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chapter 546

What’s in your head all day?

“Black Rose muttered to herself coldly. What Abe Zhang is doing is obvious. For these three days, she has to see every day. She didn’t bother to watch it, and she was not a voyeur. She took out a hamburger for lunch. She follows Abe Zhang every day to make sure that Abe Zhang is safe, so that she has no time to eat anything else. When she wakes up in the morning, she buys three hamburgers as food for the day. She is used to it, even though she is eating I don’t look at Abe Zhang, but I also habitually look at other places. What if Abe Zhang is monitored by other people? She scanned around and found no results, but her sixth sense suddenly felt that something was wrong. Tina Li Having said that, let her be careful, be careful of that person, she might deal with herself first. Black Rose moved her body instantly, bang! A hot bullet hit Black Rose’s body


Black Rose instantly turned pale and looked for a place to cover her.

Who is this?

Can you find your place?


Black Rose tilted her head to see, if she hadn’t noticed just now, would she have killed herself with a single shot?


Black Rose has so little lingering fear!

Sure enough, the person on the last call could really make himself sweat, but this time he found such a powerful person to come over, solve himself first, and then continue to kidnap Abe Zhang?


Black Rose immediately led this person out. She took out a mirror and stretched it out. The mirror was broken. Black Rose’s assassination experience told her that she found the person’s location?


Pull the trigger and shoot the bullet!


It didn’t hit, but temporarily prevented this person from shooting. Black Rose quickly injected herself with painkillers, and then took out her mobile phone to call Abe Zhang.

More than ten seconds later, Abe Zhang answered in confusion. He was a little confused. Why did Black Rose call herself?


“Now find a place to hide right away and call your mother Tina Li!” Black Rose must do this. This is a master, and she successfully attacked herself.

It may also be that he killed himself and then caught Abe Zhang!

It doesn’t matter if you die, but if you promised Tina Li, you have to do it yourself.

“What happened?” Abe Zhang was dumbfounded.

Black Rose made this call inexplicably.

“Did you make the wrong call?” Abe Zhang asked again.

“Hurry up, find a place to hide, don’t run out!” Black Rose hung up the phone!

It’s too dangerous to go out, this hidden killer might make Abe Zhang lose his mobility first.

“Husband, what’s the matter?” Olena Jiang came out of the toilet.

This is the office of a company in her Jiang family. Abe Zhang just thought about it, Olena Jiang couldn’t refuse.

“Black Rose called me and asked me to hide.” Abe Zhang was serious. He was about to walk to the window. Olena Jiang was frightened and busy pulling Abe Zhang and squatting down.

“Don’t go near the window! Someone should want to kill you, but Black Rose found it.” Olena Jiang has experience, not to mention that she heard gunshots just a moment ago!


“Overlord Li?” Abe Zhang only tortured one enemy in the United States, and no one else.

“Maybe, let me see.” Olena Jiang crawled to the window and stared at one place. He saw two places far apart, and there were fires coming out. This is a gunfight!

This is Black Rose and another person.

Who is this guy?

Can actually be comparable to the black rose?

Abe Zhang also crawled over and saw this.

“Husband, it should be Li Overlord’s person, you hide, I will go get the gun.” Olena Jiang’s eyes chilled.

“Don’t, I’ll call my mother.” Abe Zhang took out his cell phone and immediately called Tina Li to connect, “Mother,

Someone wants to kill me!

Chapter 547

What are you doing? Abe Zhang hung up the phone, and his mother came over immediately. He was staring at the outside, Black Rose was still fighting with this man, Olena Jiang had doubts in his eyes, “Not quite right.” ,” “What’s wrong?

What are you talking about, wife?

“Abe Zhang didn’t see anything, he just heard the sound of the gunshot from a distance, and there are two places where there are flashes like flashes, which are fleeting. “I think Black Rose is aunt…Yes, Tina Li sent over to protect your husband. “Olena Jiang is also a smart man. This is obvious. Black Rose saved herself last time. When she left, Tina Li said something to her alone. At this time, it should be said. He was persuading Hei Rose to protect Abe Zhang. Olena Jiang still remembered that when she was in the car, she saw the tangles on Hei Rose’s face, and this would work. “She will promise to protect me?


