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Chapter 541 I promise!

“You. What do you want me to do?” Black Rose did not hesitate. Tina Li was able to say this. In fact, Black Rose still felt a little strange in her heart. Is this what Tina Li thought of herself?

“My son.” “Your son, what’s the matter?” Black Rose looked at Abe Zhang in the car.

It is a little strange, why does Tina Li mention this?

“I want you to protect him secretly, and you can raise the price yourself.” Tina Li thinks about going, but still feels Abe Zhang’s safety still needs to be further guaranteed. In this place, the Li family will take action at any time, and she can be there every day. , What if you delay yourself?

Tina Li didn’t want to make her suffer for life because of herself.

So let black

The protection of roses at any time made Tina Li more assured.

“Let me protect?” Black Rose became particularly entangled for an instant.


Black Rose was so grieved because Abe Zhang saw her photos. She wants to leave Abe Zhang far away, and now she wants to protect her in secret?


“Well,” Tina Li persuaded, “You can mention the price at will.” This is true. When it comes to Abe Zhang’s safety, Tina Li won’t blink at the amount of money, because there is only one life, and all the money is worth it.

“I, it’s not the money problem, yes…” Black Rose said tangledly.

“What is it? You can tell me.” Tina Li is approachable.

“This can’t be said,” Although they are all women, those things are hard to tell!

Tell Abe Zhang’s mother, Tina Li?

How do you say this?

Could it be that your son looked at my photos, and I still have a grudge in my heart now?


In this case, it would be even more difficult to speak to the taciturn Black Rose.

“Understood, do you still think that my son will kill you?” Tina Li really understood.

It’s not that she understood it in words, she understood it in her heart.

At the age of Tina Li, she was so obsessed with her words and expressions. She saw the entanglement on Black Rose’s face. What did this entanglement come from?

The clever Tina Li thought of it all at once.

“No,” Black Rose shook her head.

“Then there are other things? My son has something that I forgot after reading it and won’t remember it,” Tina Li smiled slightly.

Black Rose was astonished. It turns out that Tina Li really understands it, but can you forget it after reading it?


Black Rose looked at Abe Zhang in the car. At the very least, Abe Zhang didn’t look at herself much. He probably forgot about it.

“Me.” Black Rose was tangled.

This is a favor, Tina Li let go of her favor, and Black Rose refuses, and Tina Li will not force her.

But Black Rose is actually in her bones. For a person like her, if someone treats her kindly, she will remember it forever.

Like Tina Li, she will respect her forever.

She couldn’t refuse Tina Li’s request. It can also be said that Black Rose is a person who knows how to move.

“You can think about it. One yard goes to one yard. You can mention the price at will,” Tina Li smiled.

“I…well, I took it,” Black Rose agreed, biting her lip.

This was the first time Tina Li asked her to do something. She didn’t want to refuse, even if the grudge in her heart was still there.

“Okay, thank you. Later, I will pay 50 million dollars to your account first. This does not count as your remuneration. Your remuneration is calculated separately,” Tina Li said.

“No,” Black Rose refused. She was definitely not as rich as Tina Li, but she still had a billion dollars in net worth.

After all, she is the number one killer!


Also debuted

After so many years, plus her usual consumption is not high, and she does not pursue any luxury goods, of course she has a lot of savings.

But her ability to make money, even if it is a luxury item, is fine.

As much as you can earn, there should be a matching consumption level.

“If you want, one yard is one yard.” Tina Li said.

Black Rose can only accept, “But I have one more thing to deal with now.” “It’s okay, after you handle it, you can protect my son secretly. You don’t need to take action when it is not necessary,” Tina Li said.

In terms of hiding protection, Black Rose’s ability is still very good. Tina Li only needs to make sure that Abe Zhang is safe. After all, people need to grow up and frustration is inevitable.

Tina Li had to let Abe Zhang grow up amidst setbacks while guaranteeing Abe Zhang’s life and death.

What she wants is a growing Abe Zhang. If she wants a greenhouse flower, then she can find one hundred, and one thousand people can protect her, or even let Abe Zhang go to a country, then she will be particularly safe.

But Tina Li didn’t want this, and Abe Zhang didn’t want this either.

At the very least, Abe Zhang’s fighting spirit is still great!

“En.” “Then I will go first,” Tina Li got in the car, took Abe Zhang, and Olena Jiang left.

Hei Rose was quiet for a while, and then sighed and called her boss’s house. She actually wanted to protect Abe Zhang’s safety secretly. He had never thought of this.

She saw the boss who called her to urge her, and then asked who was going to kill, she solved the man in one day.

After packing up his things, he started to watch Abe Zhang from one place at any time.

Of course, she certainly chose not to watch some of Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang’s night scenes. This is human nature, and she certainly understands.

But she seems to have discovered something, why haven’t Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang really been together?


She didn’t think much. After seeing Abe Zhang asleep, she watched for a while, looked for a place to lean on, and closed her beautiful big blue eyes… The next day, she opened her big blue eyes and started to continue. Watching, but when I woke up, I found Olena Jiang was helping Abe Zhang.

Her big blue eyes moved away immediately.

After a while, Black Rose discovered that Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang were going out, what are they doing?

She received a call from Tina Li.

