saw Rocky, my first reaction was that a real man with iron-blooded man, a guardian recognized by the people of the whole country, is a country where Gouli lives and dies.

How can we avoid misfortune and good fortune? Seeing this Liu Suyun who clamored that she was the Xu family, what could she represent Liu Suyun for a while, Ameli Su smiled, “I am confused.

I really haven’t found out which immortal you are. Could it be from the Xu family? A certain strong woman in “This means that women can still have decent results.

Such as Lisa, such as Jia Qi. But as a member of the same generation, Liu Suyun, what’s the matter? Isn’t this disgrace her inside and out? The first time Liu Suyun was so utterly unrequited by a junior, if she used Xu’s family status to come out and press others , Isn’t that just the same as Ameli Su just said, “Well, you Ameli Su” Liu Suyun looked at her husband asking for help, “Look at her husband, now young people are really lawless, no wonder we Yaoyao are going to be wronged, husband, you have to call her the shots.”

She said her daughter was like Ameli Su.

The bullying was particularly tragic, Ameli Su snorted twice, her expression was quite like Christian’s usual rebellious look, she said, “Auntie, I want to ask, what’s wrong with Thalia Xu” The tone of the question was particularly naive.

Liu Suyun suddenly couldn’t speak smoothly.

She pointed her finger at Ameli Su and shook her vigorously, “You, Ameli Su, you don’t pretend to be silly, Yaoyao is still living in the hospital, isn’t it thanks to you.”

Living in the hospital, Ameli Su sneered and said, “Maybe I made my move too lightly.”

No matter what, I have to be rescued to get by, and a mere hospitalization is really cheap for Thalia Xu. When Ameli Su said this, Liu Suyun seemed to have grasped the handle, and immediately said to Xu Zhen, “Listen to her admitting to her husband, it was Ameli Su who beat Thalia Xu.”

Ameli Su spread her hands, “For no reason, I Why are you beating her?” Xu Zhen’s voice was cold, “I wanted to ask, why are you beating her?” Ameli Su curled her lips, “Well, please bring your good daughter over, let’s face it, what have we done? “

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