His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1463 – 1464

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Chapter 1463

Who would dare to stun Elbert’s son Christian? This is nothing short of life.

This whole city turned over and could not find the second one who dared to do something to Christian. Now Liu Suyun watched Sherry Xu run over.

Holding on to Christian, his face paled in fright, “I didn’t have any of those who said it.”

“I took it all.”

Sherry Xu raised his cell phone with his other hand, “God, Christian came over to find Ameli Su and just met the Xu family.

The elders bullied Ameli Su, and then wanted to help persuade them, but the result was affected.”

Listen, even a set of words are ready, and Ameli Su, who dares to say that he is not here to put them down, gave Christian an incredulous look.

The man was not that fragile, and he subconsciously reached out to detect Christian’s breath, as if he was still alive.

Christianqiang propped up his weak body and opened his eyes, and looked fiercely at Ameli Su, who stretched out his hand to test his breathing.

A pair of dark eyes sent an angry message to see why Laozi was here to pretend to be dizzy, not to pretend to be dead.

Ameli Su paused, ho, the sickness was quite fierce. Opposite Liu Suyun didn’t have time to explain anything, Sherry Xu dialed Elbert directly. Elbert Elbert is dying, Liu Suyun yelled badly, Marven Su is not in the country, and originally thought that no one would cover Ameli Su.

If Elbert came, how would they use Ameli Su to open up and Sherry Xu staggeredly support Christian got up and asked with particular concern, “Is it okay?” Christian didn’t say a word from beginning to end, probably because his voice was really uncomfortable.

He shook his head and said that he was fine. Sherry Xu started crying, exaggerated and fierce, “Christian, don’t do this.

I know you are not to implicate me, so you just pretended to be okay. You just fell. You must have something, how can you endure it by such a person? Even if I were from the Xu family, even if it was my mother who beat you, I wouldn’t be like this.

I’m on your side, Christian, don’t be afraid.”

Christian rolled his eyes while cooperating with Sherry Xu’s performance.

There is only one sentence in Ameli Su’s mind, Sherry Xu, open your eyes and talk nonsense. What can Christian be afraid of? Christiantian is not afraid. Sherry Xu deliberately told Liu Suyun.

So Liu Suyun wants to persuade him that her son is Christianhao’s brother, so that he can give up.

It doesn’t work anymore.

The roads were all blocked, and Liu Suyun squeezed out a sentence, “It seems that Christian is not feeling well, we will come next time.”

After he said that, he turned and left.

As a result, a group of commercial vehicles appeared at the door and walked from the car.

A group of tall private security guards who had undergone special training encircled Sherry Xu and Christianlian from the front door of the Su family.

Ameli Su was stunned. Sherry Xu smiled and watched the blood on Liu Suyun’s face lost, Xu Zhen’s expression was distorted, and he was in a good mood to appreciate it, and said, “It’s all here, don’t be polite, come in and sit.”

Ameli Su said, “Is this your home” “Sherry Xu said shamelessly, “I am homeless now, wherever the world is.”

“You guys” Xu Zhen grabbed his fingers one by one, “Do you want to rebel?” “Rebel” Sherry Xu said “It’s a big hat.

If it wasn’t for the trouble of Ameli Su, whether you are right or wrong, you can now become like this. Originally, only adults were allowed to bully the younger generation, and the younger generation were not allowed to protect themselves.”

Ameli Su understood it again.

Christian and Sherry Xu’s shamelessness: You call the posture of so many tall and mighty bodyguards fighting in groups as self-protection.

Chapter 1464 Delaying time, waiting for the night to come.

Now that he wants to leave, she can’t leave easily.

Liu Suyun faintly feels guilty.

If it’s really upset, if her daughter did something, Ameli Su would all shake out in a rage, then that ruined one. But not only Ameli Su, but also her daughter Thalia Xu.

Liu Suyun thought about it, and then she pulled a smile out, watching Ameli Su standing there, and said, “Maybe there are some misunderstandings inside, so why don’t we find a time to talk next time “I came over aggressively to inquire about the crime. Now I found that I was invincible, and I thought about leaving. Sherry Xu said, “You think everything is so beautiful.”

Treat the junior as a toy.

If you want to settle the account, you can vent at will. Just take a step down, the older generation always seems to have a sense of superiority, always feel that the younger generation can be controlled casually and don’t have to think about feelings. . “I’ve come here, don’t just leave.”

Ameli Su said, “Come in and sit down. Uncle Elbert is here, and you can say hello.”

How could Xu Zhen really let Elbert intervened and walked in.

He glanced at Christian who was standing there with cold eyes.

Although he was wearing a mask, his aura was still strong enough. Without saying a word, he can play a deterrent effect.

Christian was standing over there, this matter was not easy to clean up.

I can only forcefully maintain calm and say, “We still have to investigate this matter thoroughly before we come to Su’s family to talk about it.

After all, Yaoyao’s beating is not a trivial matter.”

“This means that you have not investigated clearly when you came here.”

Sherry Xu grinned on the ground.

The previous step said, “Mom, did you get the wind in your ears again? It’s true that my dad can’t live up to the face now.”

This is to put the responsibility on Liu Suyun alone. Now, under this kind of public opinion, the time will come. When others talk about it, they will only say that Liu Suyun of the Xu family is careful not to know right from wrong, and will blame her as a woman, instead of going to trouble with the man in charge.

Liu Suyun changed her face on the spot, “Sherry Xu, why are you from our Xu family always standing opposite to my mother” “I call you mom, mainly because you are Thalia Xu’s mother and my father’s original match.”

Sherry Xu paused.

The voice was lowered, “Is my biological mother you, you should know best, right?” Christian’s eyes flashed a light, but Ameli Su was shocked.

It sounds like Sherry Xu’s relationship with the original Xu family is also very complicated.

It’s just that these episodes were taken over by Xu Zhen at once.

He probably didn’t like others talking about the secret gossip at home, and then he said, “Christian, let your people leave by the door.”

He carried the adult and gave instructions.

As a result, Christian stood there with his hands in his pockets, wearing a black mask and was silent.

The straight back didn’t tell me the appearance of falling down just now. Xu Zhen repeated it again, “Christian, let your people leave the door.”

The voice has become a little heavier.

Christian still didn’t speak. Just looking at the Xu family couple with those eyes was unpredictable. Sherry Xu knew that he was delaying time and waited until Elbert came.

Marven Su is not in the country now, and now Ameli Su is alone for taking care of Christian when he was a child, and Elbert will cover Ameli Su as the second child.

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