“Abe Zhang was taken aback. To be honest, Abe Zhang wanted to kill her last time. After all, Maya Tang was injured like that, and it has something to do with her. But I saw that she shot herself with a gun for her own photos. Abe Zhang suddenly felt that it was not too good to use a photo to attract a woman over. Moreover, it was still in front of women like Olena Jiang and Beatrice. So when my mother said it, when it was processed, Abe Zhang I don’t have any opinion, though, as long as Abe Zhang mentioned it at the time, my mother would definitely kill him. But Abe Zhang still didn’t. He might have been shot by Black Rose for her own photos, and was so touched. Come on! Why do you think that Black Rose became like that, and most of it was caused by Ouyang Fei. If Ouyang Fei took her photos, how could Abe Zhang use the photos to threaten her? “Yes,” Olena Jiang certainly saw Who is Black Rose. Abe Zhang wondered. Look outside, really? Yes, no, Black Rose won’t call herself at all. He will not continue to fight with others. How much money did this mother spend please? She? The first female killer, this should be considered a sky-high price. “There is something wrong,” Olena Jiang has also experienced many gun battles and found a problem. “What’s wrong?

Abe Zhang asked. “Look, my husband, the number of times Black Rose fought back is too small. This is not like her character. She may be injured. This gunman is too powerful. Maybe she will die.” Olena Jiang is serious, Black Rose But after saving herself once, Olena Jiang is also a person who is kind enough to repay. She can’t stand it anymore. “Husband, be good and stay here. When Tina Li comes over, I will help Black Rose now, otherwise she might Will die,” Olena Jiang immediately stood up to get the gun. Abe Zhang got up too tangled, “I’ll go with you,”

Abe Zhang can’t rest assured Olena Jiang.

Olena Jiang didn’t say anything, so he kissed Abe Zhang, “Husband, be good, you are here waiting for Tina Li to come, Black Rose saved me before, so I must go,” Abe Zhang sighed, Olena Jiang’s Abe Zhang also knows his personality.

If Olena Jiang is forced to stay, Olena Jiang will be sad.

Olena Jiang went to get a gun, and she quickly came over with a sniper rifle. The distance was too far, which was very difficult for Olena Jiang.

What’s more, she couldn’t put the battlefield here, it would hurt Abe Zhang.

Olena Jiang ran out and looked for the best sniper location according to the memory of the person’s location. Together, the two might kill this person!


Olena Jiang went to find.

Abe Zhang looked in the room. He saw that Black Rose was hitting back less and less. Does this mean that Black Rose was seriously injured?

Suddenly, Abe Zhang saw the roof of a low building in the distance. He fell off by himself. He was wearing black clothes. Is this a black rose?

Abe Zhang struggled for a second and ran out. He is also a man, so hiding here is also suffering for her.


The bullet came in mercilessly, and Black Rose bit her lip. The gunshot wound on her body was already serious, and she didn’t know how long she would be able to support it.

The bullets came one by one, this was to force oneself out.

Black Rose took a few deep breaths to make herself feel better, but the gunshot wound was too serious, and she gave herself another injection of painkiller.

After doing all this, she decided to continue to support her, and she must persist until Tina Li comes over, otherwise Abe Zhang, who she is protecting, is in great danger!


A gunshot in another direction!


Black Rose is surprised, is this?

She didn’t see who it was, but this level of shooting is definitely not Tina Li, then is it?

Olena Jiang?

It should be.

Suddenly there were other gunshots, and in one corner, a man sneered. This accuracy is a rookie in his eyes!

He moved the heated muzzle to find the location of the new shooter.

“Yes, die!!” He pulled the trigger and fired a shot.


Wherever he shot, Olena Jiang’s face was cold, so accurate marksmanship!

She felt a huge danger, but how could Olena Jiang, who had experienced the wind and rain, be afraid of this danger?

She already has a strong psychological quality.

She shot, and Black Rose from another place shot in response, Olena Jiang breathed a sigh of relief.

“If you are looking for death, then I will solve you first! Black Rose, you can die!” The man fired a shot!


The stone shattered and the black rose was injured. She was suddenly exposed to the shooting range. The man saw it and pulled the trigger.

The bullet is shot!

Black Rose avoided, suddenly, a hand caught her, in the black

In surprise, Rose dragged her behind a wall.

A strong man’s breath came to his face.

Black rose’s big blue eyes are filled with surprise.


The bullet hit the empty place.