“Hey,” “My son goes to Jiang’s house, you shouldn’t have to do anything about this.” Abe Zhang didn’t say, Tina Li knew it, she was so smart, how could she not think why Olena Jiang was injured?


Abe Zhang is trying to help Olena Jiang get back what belongs to her. This is also considered an exercise. Tina Li will not stop Abe Zhang from thinking, only tell Abe Zhang right or wrong.

The road is to rely on Abe Zhang to walk by himself!

But, Tina Li couldn’t laugh or cry.

Abe Zhang Ke is with

There are a lot of people, but they just don’t tell Tina Li, what is this?


Clearly tell Olena Jiang that Abe Zhang didn’t ask Tina Li for help.

Tina Li was amused by this behavior of his son.

For Olena Jiang, this is “everything is done.”

“Well, I’ll follow.” Black Rose prepared, packed up and followed, of course, following from a distance, this can’t be discovered by Abe Zhang.

Actually, it was a little embarrassing to be discovered.

Black Rose didn’t want to face this embarrassment.

Of course Abe Zhang didn’t know this. If he knew, he would definitely be surprised. The Black Rose who had wanted to chase him down, protected himself in secret?


“Wife, it’s almost here, they have to agree to go in,” Abe Zhang said.

“Well, husband, after doing this, shall we return to China, okay?” Olena Jiang wanted to return to China.

Mainly, of course, Tina Li.

She didn’t want to face Tina Li anymore, because Tina Li was kind to her, but she still wanted to kill Tina Li.

She didn’t know that her father’s death was fine, but now that she knew, how could she ignore it?


Olena Jiang can’t do it!

She was afraid, and if Tina Li treated herself better, her determination would be shaken.

So leaving here and returning to China is the best choice!

But she went back alone, worried that Abe Zhang would be sad, so she asked Abe Zhang’s opinion.

This must be asked.

“Well, wherever you say you go,” Abe Zhang said.

Olena Jiang was moved and returned to China.

When the car stopped, Beatrice, who was driving, said, “Master, here it is.” “Let people surround this place!” Abe Zhang said.

“Yes!” Beatrice immediately commanded on the walkie-talkie, “The first team, the second team, enclose a radius of two kilometers, forbid anyone to come and go, the third team controls the high altitude!” When she said, Abe Zhang heard the sound of the helicopter.

Abe Zhang saw that ten helicopters were flying in the sky. Abe Zhang was stunned. This was far more powerful than the family guards of the Zhao family.

This helicopter is beautiful!

“Master, the blockade is over,” Beatrice said.

Abe Zhang looked at Olena Jiang, “Well, my wife, you can get your things back today.”

Chapter 542

comes into Jiang’s house!

Cousin Olena Jiang was lying on the hospital bed. He was angry. He was angry when Olena Jiang ran away last time!


Olena Jiang’s cruelty, he has seen it.

Olena Jiang must not be allowed to continue to live!

Otherwise this is a scourge!

A time bomb that appears at any time.

“Sen’er, the family guards could have killed the b*tch Olena Jiang, but suddenly someone appeared on the way,” she was helpless too!

When the captain came back, he still had a look of fear, saying that he had encountered a special

Dangerous people killed many people one by one.

When he said it, he was particularly scared, as if he had just walked through a ghost gate.

After hearing this, she was also surprised. You know, the members of her family’s guard are all carefully selected. How could they be shot one by one?


She wanted to talk to her son yesterday, but he has been in a coma for a few days. He just woke up just now. After saying this, her son was furious!

“I don’t care! I don’t care! Mom, you are asking someone to kill that b*tch now, I want to see her die!” Cousin Olena Jiang was angry!

This is humiliation. I have rotten ears and crippled in the leg. How can I be crippled because I am so handsome?


This is something he cannot tolerate!

All this was caused by Olena Jiang. She made herself ashamed in front of her family and family guards. Everything was her!

He wants to see Olena Jiang die now!

“But she has escaped,” his mother was helpless.

She had been looking for Olena Jiang for a few days, but she didn’t find it. She also wanted to kill Olena Jiang to eliminate the trouble.

“I don’t care, don’t care! I just need to see her die! Die!!” His face was hideous, and the hatred in his heart had reached its peak.

“Okay, don’t worry, Mom will do it, you take a rest, I will find someone from the killer organization to assassinate her,” Of course she knows the relationship between Olena Jiang and Abe Zhang!

Of course knowing the relationship between Olena Jiang and Tina Li, she didn’t think Tina Li would protect his enemies.

“Okay, Mom, I’ll wait for you, no matter how much it costs, I only want her to die!” “Okay, sleep peacefully, but what is going on between Olena Jiang and Tina Li? Do you know?” She still said Said it just in case.

After all, she has always been in the United States. Knowing Tina Li’s strength, otherwise Grandpa Olena Jiang would not make such a move.

“Mom, you have thought about it, you wouldn’t think that it was Tina Li who helped Olena Jiang escape? How could this be possible!” Olena Jiang’s cousin shook his head, even mocking, this is impossible!

“If Tina Li really made the move, it would be impossible for a few of them to come back alive,” she was the simplest analysis.

She clearly knows Tina Li’s strength, it is impossible to resist those few family guards!

As long as Tina Li takes action, then those few people are sure, 100% sure that all will die!


“Then what do you want to say?” “Tina Li’s son Abe Zhang, doesn’t he like Olena Jiang!? According to Tina Li’s character, will he protect Olena Jiang?” This is something she must consider now At the very least, Olena Jiang’s grandfather died at home.

It has already caused the family’s family to plummet, not to mention that she and her son have taken the family property. For this, the family

Some people died in the face.

This loss is considered to be great, and he can only stay incognito, and he is not qualified to hang around in front of Tina Li.

“No, how could it be! Tina Li’s kind of person is cruel, how could she let someone who threaten her continue? Olena Jiang must be eager for Olena Jiang to die sooner.” “Well, according to you , It should be,” she nodded, relieved.

“Son, after Olena Jiang’s death, our family will leave the United States!” She was after careful consideration.

It must not be exposed in front of Tina Li!

“Leaving?” “Yes, leaving, we must leave! We don’t have the strength to fight Tina Li now. Anyway, everything in the family belongs to us. Let’s find a new place to let the family continue! Isn’t it better?” Olena Cousin Nan is angry, but there is nothing he can do. He still wants to slap Abe Zhang in the face, but now that he is already a lame, how can he fight Abe Zhang?


“Well, I’ll listen to my mother.” “Yes, it will be long in the future. We can’t deal with people like Tina Li. We can deal with his son, catch his son, and threaten her again. She is such a precious son. Let her kneel and kowtow. , Haha!” She was a little bit excited by fantasizing, if Tina Li knelt and kowtow to herself, then what a fun thing!

“Yes, grab that Abe Zhang and let him…” Before he could finish his words, someone ran in, the captain of the family guard, and he looked shocked!

“Puzzling? Are you scared the other day?” She said angrily.

Wen Wen, she is the current Patriarch of the Jiang family. She is the last to see people in her family’s guard so panicked. How decent is she?

“No, there is someone outside,” the captain was shocked.

The neighborhood has been blocked, and there are special professional helicopters in the sky?


This helicopter is nothing, but it can be so generous, is it not something ordinary people can do?

“Come here, who’s here!” Wen Wen snorted coldly.

All the fuss, she wondered if she should fire the captain?

So rubbish?

“I don’t know, but.” The captain said in shock.

At this time, the sound of the helicopter in the sky roared, deafening!


“Huh, is it amazing? Are you still going to solve it?” Wen Wen said coldly.

The annual expenditure of my family escort is hundreds of millions of dollars. Is this helicopter in my own home?


“But they are very professional.” The captain was sweating profusely.

He is a mercenary. As soon as the helicopter appeared, he could see from the formation of the plane that this team was very professional, just like the U.S. Army!


What does this mean?

Those who represent yourself can’t be opponents at all!



Wen Wenyi

The slap slapped the captain on the face, “Slap them down for me! If you don’t hit, I will kill you!!” “Yes!” The captain was angry, but couldn’t make any fire.

He ran out.

Wen Wen looked at her son, “It’s okay, sleep peacefully, it’s just a mess! I’ll call someone from the killer organization and spend $100 million to kill Olena Jiang!” “When I kill, I want to see it with my own eyes. She is dead!!” “Well,” Wen Wen hadn’t finished speaking yet, there was a huge noise outside, which was a fierce battle.

But the whole voice lasted less than a minute, and the captain ran in again in fear!

He was horrified!


Sure enough, it was the same as I thought, this helicopter team is too powerful, and my own people are not opponents at all!

He was even a little scared.

“Boss, let’s go, they are too good.” The captain said shivering.

Black Rose scared him last time, but today the fear has increased!



Wen Wen slapped angrily, “What’s the use of my old mother to raise you? Who’s here? Who’s here?” She doesn’t have any enemies, why is she here suddenly?

“I saw it in a car. The person who came was the last woman.” The captain was incredulous. After seeing Olena Jiang, he thought he saw a ghost, but he didn’t.

“The woman last time? Who?” Wen Wen asked suspiciously.

“Is it Olena Jiang?” Cousin Olena Jiang got up from the hospital bed with a look of anger!

How can she call so many people?

“Yes, it’s her, what shall we do now? She called too many people,” the captain said anxiously.

Can’t hold it now!

“Mom, that b*tch! Actually!” Wen Wen was shocked, “Isn’t it Tina Li’s help? Quickly, prepare the helicopter, let’s go right away!” She has to leave, she can hear the noise outside. It’s completely retreat.

The captain wanted to run a long time ago, and immediately ran out to prepare.

“Mom, I want her to die, let her die!!” Olena Jiang’s cousin was in a terrible pain.

“It’s okay. Let her go this time. We will be long in Japan and will definitely kill her…” Wen Wen comforted her son. She was also in pain. Is this going to escape?

“Long day in Japan? You don’t have this chance,” Abe Zhang’s voice suddenly came in.

Chapter 543

was monitored Abe Zhang walked in, with Olena Jiang and Beatrice beside him!

The people that Beatrice brought over were all elite troops, each with a strength of one to ten and one to a hundred. This speed was considered slow.

“Who are you?” Wen Wen stared at Abe Zhang who came in, her eyes were about to shoot out a terrible cold light, of course she had never seen Abe Zhang, but she had seen Olena Jiang and Beatrice who came in next!