The man frowned, “There is actually another person, isn’t it that Abe Zhang? This is a bit interesting!” “It’s you?” Black Rose saw this person clearly, and it was Abe Zhang with a blank face.

“What are you doing out? Why don’t you go home? Hurry up! Let go!” Black Rose frowned, cold sweat on her pale face.

Abe Zhang was still holding her hand.

Abe Zhang didn’t answer, but let go. He took Black Rose’s gun, and Black Rose held it tightly. “What are you doing? Don’t take the gun indiscriminately!” “I always have to touch this kind of thing,” Abe Zhang said.

The assassin on the opposite side is so powerful. If Black Rose cannot help Olena Jiang, then Olena Jiang is in danger.

How could Abe Zhang see Olena Jiang’s accident?

“You have to contact, let Tina Li teach you, don’t hinder me!” Black Rose said coldly, making her face more and more cold sweat.

“Are you my mother invited to protect me?” Abe Zhang wanted to be sure.

Black Rose didn’t want to answer this question, but she answered, “Yes, if it wasn’t for Tina Li, do you think I would be here?” “En.” “Hide behind me, don’t make trouble! I don’t want my mission to fail. No more,” Black Rose continued to shoot.

Abe Zhang stared at her every move.

Hei Rose and Olena Jiang joined forces, and they were not yet their opponents.

Because Black Rose was shot at the beginning, her strength was greatly reduced.

It didn’t take long for Olena Jiang to come into contact with this again. No matter how talented he is, it takes time to temper.

What Olena Jiang lacks is experience and time.

However, these two are fatal weaknesses in the killer sniper battle.

“Look for cover to find something to cover all of your body. If you expose a little, others may kill you.” Black Rose said coldly.


The bullet came.

Black Rose protected Abe Zhang, “Are you really holding back and don’t squat down?” Abe Zhang listened. He secretly saw how Black Rose shot, and he knew it.

“What are you looking at? Bow your head!” Black Rose covered Abe Zhang’s head with her body and pressed him down.

“I’m looking at that person,” Abe Zhang said.

“You are crazy, the other party has a gun, do you look with your head?” Black Rose was annoyed.

He scolded Abe Zhang in jerky Chinese language.

“You don’t need to protect me like this, and I’m not a fool. I know what I can’t do.” Of course Abe Zhang knows. He just wanted to see how Olena Jiang was. If Olena Jiang had something, he would really feel The sky fell.

“Do you think I am willing? I promised Tina Li, I must do it!!” Black Rose said coldly.

To be a killer requires professional ethics, answer

If you respond, you must do it, even if you die. This is the bottom line of Black Rose!

This is the bottom line of her first female killer!


Chapter 548

when he traced Black Rose’s words, Abe Zhang was surprised, “You…” How could Black Rose have such a bottom line?

“My Black Rose said one is one, and two is two!” Black Rose said coldly.

Abe Zhang thought about it, and it was right. If the killer had no bottom line, he really couldn’t be the first female killer.

“Okay, I used to wrong you,” Abe Zhang said.

“You misunderstood me?” Black Rose snorted coldly, “Hide behind and come out again. I will be polite to you. I promised Tina Li to keep you safe, but didn’t promise Tina Li not to beat you.” “In your case, Can’t beat me?” Abe Zhang touched his nose.

Although he said that he is with Olena Jiang every day, but he has not reduced the necessary physical exercise and fighting training!

On the contrary increased the training intensity!

The day before yesterday, my mother also brought two rings made of special metals. These two rings are no different from ordinary rings, but they weigh ten catties each.

He now carries one on each hand. In other words, he weighs 20 kilograms on his body, and his mother told Abe Zhang to not take it off at any time. Let’s say that Abe Zhang is exercising even walking now.

What’s more, Black Rose was shot at this time, how could Abe Zhang be beaten by her?


“Really?” Black Rose said coldly, and pointed directly at Abe Zhang’s heart.

Abe Zhang is speechless!

Have a gun and get a haircut?


No matter how powerful, you can’t hold a gun, right?

However, my mother said last time that she is customizing her body armor made of special metal. When the time comes, it will be much safer. As long as you don’t start the head, you can’t die in other places.

“What about now?” Black Rose asked, deliberately attacking with a gun.

“You’re so awesome, forcing,” Abe Zhang gave a thumbs up.