She was shocked!

Cousin Olena Jiang sat slumped

On the ground, what?

Olena Jiang?

Abe Zhang, are you here?

Fear spread in his heart!

He wants to kill Olena Jiang!

However, she actually came to the door, and it was still such a menacing force, he felt fear… Abe Zhang’s eyes were cold, these two people must die today!

Actually hurt Olena Jiang like that!

Wenwen’s face turned pale all of a sudden, so she punched in so soon?


“You…” Wen Wen stared at Olena Jiang and said suddenly, “Olena Jiang, what are you doing? Just say what you want, you forgot, I’m still your relative, your father is me… “Do you still have a face to mention?” Olena Jiang was angry.

When she went to Huagang before, she was beaten like that by her cousin. She knew that without family affection, these people were not her relatives.

His only relatives are his mother and Abe Zhang.

“Olena Jiang, don’t do this. Why do you bring so many people here? Can’t I give you what you want?” Wen Wen said in fear.

The calm outside has been restored, indicating that the entire family guards have been wiped out!

What does this mean?

There are only two people in my family, myself and my son.


Fear spread in her heart.

Beatrice took out a document and gave it to Olena Jiang.

Beatrice is proficient in these, Olena Jiang lowered his head to take it, and walked to Wen Wen, “Sign the word.” “Mom, Mom.” Cousin Olena Jiang was scared, there are people outside, and his legs can’t walk now. , Means that I have to wait to die!

How can I die if I am so young, so handsome, and so rich?


“Will you let us go after signing?” Wen Wen trembled.

She had seen a lot of cold eyes from outside the door.

“Olena Jiang, we are relatives, don’t kill us, please.” Wen Wen begged with fear, she didn’t want to die yet.

Her husband just died, she was still looking for a new man, and finally got rid of it. How could this be?


“Sign, this is my thing! Give it back to me!” Olena Jiang stared at them both.

“Cousin, I am your cousin, have you forgotten? I am…” Her cousin begged to climb over.

Olena Jiang was expressionless.

“Cousin, they say I’m not good, I shouldn’t do anything to you, I damn, I damn.” He cried, this is the fear of death that has crushed him.

If he can still run, he may resist, but his leg is broken, how can he run?


“You damn it?” Olena Jiang asked.

“Yes, I damn, I damn, you let me go, I’ve already…” he begged and howled.

“You all said you deserve to die, then I will definitely fulfill you!” Olena Jiang stared at him.

“Ah, no!” There was no blood on his face.

“Sister Li,” Abe Zhang is indifferent.

Beatrice understood her heart, took out her gun, and pulled the trigger!



Cousin Olena Jiang was shot on the head and screamed in a pool of blood. He only knew when he was dying that Olena Jiang could not afford to offend him.

“Ah…” Wen Wen screamed in fear, and her son died.

“Signed,” “I won’t sign, don’t sign!” Wen Wen shook her head in fear, her blood-red eyes filled with hatred!

Olena Jiang’s eyes were fierce, Beatrice said, “I’ll deal with it, she will sign,” Olena Jiang nodded.

Beatrice did not hesitate to pull the trigger!


The bullet hit Wenwen’s thigh, “Ah, no, it hurts, it hurts, I sign, I sign……” She begged and howled, her face was already pale.

When the document arrived in front of her, she tremblingly signed it, and she shed tears, “Olena Jiang, please let me go. Everything is yours. I used to hold you when you were young. I was you…” You know?” “I know, I’m sorry, am I…” Bang!

The bullet hit her forehead, and her face of fear had frozen.

Falling into a pool of blood like her son.

Olena Jiang was silent. She didn’t have the heart to bear it, but felt that… “Master, Olena Jiang, you go to the car and wait, I’ll take care of it.” Beatrice called someone over.

“Wife, let’s go out,” Abe Zhang said.

“En,” the two of them went out, Beatrice looked at the corpse on the ground, “Dispose of it! And ask someone to restore this place to its original state!” This place is now owned by Olena Jiang.

Many people see it.

In the telescope, the big blue eyes saw Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang come out safely. She breathed a sigh of relief, but continued to look far away.

Next, Olena Jiang began to deal with the affairs of his own family, and began to take over everything, of course Abe Zhang stayed with him.

And the black rose in the distance.

In addition to sleeping and the necessary time, she was watching Abe Zhang’s every move.

Now that Tina Li has agreed, she will handle this matter.

“What does this guy think about every day?” Black Rose’s big blue eyes came out of the telescope, and the three views of Black Rose were refreshed in the office in broad daylight.

During this time, she had seen it several times, and that Olena Jiang was really obedient.

She didn’t look at it, she was not a helmet mad.

In the same place, in a dark corner, there were people secretly monitoring, mainly staring at Abe Zhang’s every move. This was a man… Black Rose was hungry, eating a burger, and just took a bite.

But her sensitivity found something was wrong. She moved the binoculars to look at a place where someone might be hiding. Suddenly, she saw a reflective place.

She put down the burger.

Staring at this place for a while, I determined that Abe Zhang should also be monitored.

She immediately quietly

She moved to this place. The strength of the first killer kept her quiet, and her speed was amazing. Soon she reached this place, and she saw a man holding a telescope.

She frowned, what’s the situation?