“Be honest with me and hide. It’s not the time for you to get ahead!” Black Rose said coldly, turning her head and continuing to attack that person.

However, this man has already grasped the upper hand, and Hei Rose and Olena Jiang can’t breathe under pressure. Hei Rose can’t keep up with her energy, and she is exhausting a lot of energy.

Olena Jiang has been supporting it for a long time.

The man stared at Olena Jiang mockingly. He pulled the trigger and made a bang!

Olena Jiang was beaten so that he had no chance to fight back.

This person is too powerful.

“It’s all rubbish!!” The man mocked, and Black Rose is not as powerful as the legend!

He succeeded in a sneak attack just now.

“Die all to me!” The man pulled the trigger and wanted to shoot Olena Jiang and the seriously injured Black Rose crazy.

In one place, Olena Jiang’s forehead was sweaty, she was not shot, but the bullet hit the wall just now

When she was shot, the shot hurt her.

She couldn’t find a breakthrough point.

She endured the feeling that the bullet was close at hand!


One shot from one place!

Olena Jiang was surprised, who was it?

Black Rose also heard the movement, it was shot from a new place, she could tell.

The phone rang, and Abe Zhang took out and looked at it. He was immediately surprised, “Mom.” “Cer, hide.” The phone was Tina Li’s voice.

“Okay,” Abe Zhang hung up, “My mother is here.” Black Rose breathed a sigh of relief, and finally Tina Li came over. How long did she hold on to it?


Abe Zhang hid and looked, Black Rose slid to the ground against the wall, gasping for breath.

The man frowned, “The one who is not afraid of death is here again?” He hadn’t finished his words yet. A bullet came over and hit him, banging, and hitting him. The man was annoyed, but he pierced the bullet. Yi, is this person so accurate?

Is it Tina Li?


He thought of the man’s words, he gritted his teeth and left immediately, leaving with a gunshot wound!

At the same time, in one place, a cold muzzle was already staring at him as he left. In fact, there was a one-second chance to shoot, but there was a reason why Tina Li didn’t do this.

She witnessed the man leave and called Beatrice, “Immediately track where this man has gone, there is a tracker on the bullet.” This was developed by her technology company.

“Yes, I’ll track it right away.” Beatrice immediately started tracking. There are many Tina Li’s private satellites in the sky in the United States. It is not difficult to track a person!

“Cer, you can come back,” Tina Li took away his gun.

“Okay, mom.” Abe Zhang called Olena Jiang.

“Wife, are you okay?” “It’s okay.” “Mom said it’s okay, let’s go back.” “Well, I’ll go back right away,” Olena Jiang breathed a sigh of relief, dragging his tired body back.

“My mother said it’s okay, you go back with me, my mother will show you the wound,” Abe Zhang looked at the pale black rose.

“I don’t need you to deal with it, I will take care of it myself,” Black Rose doesn’t want to follow it back, it’s not necessary, she can deal with this gunshot wound herself.

“Don’t force it, let me help you,” Abe Zhang came to hug her.

“What are you doing? Don’t touch me!” Black Rose shot Abe Zhang with a cold sweat.

Abe Zhang said.

“Then you are going to deal with it yourself?” “Yes, don’t touch me! Touch me, I will definitely shoot! Absolutely!!” Black Rose said coldly.

She was already in pain and was about to faint, but she would not let a man touch her, absolutely not.

I have been seen by this man in the photo, and let this man touch?

This is impossible!

Abe Zhang couldn’t help it. With Black Rose’s eyes, she would really shoot.

Abe Zhang didn’t look for death


However, at this time, the phone rang again, and it was mother’s.

“Hey, mom, I’ll be here right away.” “Well, Black Rose is hurt?” “Yes, she doesn’t want to come back with me,” “Then you give her the phone.” Abe Zhang gave it, and Black Rose still took it. There is Tina Li’s voice in it, “Come back with my son, I will help you deal with it,” “No, I can do it myself…” “Don’t refuse, come back with him, I have something else to tell you in person.” “I…en.” Black Rose called Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang said a few words and nodded constantly, “My mother asked me to take you over. You won’t shoot!” Black Rose put down a gun. , Barely stood up, but still not good enough, Abe Zhang simply hugged her and ran down, Black Rose was astonished and shocked, “You let me go, I shot you with a gun. Let go!!” “I don’t have any What are you doing, is to take you to see my mother,” Abe Zhang ran fast without paying attention.