Who is Abe Zhang staring at?

This man is very clever, if it weren’t for Black Rose to be vigilant, she hadn’t watched Abe Zhang’s picture, otherwise she wouldn’t find it.

She took out the muffler gun and pointed at the man. Suddenly, the man took out his cell phone and called someone, “Hey, Abe Zhang you want, I have already monitored it, um…is it right to tie him? But he There are too many people around, this is not easy to handle…what? It’s not a question of money… OK, I will make it clear that I… ah!” He said, suddenly felt a cold muzzle on the back of his head.

He didn’t dare to move, cold sweat broke out on his forehead, “Who are you?” Black Rose ignored him, took her mobile phone and placed it next to her ear.


There was only one breathing sound, and no other voices.

“What do you want to do?” Black Rose said coldly!

“Haha!” This was a man’s voice, with a particularly weak smile, “She, sure enough…” Toot!

The phone hung up.

Black Rose frowned, she couldn’t tell who it was, and she had never heard the voice.

But with this faint smile, she felt a little solemn!

This is not an annoying person.

“Say, who is he?” Black Rose asked!

“I don’t know.” The man was sweating all over.

“What do you want you to do?” “Tie him.” “Extortion?” Black Rose doubted. The man’s voice was so weak just now, how could he do extortion?

Still blackmailing Tina Li?

This is abnormal!

“I don’t know, this person asked me to do this. You are also a killer, right? I can look at you?” The man trembled. When he reacted just now, no, there was no time to react!

“No!” Black Rose pulled the trigger, and the man screamed, limp and bleeding on the ground.

She stared at Abe Zhang, who was being monitored, and took out her mobile phone to call Tina Li.

“Hey, how is it? Abe is going well!” Tina Li never thought of monitoring Abe Zhang, so he didn’t plan to ask others.

“Abe Zhang was monitored by others.” Hei Rose said directly.

“Other people? Who?” “A man, said he wants to tie Abe Zhang,” Hei Rose felt that this was a bit abnormal, shouldn’t it be Lord Li?

She has seen it, not the voice of the man just now!

Chapter 544

Trouble, Black Rose is sure that it is not the voice of Overlord Li, so who else would tie Abe Zhang?

Ignore me!

Many people in the United States don’t know that Abe Zhang’s mother is Li Qing, but they know that Abe Zhang doesn’t have that much money, so how could they kidnap Abe Zhang for extortion?

Besides, some people know that Abe Zhang is Li Qing

You son, then few people have the guts to do that, right?



“What kind of man?” Tina Li asked here.

“The person monitoring, I have asked, but I did not ask what I killed him. He was calling someone at the time, and I answered the phone. A man inside said in a calm voice. She really has a set… this Man, you should know, but it is definitely not Li Overlord! I can be sure of this.” Black Rose said.

“Isn’t Li Overlord?… I really have a set?” Here Tina Li is working. She stood up and stared out the window. These words meant that she had taken a precaution to find Abe Zhang a secret protection. bodyguard?

“Yes, this person said that.” “Okay, I see, Black Rose, you did a good job.” “Yes, what should I do now?” Black Rose asked, this should not be that simple. Anyway, when Black Rose answered the phone just now, the tone she heard from the man made her feel cold sweat behind her back.

This person is definitely not an ordinary person.

It may be a man comparable to Tina Li, or even Black Rose feels this way.

“You have to be careful first. If you can say that, my son will be monitored separately, but before the monitoring, the man may deal with you first,” Tina Li said in a deep voice.

Since this person has started, he will do whatever it takes!

“I see.” The phone hung up. Black Rose looked at the corpse on the ground. She took out a bottle of water from her pocket and dripped it on the corpse. Slowly, the corpse bubbled up, as if it was Corroded, this is a strong acid… Black Rose returned to the “work position” she had just now, and continued to stare at Abe Zhang with her binoculars, and she continued to eat the burger that she hadn’t finished.

Tina Li’s restlessness in the office is not about other things, but… She feels uncomfortable, restless, and emotionally depressed.

She took out her mobile phone, looked at it for a while, found out someone’s number, sighed, and dialed.

The phone rang for a few seconds and someone answered it.

“Tina,” it was a gentle voice. In this world, there are only a few people who can call that way. Abe Zhang’s father, Zhang Qingyang, can.

“Well, Qingyang, are you enough money?” Tina Li asked softly.

“Enough,” “When will you come back? Abe has been here for a few days, you…” “Come on,” “Okay, no hurry, you are busy with you, I have put some money on your card , Can you tell me if it is not enough?” “En,” the phone was hung up, Tina Li looked at the phone number on the phone, she was silent, I don’t know when the communication between the two people started.

Tina Li is not that

She likes something romantic. She likes simplicity, but she is still a woman and needs a little care, even a little bit.

However, it hasn’t been for a long time recently. Tina Li feels that he has done a good job. Is it because he has been married for too long and has no feeling?

Tina Li does not have this.

She feels that every time she sees Zhang Qingyang, she feels like her first love. I don’t know how Zhang Qingyang feels when he sees herself?

Or is it already…because it’s been too long and you don’t feel anymore?


Think about it, it’s been a long time since we have been married for 20 years, but Tina Li believes that time will make the relationship deeper and deeper, and she is like this.

“Qing Yang, have you changed? You can change it, I can understand it, but don’t do anything to hurt Abe, don’t do that. He is also your son. Whatever happens to me will be fine…” Li Sigh quietly.

Looking at this number, Tina Li has been silent… Can’t express his current mood, just being low, unable to understand, does he feel wrong?

What…what did you do wrong?

As a wife, Tina Li felt that she had done it. As a mother, she owed Abe Zhang, so she is now making up for it.

When she was unconscious, there was a knock on the door, but she didn’t hear it until Beatrice opened the door suspiciously and saw Tina Li who had been standing. She walked over with a cup of coffee in her hand, “Mr. Li, what’s wrong with you? ??” Tina Li is rarely seen like this, because Tina Li is always full of energy.

“Mr. Li,” Beatrice called again.

“Ah?? It’s Beatrice, uh, what’s the matter?” Tina Li recovered, accepted the coffee and took a sip. It was obviously still the same as before, but why is it so bitter today?


“Someone in the Oak family has died,” Beatrice received the notice.

According to the traces on the scene, it was a professional killer who did it, and the reason why Beatrice came here was because the spear was directed at Tina Li.

“Who is dead?” Tina Li put down his coffee.

“The person who had conflicts with Mr. Li before,” Beatrice said.

This Ok family member is a particularly handsome middle-aged man, full of masculinity. Once I met Tina Li, I knew that Tina Li was married, but pursued it.

Tina Li certainly didn’t want to, and immediately kept his distance, but this man did something threatening. Who was Tina Li?

This was intolerable, and he was abolished on the spot.

Tina Li’s eyes gleamed, “Oh, I understand what you mean, now people in the Oak family think that I killed him, right?” “Now rumors are flying all over the sky. This is because someone deliberately pointed the finger at you. “Beatrice said, this discerning person can tell at a glance.

Not to mention her kind of battle-tested person


Tina Li walked back and forth, Beatrice continued, “This Ok family, whether you did it or not, the public opinion will make them point the finger at you…” “Really?” Tina Li smiled.

“Then what do you mean?” Beatrice asked.

The Ouke family is one of the largest families in the world and one of the four largest families. The family that can be compared is also the other three families, including the Li family. This family does things crazy.

Take revenge, it’s just like overwhelming.

“Me?” Tina Li looked lightly.

“Some people want to take advantage of the fisherman’s profit,” Beatrice analyzed. This must be the case. Otherwise, how could he point the finger at Tina Li?

“What else did you analyze, continue talking,” Tina Li said.

“I think that this person who wants to take advantage of the fisherman’s profit is the overlord Li! Overlord Li wants to occupy all of President Li. In other words, the Li family has finally started to deal with you, President Li.” Beatrice looked at him. cold.

She has been with Tina Li for so long and knows how much Tina Li has contributed to the Li family. This can be seen from the fact that Tina Li was kicked out and the strength of the Li family shrank a lot.

Tina Li did a very good job with the Li family, but the Li family didn’t know how to be grateful and did such a thing.

Deliberately provoking a conflict to turn the Ouke family and Tina Li back, this thing is shameless!

The more Beatrice thinks about it, the more angry it gets!


“I know that since I left the Li family, they have already started to deal with me, you always know,” Tina Li clearly remembered the face of the people in the family since he was kicked out that day.

Actually letting herself hand over all the family properties, these were left to Abe Zhang by Tina Li, she would definitely not take them out.

“However, the Li family does not have the strength to annex me now. Whom should he find to cooperate with,” who is Tina Li?

Being able to do this in just over 20 years, her cleverness, as long as she analyzes it carefully, then what can escape her eyes?


“Who to look for?” “This is simple. I always know that Overlord Li and people from another family are very close. They hit it off when dealing with me. What’s wrong with this?” Tina Li has always known about this, and Overlord Li has her Why don’t you pay attention?

Beatrice was annoyed, “They are embarrassed!!” After Tina Li was silent, he sighed suddenly.

“Why do you have to do this? I left the Li family, and everyone can meet afterwards. Why do you have to turn your faces?” I did it in

Chapter 545

Tina Li is a nostalgic person. Even if she was kicked out that day, she never thought of revenge on the Li family!

As for the overlord Li, she really has nothing to say, but Li Shidao, the son of overlord Li, first dealt with Abe Zhang.

, Almost killed Abe Zhang, then kill, this is Li Shidao’s own blame!


“Then President Li, what are you going to do?” Beatrice asked.

The Ouke family is still very powerful. The key is that this family has a technology company, but it is not the same as Tina Li, who researches the latest metals, recent technology and the like.

What are they researching?

It is human serum.

It is to push the limits of people out!

Turn people into killing machines!

But Tina Li got the news that this kind of serum is actually a kind of paralytic poison, corroding people’s pain and making people feel painless, so isn’t it a machine?

Tina Li hasn’t played against such a person before, and he doesn’t know what it’s like to have no pain.

I just know that if people don’t feel pain, their life span will be very short!

“I heard that this family has recently developed a new serum, but dozens of people died when it came out. This kind of thing is not easy to deal with,” Tina Li was thinking about it.

She was able to beat a person with one punch, but this person was beaten up and got up again as if nothing happened. One is fine, but what if ten or dozens of them are at the same time?