Black Rose stared at Abe Zhang, yes, she couldn’t see Tina Li in her state at all. Forget it, she closed her blue eyes.

Abe Zhang returned with the black rose, and Olena Jiang had arrived long ago.

Tina Li saw the badly injured Black Rose, and immediately took over from Abe Zhang and went to deal with Black Rose.

It’s all women, it’s nothing, Black Rose also undressed, and let Tina Li take out the bullet.

“You didn’t kill him? Your marksmanship? It should work.” Black Rose said.

“Yes, yes, but I want to find this person, so…” “There is a tracker on the bullet? Did your company develop it?” Black Rose was surprised. It’s more difficult!

“Yes, my people have started tracking, and there should be results soon.” Tina Li’s eyes were tense.

What is she nervous about?

She sighed.

“You did a good job this time. I have already made 30 million dollars on your card.” “Don’t, don’t do that. Since I took this task, this is what I should do.” Black Rose is helpless. Ah, the more Tina Li gave, the more she felt unable to accept it.

Her own life is hers, can you still accept money?

“Nothing should or shouldn’t be,” Tina Li bandaged Black Rose’s wound.

“You have a good rest.” Tina Li said.

“No, since I and you can locate this place, then I will go with you,” Black Rose said.

“No. I won’t take anyone, I’ll go alone,” Tina Li looked outside, her heart heavy.

how to say?

There is a skeptical person in her heart. She doesn’t want to think about this person. If it is true, she doesn’t know what to do!

So he should face it himself.

“All right,” Black Rose knew Tina Li had said, so it was just not polite.

Then there is no need to force yourself.

“Well, take a good rest. My son may be very dangerous recently. I have turned my face with the Ouke family,” Tina Li said.

“You?” Black Rose was shocked, “but your strength should be no problem with the Ouke family.” “That’s not easy to say.” Tina Li shook his head. At this time, Beatrice’s phone came over and she answered.” Mr. Li, it has been positioned!”

Chapter 549 will not be him!

The man clutched his wound and drove to an ordinary place. There were many people in this place. No one else would have thought that anyone would be here.

He drove in.

When he got out of the car and walked through the streets, he knocked on the door and pushed the door to go in. There was no sunlight and no lights on, but he saw a person sitting on the sofa who could not see his face.

Is a man.

“Failed?” The man made a very low voice.

“Yes, it failed. Suddenly someone appeared, very powerful, and hit me with two shots. Fortunately, I was wearing a bulletproof vest.” The killer man said angrily.

He has debuted for so long and has never encountered such a powerful opponent.

That black rose can’t reach this level.

Tina Li must be right.

“Just two shots hit you?” The man sat on the sofa, his voice fluctuating slightly.

“Yes, fortunately I wore a bulletproof vest, otherwise…” The killer man pointed his shoulder, and the pain made him angry.

I actually suffered such a big loss in front of a woman.

“She can hit you with two shots, can you come back?” The man’s mood fluctuated.

“Yes, I wore a bullet-proof vest, so…” the killer man explained, this has something to do with his own preparations!


It also has something to do with one’s own strength and decisively. Seeing the opponent so powerfully, leave decisively!

“Your bullet-proof vest is completely useless in her eyes, do you understand? People who can hit you with two shots can kill you with the second shot, but they hit you in the shoulder. Do you know why?” There is no reason, she didn’t hit, but I used cover at the time…”The killer man defended!

“I said, it’s just a dummy, don’t you understand?” “I…” The killer man was annoyed in his heart, obviously because he is experienced and decisive, why say she is so good?

“She really wants to kill you, even if two shots fail, the third, fourth, and even fifth shots will continue to be fired until you die. You have no chance to escape. You still believe that it is you. Own ability? You are ridiculous, know?” the man said.

“What do you mean?” The killer man was angry!

“I said you are a pig.” “You, you are looking for death, you think you can pay me, you can scold me? I still kill you!” The killer man used a gun

Facing the man on the sofa.

The man shook his head, “Don’t believe it? Then you can dig out the bullet from your shoulder and cut it with your dagger to see.” The killer man frowned, but he did so, enduring pain and dug out the bullet. , And then cut it open with his dagger. The bullet split into two halves with a luminous crystal in the middle.