It’s like being caught in a war of attrition, a normal person like Tina Li will eventually consume his strength, which is dangerous.

Although, this kind of thing, the Oak family will not come out until the end, but it is still a huge hidden danger.

This is something Tina Li has to consider. Compared with money and strength, she will not lose to anyone or any family, but she still has to be cautious in the face of such things.

“Then, do you want me to clarify?” Beatrice asked.

This clarification should be the simplest solution now.

“It’s probably useless to clarify, the Ok family is dead, why didn’t they seize this opportunity and deal with me in a fair way?” Tina Li said.

Beatrice was stunned. “They…” “The four big families have always wanted to annex me. It’s not a day or two. He…” When Tina Li was talking, the phone rang, she took it out and looked behind the scenes. The boss, she reluctantly shook her head to answer.

“Am I doing this thing beautifully?” the boss behind the scenes laughed.

She called specifically to ask about this.

Tina Li already suspected that Overlord Li asked the boss behind the scenes to send a killer to do it. She knew too well.

“Pretty,” “No, why aren’t you angry?” The boss behind the scenes was a little upset, and she told Tina Li specifically to laugh at her.

“What am I doing when I am angry? The conflict between the four big families and me hasn’t been a day or two. You helped me break it directly, and I have to thank you,” Tina Li said.

Turning over her face, Tina Li has never been afraid of anyone.

“You! You hate it, do you know! Li Ba mainly deals with you, and even pays a big price to let me kill you,”

You know, I won’t agree, I like to watch you make a fool of myself,… I like to laugh at you.

“I see, would you like to have dinner?”

“Then I invite you to the clubhouse?

“Tina Li was speechless, this woman. “I have something to do, thank you for telling me this.”

The phone was hung up. Tina Li received the phone, “I want to go to Li’s house immediately!”

“Go to Li’s house!”

“Beatrice was taken aback, is this a direct showdown?? When she nodded, the phone rang again, which turned out to be Abe Zhang’s. She smiled and answered, “Cer…” “Mom, I just passed by the door of Li’s house. I wondered if I should go in and see Grandpa.

“Abe Zhang said here. He just drove past Li’s house. This is his mother’s hometown. Of course Abe Zhang wants to go in and take a look! “No, don’t go in.

“Tina Li hurriedly said, the faces of those in the Li family will hurt Abe Zhang. What’s more, the overlord Li is still inside! “Well, mom, I listen to you,” Abe Zhang called and asked, just to ask. Tina Li’s opinion. “Be obedient, I will take you in, and you will take Olena Jiang to turn around.

“Well, mom, I listen to you,” Tina Li was relieved when the phone hung up. “Mr. Li, you still have to tell the young master about this.”

“Beatrice said. Let Abe Zhang know what his Li family is like, this is not a bad thing for Abe Zhang! You can also let Abe Zhang embankment Li family in advance. “I, look for a chance to say it,” Tina Li can do nothing. She was about to go out, but Beatrice received the call. A few seconds later, her face was ugly. Tina Li asked indifferently, “Is the Ouke family here?

“Well, angrily, I said I want to see you.”

“Beatrice was very annoyed. Sure enough, these people were right to Tina Li. They knew the truth of the matter, and they came here deliberately pretending not to know. “See, I’m not shameful,” Tina Li doesn’t care. “Then I will immediately Go arrange!

“Beatrice walked out. But a cold voice came in from outside, “Arrangement?


I can’t use it anymore!

Right here!

“The door of Tina Li’s office was pushed open by a tall man. This man was nearly two meters tall, he was huge, and his body was full of beast-like muscles, and he had a strong sense of oppression! Tina Li was 1.72 meters tall in front of him. They all looked weak and small. This man brought ten people in, all of whom were such big guys. When they came in, there was a feeling that they had arrived. This is a housekeeper of the Oak family! The Oak family actually asked the housekeeper to come and look for it. Tina Li, this is underestimating Tina Li. Beatrice is annoyed. “Sit down.

“Tina Li looked indifferent. A security guard rushed over, all angrily, “Mr. Li, they…” “It’s okay, you are injured.”

Today I went to the Finance Department to collect US$50,000, and then I went to rest for three days,” Tina Li said. “Yes,” the security guard exited and the door closed. “Sit down,” Tina Li said again. “Tina Li, you are so bold. You actually killed our nine young masters!


“The strong housekeeper stared at Tina Li. Glittering his teeth, as if he was about to eat Tina Li. When he came over, the Patriarch of the Oak family had already spoken. How could the Oak family not see such a thing? On the one hand, they began to find out who did it, and on the other hand, they were really right like Tina Li, everyone was dead, so they simply took this opportunity to do something against Tina Li. Tina Li will definitely refute. This housekeeper has already figured out how to make Tina Li admit it! Hmph, how would she quibble, how could she refute that it was not her doing it? “Yes, I killed it, so what?

“Tina Li said lightly. The butler was stunned, and was stunned for a moment. What did she say? She actually admitted that she did it by herself? Didn’t you hear it wrong? No, she did say that! The butler was speechless. , He was suspicious of Tina Li’s words like this. Tina Li really did it? But didn’t the people in the family analyze that it was framed? Then why did she admit it? “What did you say?