The killer man was shocked, “This is? Tracker? When is there such a tracker?” “You are ignorant, Tina Li’s technology company can be said to be the most technologically advanced company in the world, you know that she has been investing heavily You will be surprised at the things that fund research and development! This kind of thing is just a small thing for her technology company.” The man said.

“This?” The killer man was already covered in shock.

“So I said you are a pig. She could kill you with the second shot. You still feel complacent and think you are hiding well? No wonder you will always be a killer.” The man stood up from the sofa.

“I thought you could do it for me, but I didn’t expect that not only did you fail to do it, but now you have to bring her to me. Are you a pig?” the man said.

“I…” The killer man suddenly felt a lingering fear!

Can Tina Li really kill herself in the second shot?

Look now, yes!

I took my life back.

“It’s a pig, then don’t live and waste food,” the man suddenly said. The killer man raised his gun angrily, and when he pulled the trigger, something shot over silently.

The killer man’s eyes widened, because this thing hit his throat, he instantly felt suffocated!

This is actually just a knife and fork.

“You…” The killer man couldn’t believe it, he actually died like this?

“Don’t be a pig in your next life. You will be stupid like this. If you don’t come to me, then I won’t be lazy to kill you, but I actually come to find me. Who am I not to kill you?” the man said.

The killer man struggled painfully, and finally stopped moving, his eyes still widened, he didn’t believe it to death, he was killed by a knife and fork, and he didn’t even have time to resist.


The man wiped his hands with a tissue.

“…Hehe, Tina, why are you so unpredictable? What’s the use of studying so many gadgets?” The man said, laughing lightly, and suddenly he stared at him. Outside the door, the voice fluctuated, “Come so fast? As expected to be the world’s second master of fighting, but now, I don’t want to meet you with this identity…” The man said, packed his things and left.

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang. It was shaking. He took it out and saw that it was Tina Li’s. He smiled slightly, “Interesting, I actually suspected me



You’ve never been like this before, have you become smarter to me?

“After answering, he calmly left from behind. “Hey,…well, I’m still outside, I’ll go back soon…” The man’s calm voice grew further and further, until it disappeared completely. Ten minutes later, the door was covered. Pushing away. A person walked in. It was Tina Li who was expressionless. She saw the killer man lying on the ground in a pool of blood. She had no accident. This man was dead. He could just shoot, others. No, it’s normal to be killed by a second. Tina Li stared for a few seconds and then started to check the place. After an hour, there was no clue! It was too clean. Tina Li sighed, she took out her phone and watched what she had just called The phone number, the note above is Zhang Qingyang… Tina Li stayed in this room for a long time, suddenly the phone rang, it was Beatrice. “Mr. Li, what happened?

“Run away,” “How come?”

No one should be able to see through it!

“Beatrice was particularly surprised. This kind of tracker installed in the bullet is usually impossible for others to know. “I saw through, the bullet was chopped away,” Tina Li looked at the two halves of the bullet that had been chopped apart on the ground. “Mr. Li, have you seen this person?

Beatrice asked after waiting for a minute. “No.

“Is that young master’s father…” “It’s not him!”


“Tina Li said solemnly, but he has no confidence? Tina Li has never seen him take action before, never, but he can’t fight at all? Tina Li didn’t see it. Tina Li takes care of it all the time. But what if it is hidden? It is possible to hide for one day or two days, but after hiding for more than 20 years, Tina Li hasn’t found out, if it is really hidden? How deep is the city like this? It is hard to imagine Yes! This person is the person on the side of his bed. But what is the reason for doing this? Kidnapping for money? No. He didn’t give it? His money has always been flowing continuously. As long as he said, then Tina Li no matter how much, Tina Li never said nothing, and immediately paid the money. In his card, there will always be 100 billion US dollars. No matter how many times you use it, it will always be there. Go in. No reason! “Well, it’s not him, Mr. Li, don’t be like this, I’m afraid.” Beatrice was frightened. Tina Li is very rare. Basically, Beatrice has never been so gaffe. Just now, Beatrice’s face was pale. , Never again.

“Tina Li sat on the sofa without the energy to leave. “Don’t say that, President Li, come back, don’t stay too long, it’s dangerous, or I’ll come and pick you up?”

“Beatrice is concerned. Of course she heard that Tina Li is not in good shape.

, She worried that Tina Li was attacked by him.