“The strong housekeeper held back for a long time, and said something like this. “I said, I did it, how about it?”

“Tina Li said indifferently. Beatrice has no expression on her face. Tina Li handles everything in this indifferent way. She has become accustomed to it. Under Tina Li’s influence, she has encountered things, so it’s no surprise!” Then you are ready to endure the crazy revenge of the Oak family!


“The butler said angrily. Tina Li’s words have already confused him. He doesn’t know what to say next, so he can only leave harsh words. “I want to go, I agree with you?”

Tina Li stood up. The housekeeper frowned, “Do you still want to keep me?”


“He brought ten people over. These ten people are not ordinary people. They are all people who have started to inject serum and the pain is about to disappear. No matter how powerful Tina Li is, it is impossible to keep himself! Otherwise, he will not come. Here. “Tell the Oak family that you can turn your face a bit more thoroughly. He used this opportunity to deal with me, so why don’t I use this opportunity to deal with him?

I think he is very upset,” Tina Li said. “You!

“The housekeeper is angry, and Tina Li actually wants to take this opportunity to deal with the Ouke family? Do you Tina Li have this strength? You are just a bereaved dog who has just been kicked out by the Li family!! “You are a bereavement dog, and you are qualified to act with our Oak family


“The butler laughed. Tina Li has recently risen in the United States. As one of the world’s four largest families, how could they not pay attention to Tina Li? Even Tina Li was kicked out by the Li family before, they all knew the news instantly. Such a person wants to seize this opportunity to deal with the Ouke family? This is simply wishful thinking! Beatrice’s eyes are cold, as long as Tina Li speaks, she will immediately rush forward! Desperate! Because this is an insult! Tina Li is so kind to her , She can’t stand it! “You will know if you are qualified.

“Tina Li said, walking over. It is 1.72 meters and 1.8 meters with high heels. In front of this strong man, she still looks so weak. But her aura opened up, and the housekeeper frowned. “The words I will bring.

“I suddenly changed my mind. I said it myself. I turned my face a little bit thoroughly. Then you guys, why should I let you go?”


“Tina Li said lightly. “Haha, you still want to!”


“The butler is angry! Because Beatrice has already taken out a gun. “Use a gun?”

you guys?

“The butler mocked. Beatrice didn’t say a word, but didn’t want to fight with them. They are all some machines, what can they do? “You are not qualified to let me take action, you still don’t know!

“Tina Li said. This man is tall and strong, but for a person like Tina Li who punches a thousand pounds, it is not enough to look at!! “You guys just hit me, so the person who hurt me is five times better. , Beatrice, give them five shots!

Don’t beat them to death, let them spread the word!

“Tina Li said. Beatrice pulled the trigger instantly, and the bullet burst out. “Ah!

“Beatrice’s shooting speed was super fast. Eleven people were shot in less than five seconds, and then Beatrice made up the shot. There was wailing in this office. “Call someone to carry them out and send them off.” go back.

“Yes, fifty people came in!”

“Beatrice used the walkie-talkie to call people. Soon, many well-trained people came in, carried them out, and cleaned up the scene!! Now it is completely torn apart. At the same time, Overlord Li paid close attention to this matter. He was paying attention to the people from the Ouke family, going out, and then to Tina Li’s place, but when he saw the people of the Ouke family being carried out, he was shocked! What did Tina Li do?! Did he turn his face like this? Li Overlord was annoyed, “She, did Tina Li seize this opportunity, but let Tina Li start dealing with the Ouke family?

Well, I see how capable you are. When you and the Oak family lose out, I will profitably come out and clean up the mess. You will be surprised by then.




“Overlord Li laughed, full of insidiousness! Tina Li must die, Abe Zhang must die! … Pop! A white-haired old man slapped the table angrily, “What?


Tina Li actually treats my housekeeper that way?

“This is an insult to him! “Yes, Tina Li let people fire five shots on each of them, all of them avoided the vital points, but…” Someone reported, hesitated and didn’t dare to go on. . “but what?


The white-haired old man was furious! “But they have become disabled and have stood up all their lives,” the man was shocked when he saw the eleven people being sent over. “It is unreasonable!”

“The white-haired old man was furious! “Grandpa, Tina Li is so daring to tear our face with our Ouke family, she is so courageous!”

Isn’t it just a bereaved dog?

I really don’t know how many catties she has?

After leaving Li’s house, she was nothing but a spicy chicken who was kicked out, a wild dog!


“A blond man said mockingly. Originally, their Ok family simply used this opportunity to deal with Tina Li, but they didn’t expect to be rebelled against General Tina Li. This is something that the Ok family can’t tolerate! This Tina Li wants to jump over the wall. Already?? “Well, in this case, then we don’t have to be polite and start dealing with Tina Li in an all-round way!

I want her to regret what happened today!


“The white-haired old man said angrily. Tina Li, my Ouke family can survive on the earth for so many years, and it is not something you can handle with a bereavement dog driven out! You will regret it! “Yes, grandpa!

” “it is good!

“The Ouke family members are excited. If Tina Li is annexed, then the other three families will be nothing to worry about! … Three days later! Black Rose continued to look at Abe Zhang with the binoculars. She frowned and suddenly stopped looking. “What is this guy thinking?

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