Tina Li is a sentimental person, maybe, if she is attacked, she might not be able to react.

“No, I’ll come back by myself.” Tina Li stood up, she stood up and walked outside.

“Mr. Li, can I say a word? I want to say,” Beatrice said after struggling.

“Well, just tell me.” “Is it possible, when did you do something sorry, President Li? He knew, so he wanted revenge?” Beatrice asked.

Chapter 550

meets classmates “Beatrice, what do you mean?” Tina Li said.

“Mr. Li, don’t get me wrong, I have been following you all the time. I know what you have done. I am not talking about loyalty, but other things,” Beatrice explained.

She has followed Tina Li for too long, of course knowing that Tina Li has not done anything of that kind.

Yes, Tina Li is very loyal.

The university has met Zhang Qingyang until now, he has always been Tina Li’s first man.

“Others?” Tina Li fell into silence.



I haven’t done anything!


“Well, can you check his details? I never thought that he had no one in his family, and I never thought he could not fight,” Beatrice said her thoughts.

She judged this kind of thinking by herself, but it was not nonsense. It was what she felt. She always felt that Abe Zhang’s father and Zhang Qingyang were not that simple.

“Well, I will think about it.” Tina Li said.

“Mr. Li, I’d better pick you up.” Beatrice said concerned, she didn’t want to see Tina Li desolate.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Tina Li sat down by herself. She scanned everything in the room, lost in loss and contemplation… Abe Zhang didn’t know this, but her mother chased it out. Olena Jiang was dealing with her taking over the family. Abe Zhang was fine. He was sitting on the sofa and called Lu Youwen to ask about the situation in China.

Like Abe Zhang’s initial vision, he did not misunderstand the wrong person, and Lu Youwen did a very good job reporting.

Abe Zhang also asked casually, the hotel Du Peixin managed was not bad.

Although Du Peixin said that she was dissatisfied with Abe Zhang who only asked her to manage a hotel, she was also taking care of it, waiting for Abe Zhang to give her a bigger opportunity.

After all, Abe Zhang’s net worth, Du Peixin could no longer imagine.

She thought that relying on Abe Zhang would make their Du family much better.

However, when calling Lu Youwen, Lu Youwen mentioned Qian Yueying.

Said Qian Yueying has been asking questions these days.

Abe Zhang was more surprised. What is Qian Yueying thinking about?

She didn’t even plan to fix her Qian’s house, she should stay away from herself.

Why did you come to find yourself?


Dao saw her photo, fixed her, made her a little interesting to herself?

There is no such woman?


Abe Zhang shrugged, he thought too much!

It’s hard to tell the woman Qian Yueying, but her figure is really good.


However, during the period when Abe Zhang came to the United States, he still had ideas, such as what to invest in the United States, but lacked a manager. Abe Zhang was thinking, do you want Du Pei to come to the United States?

Anyway, she will follow herself for five years.

She is pretty good in all aspects, so you have to make good use of her, right?

Can not be wasted.

When Abe Zhang thinks so, his mind is even more serious.

Hanging up the phone, Abe Zhang was about to go out and have a look.

Black Rose felt like it was not bad. She put on her clothes and walked out of the room, just in time to see Abe Zhang who was going out.

“You want to go out?” Black Rose asked coldly.

“En,” Abe Zhang knew that she was his bodyguard, so of course he would tell her about his whereabouts, anyway, he wasn’t going to do something about not seeing people.

“Will you follow?” “Yes, I will take action if there is danger.” Of course Black Rose would do so.

“But the injury on your body.” Abe Zhang looked at her, her face was still pale.

“I have nothing to do with you, you can go out anytime,” Black Rose didn’t mean to imprison Abe Zhang.

Although it is safer to stay at home, Tina Li did not say to restrict Abe Zhang’s activities!

“I’ll go out and have a look, what project I want to invest in,” Abe Zhang said.

“Your mother Tina Li’s property, the entire United States, one-fifth upwards, what can you vote for?” Black Rose is welcome.

It was originally.

“Um, let me take a look.” Abe Zhang was embarrassed by the black rose’s words, Olena Jiang is not free, Abe Zhang is bored, so I can only go out and have a look.

“Whatever you want,” “Why don’t you come with me and have a companion.” Abe Zhang said.

There is no need for Black Rose to follow.

“No, I’m protecting you secretly, obviously, some people still know me,” Black Rose immediately shook her head and refused.

Although she usually pays great attention to these, but no matter how much attention she pays, there are times when she is exposed, not to mention her number one female killer.

“Well, then I’m going out.” Abe Zhang said.

“When I am blind?” Black Rose’s big blue eyes are cold.

“Actually, you can try to communicate with me in English. I have learned it these days,” Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

Yes, I followed Olena Jiang for a few days. After Olena Jiang made Abe Zhang happy in the evening, he seriously asked Abe Zhang to learn English.

After the incident last time, Abe Zhang swore in his heart that he must learn English!

Olena Jiang has been a teacher and speaks very standard English. She made Abe Zhang the easiest way to start learning, but the most practical way. Abe Zhang has been a few days and feels pretty good.


It is time for general communication.

Black Rose didn’t even look at Abe Zhang, and went straight out.

Abe Zhang shrugged and went out without any purpose, but followed it out and saw the uneven black rose. Abe Zhang thought about going over and asked, “I’ll ask you something,” “Ask,” “Where is Ouyang Fei? ??” Abe Zhang pays more attention to this. Now Maya Tang is still recovering from her injuries. This is all done by Ouyang Fei.

Abe Zhang will kill this sinister woman.

“I want to kill her more than you!” Black Rose’s big blue eyes are cold!

Yes, she wants to kill Ouyang Fei in her dreams!

But Ouyang Fei was guarded by the boss behind the scenes at this time, and she has no time to find it now.

“En.” Abe Zhang had nothing to say. At this time, Black Rose was like ice cubes. Abe Zhang also felt that Ouyang Fei had done too insidiously about taking pictures.

“She is a bad woman, you can definitely kill her.” Abe Zhang said.

Black Rose looked at Abe Zhang, “Don’t mention her in front of me,” “Okay.” Abe Zhang drove around by herself. Black Rose had already arrived in her car, and she would follow from a distance.

While Abe Zhang was waiting for the traffic lights, he suddenly heard someone calling himself, Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang… It was the voice of a girl, Abe Zhang was strange, who was calling himself?

Abe Zhang looked around and saw a beautiful girl in a luxury car waving at him.

Abe Zhang was surprised. Why did she come to the United States?


This beautiful girl was actually Jiang Ran, a classmate who went to Huagang together last time.

Last time Abe Zhang also promised her one thing, which was to go to Huagang together, but after going there, she ignored her. She said that it was not counted, and Abe Zhang agreed at the time.

But Jiang Ran never contacted him. Abe Zhang thought Jiang Ran had forgotten about it. He didn’t expect to meet her in the United States.

“Why are you here?” Abe Zhang said.

“Di, Di!!” The car behind honked frantically and cursed Abe Zhang, saying that it had a green light and did not drive. Abe Zhang knew that he was unreasonable, so he said to Jiang Ran without responding. Let’s talk on the side of the road.

“Who is that person?” Inside Jiang Ran’s car, a beautiful American girl asked. This American girl is beautiful, like an elf, and she is really white and beautiful, especially her long legs, which makes Jiang Ran a former school girl. All are so a little overshadowed.

“My classmate.” Jiang Ran curled his lips.

She came to the United States to play, and she thought about letting Abe Zhang be together, because Abe Zhang agreed, but Jiang Ran wanted to go. The last time she went to Huagang together, she had already deeply hurt her.

She didn’t dare to let Abe Zhang come out to play like this. After she came out, she didn’t care about herself. What was the point?

It happened that her relatives had immigrated to the United States and held

For the birthday party, she would simply come to the United States alone, and relax for a few days, she did not expect to meet Abe Zhang!

There were also two other yellow-skinned beauties in the car with Jiang Ran.

Jiang Ran’s beautiful eyes are watching, at that time

At the Beijing Bar, she was obsessed with Abe Zhang’s line muscles, and now it seems to be a little stronger.

Jiang Ran’s heartbeat accelerated.

“What classmate can make you blush?” my friend asked.

“No,” Jiang Ran defended.

“Do you like this classmate?” said the blue-eyed beauty who drove.

“I…” Jiang Ran didn’t know it, but suddenly she was dumbfounded when she saw Abe Zhang.

“I advise you not to like it, Chinese men are very rubbish,” said the blue-eyed beauty who looked at Abe Zhang in front of the car with disdain.

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